A Chain of Knights!

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  1. Simple game!

    You are naming a Knight.

    Like, Black Knight.

    The next person must name a Knight with a SINGLE word related to the previous post.

    Such as Red Knight because Black is a color or Coffee Knight because coffee is black.

    You can get creative as you want, but explain how it relates if it's not something obvious!

    So I start us off with: Orchid Knight
  2. Flower Knight

    *Totally is using that one for a Robot later on...Or a chick Knight*
  4. Corpse Knight
  5. Zombie Knight
  6. Horror Knight
  7. Sci-Fi Knight
  8. Burning Knight (lazers hurt. ;_;)
  9. scarred knight
  10. Sliced Knight!
  11. Grated Knight
  12. Shaved Knight
  13. Cheese Knight!