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  1. Lucian was walking toward a little town he could see in the horizon. He had been walking for a couple of days after leaving the village he was raised in. Luckily there were always some kind women offering him food or a place to stay overnight. Lucian gazed at the sun. It was only afternoon, the sun was bright and warmed nicely. The sunshine made his reddish brown hair glow rusty colored and his deep blue eyes shine out of excitement. He had left the village looking for his real parents, but travelling had proved to be quite fun. He enjoyed the sceneries, the weather, meeting new people, basically everything about it. Even on this road's side there were trees an d flowers. Judging from the scent hanging in the air some of them were lilies. Lucian got closer and closer to the town. As his stomach began to grumble he rummaged through his bag trying to find something edible and found a little squashed chunk of meat. Looking at it doubtfully he climbed on a rock standing on the roadside. It didn't taste very good so he hopped down and and rushed to the town to find something better to eat.
  2. A small bridge is on the way to the town, and beside the small stream, there is also a person.
    It's a young man with blue eyes and hair who stands in the stream, with a short sword in his hand. A small fire burns on the coast, and from this fire comes a nice smell. He already cough some fish, 5 to be exact, and he grills them.

    The young man stands with his back to the fireplace and his full attention seems to be at the stream. He looks down on it while waiting for a good opportunity to strike and catch another fish.
  3. Sitting high in a tree Byron looked down at the people passing him by. He was not overly fond of being near the town but hey he needed work. Not far from his perch he’d watched someone catching fish in the river. The smell wafted toward him making his stomach growl but would he go there? Probably not at the moment. He was quite content sitting up in his tree for the moment. Someone yelled at him from below and he groaned ignoring the sound. So what if they liked their apples untarnished by greedy hands, he wasn’t taking any so the guy had no reason to complain.

    When he felt a rock hit his foot he grumbled and jumped down. The guy once angry quickly changed his tune at the look Byron was giving him. Hard green eyes bore into the man daring him to do something else. The man simply apologized to him and ran off. So much for his leisurely nap in a tree. Glancing back to the man with the fish he thought why not? Heading in that direction he caught movement from the corner of his eye. Now why is he in such a hurry? He wondered at the person heading towards town. Deciding it was none of his business he began to walk again when one foot decided to slip.

    Falling flat on his face he grumbled and got back up, brushing off the dirt. Someone was laughing hysterically but he ignored that. Curse his feet. Giving it another go he walked up to the man as quietly as he could stopping when he noticed the intensity in which the man was focused. Going in for another fish he supposed.
  4. Daniel Danielson was some leagues away, in a half-remembered village. He stood infront of a village elder, as she moved her hands along the surface of a bowl of water. She was very old, and looked more dead than he; she had milky white eyes that she could not see through and hair the colour of snow on rocks. Her gnarled hands danced across the surface of the water basin. From within it, leapt shapes of men and beasts; dancing out of the bowl. His eyes flickered across the surface, trying to puzzle out the meaning of the shapes involved, but there was nothing to be seen for him. Every moment that he grasped their meaning, it was lost. The village elder shook her rattle of bones and out from the water came a scene of trees and a bridge, a fire and three boys. Daniel's eyes narrowed beneath his helmet, and his gauntleted and bandaged fingers twitched in a sign-language that was all but forgotten. Though his gestures were stiff and slow, the village elder nodded her head, and she returned the gesture with her knotted appendages. Daniel bowed to her, with a clank of his armor, and then, left her tent.

    Outside, the wind howled across the dusty plains. The forest and river were far away. Daniel had been saving a spell for this; one to get him here, one to take him away. From here on; it would be by summoned horse or by foot. No more magic. He sighed, and flexed his fingers, trying to recall the verses. Since the incident with the book, though, spells didn't seem to stick in his mind. He rummaged through the small black book that hung at his hip, his strange eyes scanning each page. Spells for stopping, spells for bleeding, spells for killing, spells for running... Spells for leaving. He finally found the spell he was searching for, and tapped his hand on the words.

    He muttered the incantation.

    In a flash of smoke, Daniel had arrived at the river. That was his last Teleport. There would not be another one. He was on the bridge; at the crossroads. In between places were good places to teleport to. They had less chance of getting you stuck somewhere you did not want to be. He smoothed out his cloak, readjusted his helmet, and began to walk to across; heading towards the boys with the fish, the fire, and the one that was approaching the town. He was certain he had years on all of them. He was no longer young. Nineteen years of exile. Could this be his chance at salvation?

