A Chain of Knights!

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  1. Simple game!

    You are naming a Knight.

    Like, Black Knight.

    The next person must name a Knight with a SINGLE word related to the previous post.

    Such as Red Knight because Black is a color or Coffee Knight because coffee is black.

    You can get creative as you want, but explain how it relates if it's not something obvious!

    So I start us off with: Orchid Knight
  2. Otto White
    Interaction: Tyler
    Mentioned: Deanta

    It wasn't that he didn't expect that type of response from Tyler but something about it rubbed him the wrong way, a small spark crossed over his skin as he straitened his shirt where Tyler had stretched it as another spark flickered over his form. He had tried to be patient, tried to let her talk about it and while he was indeed trying to force the conversation that fact mattered little to him now. She would reject his help, to slap away the hand that reached out to her. A tiny spark inside was desperately trying to ignite and Otto was trying so hard not to feed the flames but it was hard really really hard not to give in, Otto was frustrated and agitated. Like a dam breaking that little spark grew into a raging inferno as fire came alive upon his arms, legs and hair as a blistering heat filed the hallway he and Tyler were still. He lashed out with his fist towards the concrete wall putting a hole into it about a foot deep and causing spiderweb cracks to radiate from where his fist had impacted. "You want to reject my help? Fine. You want to wallow in self pity like a spoiled child? Fine. You want to act like your the only person with problems and issues? Fine. One day those feelings won't stay pushed down like you want them to, they'll rise up and force you to confront them yet when you look around for someone to lean on for support you'll find no one because you will have pushed them away with your words and actions. Eternity is a long time to spend without anyone because you keep pushing them away." Otto spoke, his voice like ice as he turned and headed deeper into the base himself heading for somewhere away from Tyler and the others less he lash out at them in his anger because right now he just wanted to fight something but their was nothing or anyone to fight so he went to the area he and Deanta had been training before to let the flames comfort him because this anger he felt wasn't going away anytime soon.

    *Totally is using that one for a Robot later on...Or a chick Knight*
  4. Corpse Knight
  5. Zombie Knight
  6. Horror Knight
  7. Sci-Fi Knight
  8. Burning Knight (lazers hurt. ;_;)
  9. scarred knight
  10. Sliced Knight!
  11. Grated Knight
  12. Shaved Knight
  13. Cheese Knight!