A Challenge for the Artists of Iwaku!

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  1. When we upgrade our forum system, we're going to be doing a lot of changes to Iwaku. One of the biggest changes will be the cosmetic one, seeing as we just can't avoid that. Since forever, when we make banners for Iwaku and there's a fancy picture in it, the image is almost always jacked off the internet. And y'know... that's kinda lame! We don't wanna do that anymore. We want our graphics and content made 100% by us.

    Once the site is updated, we only want to feature custom artwork made by our members in the title banner! This is where YOU come in!

    But there is a catch! I am very very very persnickety about the style, size, and quality of the artwork I like to make in to title banners. I can't make amazing graphics with unpolished art. So here are my hefty list of demands!

    - 100% Finished & Colored Art. Your best work put on the table as it will be representing our site!
    - The image itself needs to be HUGE and preferably in a high resolution. Somewhere between 1500px and 2000px in width. The higher resolution the better.
    - Bonus points if you have the .psd file of the art. That way I can control the image quality.
    - I prefer art done in CG (computer colored) or very smooth color like with water colors or paints. That means no pencil, pen, crayons or color pencils unless you can make a lot of that white texture disappear. (I CAN make exceptions to this if you provide me with color examples so I can say whether or not it works for me.)
    - The lineart itself must also be very smooth. Thus, no MSpaint work unless you can do it without the pixilation.
    - If the artwork features a human or animal subject, I would prefer if it's not in an obvious anime style. As much as I love anime, it's not a wide enough genre to attract members with. (I can make exceptions with this since it's a weird request! You can give me art style examples and I will tell you if the style appeals!)
    - I am very attracted to artwork that features a location or setting. (For example, our previous banner feature a dark road. Our current banner is a magical book on a desk.) Imagery that gives a sense of journey or adventure.
    - Our site mascot is a plot bunny and should art feature bunnies that is always cool, but not a requirement!
    - Themes that can represent Iwaku include: Books, libraries, magic, space/stars, bunnies, high fantasy stuff, roads, scrolls
    - No text should appear anywhere on the image.

    Random Things to Note:
    - Remember: I am looking for artwork YOU have done yourself. If I find out you jacked it, you will be beaten to death.
    - Do NOT make a banner. I am making the banners. YOU are making a beautiful piece of art!
    - BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG IMAGE SIZE. The better to work with m'dear.
    - If you put a signature on it, put the signature somewhere that it won't conflict with the banner I make. When I make the banner, it will say somewhere on it "Art by username". Cause that will be awesome.
    - If I end up liking more than one piece of artwork, I will be making multiple banners and having them bitches rotate. It would be sweeeet.
    - If I DON'T choose your art, it's not because your art sucks, it just means the art doesn't quote work for the vision!


    I'll accept artwork afterwards, but I want to debut our brand new shiny forum with a brand new shiny title!

    To send files to me when you are ready, you can PM me for my email or skype.

    Now, if you have any questions, please ask away. >:D

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  2. You know I'm in. ;)
  3. mmph. Wish I took more time in CG arts, can only paint but if I get any ideas I'll toss them up. Your due date sux though, right at finals :P
  4. OOooh! I so wanna do this! >.< I need to start brainstorming now. O____O
  5. I'll give it a shot- I love trying to make artsy stuff :3

    Oh question: Can we send you a link to the artwork? Just wondering...
  6. A challenger appears.

  7. I'm in! And excited for the outcomes!
  8. I will also contriboot here, later, once I have slept.
  9. if it's 1500 to 2000px in width .......what is le height?
  10. Seeing as it's supposed to be a huge and wonderful piece of art, I'd say the height is questionable and subjective to the sort of picture you drawn. But 1000px height at minimum would be fine. o__o
  11. I may try this. but I'm kinda.. I don't do big sprawling landscapes or paintings.. I kinda do sketchy characters.. I'll see.. I expect most of the stuff I do won't fit the bill though..
  12. I might play around with this a bit...
    If time doesn't allow for me before the due date, then I'll contribute after and beyond.
  13. Do we leave space somewhere (like sky or waves or some more blurry area of rather uniform palette) for the text? Or should it be a full background with no details skimped?
  14. I like both full background with an assload of details AND a sense of space. Cause when I make banners out of this art, there will be the space where I put the site title & tagline, and the spot where the banner ads appear.

    Also keep in mind, I will use graphics & coding magic to shrink, move, edit and fancy stuff to get stuff how I need it. >:3 So feel free to do whatever you are inspired for.
  15. Are we allowed to submit multiple artworks? o: I have one already, but I may do another one, depending on my amount of free time.
  16. Yes, you can submit many! :D
  17. yesss i just got a new tablet so now i can use it!
  18. Is there a specific colour scheme you would prefer?
  19. I have no preferences on color scheme! :D The banner(s) will be appearing on all styles, and Iwaku's new default theme is a neutral brown color.

    I do however fucking love color. >> So. ALL COLORS. COLOOOOR.
  20. This seems pretty cool. might attempt if I'm motivated/have time