    Daniel didn't dwell on it, and approached the Fish-Boy.
  5. Lucian couldn't help but notice the lovely smell of grilled fish. His stomach growled even louder than before. He stopped and his head automatically turned towards the source of the smell. There was a young man looking at the river, propably cathing more fish. `Blue hair, I've never seen anything like that before. Well I guess it's more usual in bigger cities.` There was also some other man approaching him, prehaps attracted by the scmell as well. Lucians stomach kept on growling, and he had trouble understanding how the other people could just ignore that scent. `Maybe that blue hair will trade with something? Do I even have anything to trade with?` Obeying his nose and stomach he walked closer to the man that was walking to the same direction. Some other man appeared from somewhere, but he didn't really pay any attention to him. The man walked a little stiffly, maybe he was getting old? "Hey you!" He greeted the man he was approaching happily. "You were going to ask that man for something to eat, weren't you? Mind leaving something for me too?" His stomach growled yet again. He blushed a little. "I'm getting kind of hungry you see. Oh wait, what if he doesn't want to share with us? Do you mind borrowing me some money? I'll pay you back when I get some money, okay?" Lucian had no problems at all when talking friendly with people he had never even heard of before.
  6. ((fish boy... Why do i think of a younger version of aqua man right now?))

    Within the blink of an eye the young man swings his sword. He strikes something in the water. With a splash from his strike another fish was successfully caught. It floats on the surface for a few moments but then it is picked up by him. It is a Grayling, proud 30 cm long.
    (That makes 6. Today is a good day. Now i have enough food for a day or two)
    He walks out of the water and goes to his fireplace. It may not look like it but he has trouble to not ignore the delicious smell. But even if he is hungry, he still has work to do.
    He takes a seat at the fire and guts his latest catch with his sword ((I'll skip the details. It would sound like a splatter movie)). He uses his sword to do so. It's blade goes through the fish like a hot knife through butter.

    As he is done he grills that one as well, by putting it on a stick and sticking the stick into the ground at the fire.

    He starts to clean his short sword with a old piece of cloth, but then turns his head to the side as someone approaches.
  7. “Who me?” Byron asked looking at the guy walking up to him. “Oh I wasn’t.” he said but quickly stopped talking altogether as he listened to the guy talk more. He was skeptical of giving out his money to anyone, then again he really didn’t have any money either. Finding his voice after the other had finished talking he said, “I hadn’t planned on taking anything from him, I was just bored and curious. As far as money is concerned I’m afraid I can’t help you because I have no money either.”

    He shrugged apologetically but he kept his eyes and ears open. There was someone who’d appeared behind him he knew but that didn’t really bother him since nothing had happened so far. What got him was how loud this person in front of him was. Catching fish was a delicate process, for all he knew the fish could have swam away by now. Letting out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding he caught a glimpse of the man behind him out of the corner of his eye. He moved to the other side of the bridge to seemingly lounge against it but he was making sure his back was to no one. He couldn’t risk being gutted because he was careless. Though someone looked innocent enough he knew better than to trust someone right away.
  8. Daniel moved up, his armor clanking as he did so. His grey eyes flicked over Fish Boy, burning bright through the visor of his heavy helm. He was heavily armored, in comparison; he wore full black plate, and a purple cloak that touched the ground as he moved. The edges were ratty and torn -- it looked as if he had worn it for many years. His greatsword was strapped to his back, but it looked unlikely that Daniel could access it with any speed. Nonetheless, the death-knight stood tall and broad and his posture was perfect. He had honed it, over many years of his now long dead knightly order. Stand up straight, Ser. Do what you're told. Those days were long behind Daniel. His gauntleted hands rested ont he belt that kept his book and pouch in place, perhaps intending the gesture to convey a lack of tension, as he wandered up, glancing at the two boys. He made a move to pass them.

    The death knight looked straight at Fish Boy. Beneath the heavy face-guard of his helm, rotted nostils twitched at the smell. He had not needed to eat in almost two decades, but he did not recall fish fondly. He remained a foot away from Fish-Boy as he dipped his head; a gesture of respect. His armaments clanked as he did so; making a grating sound loud enough to be heard through the entire clearing. He had not needed to make that gesture in some time. His armor had rusted shut, and flakes of red-rust flaked off as he moved. It was his trail of breadcrumbs, a fleck of rust for every spot where he stood.

