A Chain of Knights!

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  1. Simple game!

    You are naming a Knight.

    Like, Black Knight.

    The next person must name a Knight with a SINGLE word related to the previous post.

    Such as Red Knight because Black is a color or Coffee Knight because coffee is black.

    You can get creative as you want, but explain how it relates if it's not something obvious!

    So I start us off with: Orchid Knight
  2. Flower Knight

    *Totally is using that one for a Robot later on...Or a chick Knight*
  4. Corpse Knight
  5. Zombie Knight
  6. Horror Knight
  7. Sci-Fi Knight
  8. Burning Knight (lazers hurt. ;_;)
  9. scarred knight
  10. Sliced Knight!
  11. "If she gets fussy, her rattle is next to you." Harmony said softly.

    Melissa glance at the bone rattle, "Why.."
  12. "Because she's a little sadistic."
  13. Melissa looks up happily and run into his arm, "Daddy!"

    Melody roll over and reach for her rattle.

    Harmony smile proudly, "I knew you always could, you little sloth."