A Certain Magical Roleplay [No Series Knowledge][ Link is Up]

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  1. Hello, Welcome to A Certain Magical Roleplay!

    For those familiar with the manga and anime " A Certain Magical Index " I hope you are intrested in joining. I will provide an overview for those who have not watched or read the series. In additional I will also write an original plot with the roleplay. If you are intrested in this roleplay, leave a reply so that I can inform you later on when I have made the roleplay. There will be one level 5 esper and one saint allowed in the roleplay. The quality of your character sheet will detrimine your position. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this roleplay when I get it up.

    Link is up!:

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  2. color me interested

    i love the Raildex verse

    its like what happens if Teen Titans were actually made into an anime

    no matter what angle i see it, Academy City is full of what are essentially unmasked superheroes

    The Railgun is probably my standout favorite out of the core cast - versatile and intelligently done powers ftw
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  3. Yup, I'm all loaded with my Raildex lore and ready to roll.

    So, Science Side, Magic Side or both?
  4. Not sure how much time I have to dedicate to another roleplay, but I'll certainly be reading! If I get the chance, I might hop in some time. :D
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  5. Science side! though really we should just do both. but i am Science side advocate
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  6. I personally prefer both. Last Raildex RP had me having fun with Lovecraftians.
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  7. I also changed the number of level 5s and Saints to one to make the position more valuable. Hope you guys don't mind it.
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