    "Lady Osterneth light your path." He said. When Daniel spoke, it was a deep and hollow sound. His voice resonated weirdly from his helmet and emerged from the helm as metallic and thin. The human qualities of the voice were a certain exhaustion and resignation that could only be found amongst living and breathing humanoids. Of course, Daniel was neither alive, nor breathing. " I saw your gathering, and hoped for friends. I am pleased that Lord Mok'slyk has heard my prayer." Daniel bowed fully, at the waist, drawing his cloak around him, covering the plates of his armor. "May I join your fire? I have traveled long and far in my quest, and I am weary."
  9. Nova, who sits on the ground near the fire takes a look at the strange man. Who could he be? Judging by the looks of his armor he may be a knight, but it looks older then the latest armors.
    Take a seat.
    He points to a log that he placed around the fire. It is big enough to sit on.
    But if you want something to eat you ether have to pay me something, or try to catch something on your own. At least it's a good day to give it a try so there is no reason to worry.
    Some of the grilled fishes seem to be done. Nova takes them from the sticks and puts them in a small bag.
    4 Fish remain at the fire.
  10. Lucian frowned a little. At least that man didn't want any of that blue hairs fish so he could hopefully have more, but he couldn't he loan him money. "Well, that's a shame. Want to find a place to work together then?" He asked smiling brightly. His interlocutor moved to the other side of the bridge looking a bit wary. "I thought you were curious about him? Then why are you stopping here?" Lucian didn't bother his companions obvious sings of not wanting to talk to him and looked at his face innocently. In the village he was raised in, everyone knew everyone, and most of the villagers were chatty, so he had only little of experience of someone not wanting to talk to him. And since all of the villagers were generally happy and let him do what he wanted, he had a bad habit of letting his mind wander around even when talking to people.He could also jump fromm subject to an other in seconds and he had no sence of what we call common courtesy.

    A fully armored man with a purple cloak passed them and talked to the blue hair. Lucians eyes followed him as he walked. `Thats that guy that I saw a while ago? Not a wonder I thought he walked stiffly with that armor on. And maybe bacause of that posture. I've never seen anyone standng so straight.` Lucians mind was already wandering around that knight instead of the man he just talked to. The knights speech and behaviour were formal as he asked to join the blue hairs fire. The knight sits down and Lucian hears the blue hair offering some of the fish to him. "Hey, mind if I join in too?" Lucian shouted as he heard the knights request and waved his hand running. "And maybe share some of that fish too? I'll give you something in exchange, so please?" He was already half-way there before finishing his first sentence. Stopping next to the knight he realized he forgot smething. "Ah, wait you wanted to talk to him too, right?" realizing he had just forgotten about the man he had talked with he turned and waved at him to join them too.
  11. As the young man approaches Nova turns to him.
    (oh great. The noisy type)
    Nova looks through his bigger bag, that seems like it would be his main inventory. He could use some money, but maybe he can sell what the Young man has to offer.
    He turns back to him after closing his bag.
    Exchange something huh? What do you have?
  12. A young man - no more than a boy, really was walking in no particular direction. Of course, although his stature was that of a teenager blossoming into manhood, the dull eyes of someone who has seen at least a few years of a difficult adult life betrayed him as someone just a little older than might have been first assumed. And, as was hopefully not obvious to anyone around, all of this was a complete lie. The brunette lad wore a light leather tunic and leggings, along with sturdy boots. He was entirely nondescript, as he had intended from the beginning.

    As he was walking, the lightly armed elf happened upon a small group of misfits - who appeared to have fish. He couldn't help but pause, looking at the food as if it was a feast, rather than a pretty damn plain supper. Even so, he had to ask, "Is any of that for sale?" His slight features were drawn into a wily smile - one of a person used to finding his meagre living by various means, often using somewhat questionable methods to ensure his survival.

    Aoife had never quite relaxed around others. She was afraid that someone would detect her femininity, despite her carefullly strapped down assets, purposely crass manner, as well as scruffy, slightly curled hair. She was not masculine, and was really relying on others acceptance of what they saw before them. So far it had worked, it just remained to be seen if it would continue to do so.
  13. Daniel looked over the two boys with his grey-red eyes, through the visor of his helmet. He began seating himself on the grass, ignoring the log pointedly; his leg-plates and greaves making a sharp grating sound as he sat upon the green. He was certain that he would have broken the log if he had sat on it. His back was perfectly straight, and his he made no move to remove his helmet. He remained stiff and stoic appearing. The one action he took, of customary hospitality, was to remove his sheathed greatsword from his back. Daniel set it infront of him, before his feet. Daniel's blade was long, a two-handed sword for a man of his size, and the sheath was made of a ceramic-like, or ivory-esque, material, stained dark. The delicate, ornate carving on the sheath depicted many eyes and hands, all grasping at the edges of the sheathe. From what could be seen of the hilt, there was a cats-eye chrysoberyl set at the pommel, and the grip was black leather. It appeared to have been made a long time ago.

    Daniel's gauntlets moved to pull his cloak around him further, till he was a helmet and a sharp mass of purple folds from his cloak. He watched the young man approach the Fish Boy, and ask for fish. Daniel had no need to eat, of course, and would not be partaking. He shook his head in a 'no' gesture, but it came out as more of a mechanical twist of his head from side to side, bits of rust flying off from the helmet. His grey-red eyes went to Lucian, and then, at the newcomer boy and his voice came out like gravel falling in an abandoned cave;
    "I will pay for your meal, boys. It will be the price I pay for your company."

    The death knight turned to look at the fire, the orange lights dancing in his pale eyes. He ran a hand across his sword, gauntleted fingers brushing across the delicate carving. As he did so, pieces of the many eyes and hands flaked away, making a small pile of white dust; the original colour of the stained sheathe. He frowned behind his helmet, dipping his head slightly; the crunching sound of his gorget and headplates correlating to the sound of the carving being reduced to dust. Eventually, all indications of what the sword was would be worn away. He wondered if that would save his life. The sword had been in his family a long time, and while not cursed, he always worried that the previous owner would come looking for it. Grim would curse him again, if he lost it.
  14. Looking the other over he said honestly, “I highly doubt you would like the work I do.” He looked curious for a moment or two as he listened to the guy talk. “I am curious, I’m just cautious first.” Shrugging again he looked toward the armored man and tilted his head wondering why anyone would want to run around with armor on. Anyone’s guess.</SPAN> He thought and turned to talked to the guy again only to frees as he saw him head in that direction.</SPAN>

    Loud and talkative, it is a miracle he hasn’t been robbed or killed already. Marveling at life’s mysteries he shook his head and looked down. What has he gotten himself into now? Looking up when he was addressed he said, “Sure.” And moved toward them. Taking a seat of his own he nodded toward everyone and said, “I’m just here because I’m bored and you all looked interesting.” He said honestly again. There really was no reason to lie about something like that. </SPAN>

    His eyes glanced around and he was assessing each and every member there. He was debating on how many of them would be easy to steal from, so far the only one he could think of was the talkative one from before. Would he actually steal from any of them? Probably not and his assessment quickly changed to one of more curiosity than anything.</SPAN>
  15. Lucian was already rummaging his bags for something to trade when he hard the knight offering to pay their meal."Really? Thank you so much!" and readily grabbed a fish from the fire almost burning his fingers. He quikly ate the first fish and was soon licking his fingers clean. It was delicious, maybe because he was so hungry. "You said you didn't want any of those fish, so you propably don't mind if eat your share too?" Lucian asked from the guy he met at the bridge. Already grabbing the fish before hearing his answer he started eating. That guy just even admitted himself that he was here only because of his curiosity, so he shouldnt bother that much.

    His stomach finally stopped growling and he had more time to pay attention to his benefactor. "Thank you paying again. What's your name? Isn't it hot under that armour? And using that kind of huge sword must be quite hard as well? It looks kind old. Is some sort of family heirloom? Mnd if I have alook at it" he kept questoning. Lucian himself could use a sword only to harm himself, but he was fairly skilled with daggers. Mostly in throwing them though, and only because he used to compete with other kids in the village. He currently had two daggers, hanging from his belt with a couple of pouches. Both of them were quite plain looking, and more like knives than daggers really, but it was the best he got. Some young lad came asking for some fish too. Lucan greeted him smiling. `Glad I made in time to get some, this blue hairs fish sure are popular.`he could't help thinking. "What are your names, by the way? Talking like this will get pretty boring when I don't even know anybodys name. I'm Lucian, nice to meet you."
  16. Nova watches Lucian eat 2 fish in the matter of seconds. He probably didn't have much to eat since a while.
    (He must be hungry)
    He looks to his bag where the other fish are.
    *Sigh*(I'll regret this tomorrow.)
    He grabs his bag and takes the other fish out and holds them to Lucian. One fish remains in his bag though.
    Here. You look like you have a lot more hunger then me. Eat up.
    And don't worry about the money. Since you are that hungry consider it a favor.

    My name is Nova.
  17. Daniel glanced over the talkative boy, grey-blue eyes examining him carefully. His helmet made a crunching sound as he leaned forward, peering at the boy for a second, his gauntleted hands on his greaves; making another ear-shattering scraping sound. Maybe this one would work, he thought to himself as he began moving his hand from his knee to beneath his cloak. He withdrew three heavy coins from the small pouch that hung at his side. Daniel set them down in a small tower next to his sword, looking at the green mold that was eating away at them. After nineteen years, he assumed that was typical. They were old when he found them. They were older now.

    "That payment should be sufficient. Three crowns of Moquol for the fish." The death knight looked to the talkative boy. Behind his helmet, he raised an eyebrow, the tug of his rotting flesh paining him somewhat, but his reaction was hidden beneath his face guard. "My name is Ser Daniel, of Sheldomar Valley, very far away from here. It is not hot under this armor. Perhaps it would be, if you wore it, and not I." Daniel folded his arms across his chest, cloak open; exposing his breastplate, his pouch of material components, and the edge of his book. "The sword was difficult to master, but I have had many years to learn. It is a family heirloom." He then, strangely, laughed. His laugh was hollow and metallic, bouncing off and around the inside of his helmet; deep and dark in his throat. He laughed often. Brooding was not healthy. His laughter turned to a hoarse, echoing cough that shook his helmet, making the armor jangle.

    When he recovered, Daniel said;
    "My sword is not for ones like you. It is best you keep away from it." He paused. "I have answered all your questions." The way he said it, it came out as a question. "You talk often. And ask much."
  18. Lucians eyes shine like starts when Nova gives him the fishes. "Really! Thank you! I'll make this up to you somehow!" Those fish too get eaten quikly and he once again lickes his fingers clean. "Man that was delicious. Did I eat all of them? Sorry, I'll help you catch some more, those two left at the fire you could propably sell to that lad who asked for some?" "Guess that saves some of your money too." He said to the knight."Ser Daniel? That means you really are a knight." Daniel's laugh sounded more like something you might hear in a haunted house than next to river at afternoon, but Lucian didn't really notice. "Are you ok?" He asked when the knight started coughing. "But it's a shame, that sword looks really awesome. And judging by the looks of it it's ben in your family for a long time. Are those coins family heirlooms as well? They look as old as that sword." he asked smirking. "And I guess I was just raised that way, and I can't help but be curious, maybe even his behalf." he grinned nodding towards the man from the bridge.
  19. The heavily armoured knight was slightly intimidating to this far smaller character. He was no doubt the shortest and lightest among the gaggle of oddities, something that was not lost on him. Seeing as he was never going to win any battle of strength, he had to be always on his guard, and ready to twist and turn his way out of the situation. Thankfully, his first impression of this huddle was relatively good. He was not one to jump to conclusions, but equally, knew to trust his gut instinct as much as possible.

    The kindness of the metal clad man was a surprise, and Bartleby couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow quizzically. "You would do that?" Such kindness was rare, and although it was not unwelcome - it was still unexpected. "Well, thankyou. I suppose I ought to at least introduce myself. My name is Bartleby Durant." He thought about also offering his profession, but then again, he didn't really have one. So, he simply accepted the offer and allowed others to make of him what they would.

    Now having helped himself to one fish, Bartleby watched the others carefully. He was not one to put himself in others faces too much, and so kept to the sidelines for a while, paying particular attention to th warning the knight supplied, curious as to why it was so important that they keep away from the sword. Or perhaps he was just protective of the ornate object. Family heirlooms were important to people. Bartleby knew that very well. The pendant he wore beneath his clothes was proof of that. Had he sold the item, he could have led a far easier life, but instead he chose to keep this last remaining memento of home.
  20. Nova listens to the conversation between the people around him. Depending on the way they move and talk he starts to analyze them.
    (Lucian seems to be inexperienced in pretty much anything. He will have a hard time with no one to help him out. But at least he has a good heart.
    Bartleby... he doesn't seem to be a bad guy ether. And he hides something. There is something around his chest. He probably wears a pendant too.

    But the knight... Ser Daniel of Sheldomar Valley. Something about him is strange. His sword is definitely special. The armor he wears is not a standard armor ether. He has good manners, but the strangest thing are the coins that he has. Oh right.)

    He takes his book out of his bag. It's a small handwritten book with a leather cover and no title.
    Sheldomar... Sheldomar... I thought it was somewhere around here.
    Apparently he searches for information about Sheldomar in his journal.