A Certain City's Darkness

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  1. A Certain City's Darkness


    Located just west of Tokyo, the scientific utopia known as Academy City has slowly been making a name for itself in its mere two decades of existence. With advancements in technology being 30 years ahead of the entire world, it is slowly making a name for itself as a pioneer of the future. Several countries around the world has recognized the magnificent feats achieved by Academy City and some of them even fear their potential in disturbing the harmony of the economy due to their apparent capability of becoming a leading technological producer.

    As the city's name suggests, it is a city of several schools and institutions of higher learning from kindergarten to university level that learn side-by-side along with the scientists who research on psychic powers and higher technology, the latter being one of the primary reasons for its establishment.

    Academy City is composed of 23 districts, called School Districts which are simply numbered from one to twenty-three and each of these districts have a specific purpose.


    1 Where most of the city's administration is located

    2 Training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, military-related facilities

    3 Accommodations for authorized outsiders (which also includes hotels, private pools, etc.)

    4 Food-related facilities, including experimental crop growing

    5 Mostly filled with universities and junior colleges

    6 Recreational facilities, which also includes an amusement park

    7 Middle and high schools, school dormitories, boarding houses, hospitals. There is also a mysterious building with no clear entrance or windows.

    8 Mainly for the various teaching staff of the city

    9 Industrial arts and fine arts schools

    10 Reformatories, nuclear energy research facilities, the city's only cemetery

    11 Goods transfer

    12 Theology system schools

    13 Kindergartens and primary schools

    14 Accommodations and various other facilities for overseas students

    15 A large district consisting of the city's major shopping district and mass communications facilities

    16 Focuses on commerce

    17 Railway cargo storage and organization, Location of a special prison for high profile criminals.

    18 Uncertain

    19 Uncertain; has been in a decline recently

    20 Schools focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities

    21 Dams for water storage; observatory in the mountains.

    22 The smallest district in terms of surface area; this district is mainly for developing technology for an underground town in the face of land shortages in major cities

    23 Airline companies and aeronautics and space development

    One of the main focuses of Academy City is the production of artificial espers through the recently established Power Curriculum Program. After its first year of implementation, the results suggests that it had been very effective since it managed to produce espers from Levels 0 - 5. Among all the espers that were produced through said program, only seven were theorized to be created but only 5 of the thousands of students that took the program managed to become a Level 5. The sixth was regarded as a Natural Esper known as a gemstone, of which only 50 at a time can exist throughout the world. On the other hand, the seventh was produced through unorthodox and inhumane means by the scientist, Takasura Katsugi who was previously ridiculed by his peers and colleagues for deviating from the norm. Now he plans to use his creation to the city that once humiliated and shunned him. By taking possession of the other Level 5's, or eliminating them should they resist him, he is planning on crippling Academy City and taking over it.

    Faced with this external threat and the Darkness that still continues to haunt them, can these children overcome A Certain City's Darkness?

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  2. Shin Akiyama liked to imagine he was something of a peculiar young boy.

    Though his power was quite physically destructive, his personality was that of a nurturing kind that preferred to preserve life. He did not attend a certain high school, at least, not yet. He had been tutored privately for most of his life, but lately, it seemed to have been put into consideration that perhaps it was now an appropriate time to allow him to attend public classes with other espers, but that paperwork was being sorted out elsewhere. It could be done next week, next month, next year, who knew? But that was little of Shin's concern. Whatever happened, happened. On top of that, though, he also did not live in a dorm like most of the other students of Academy City did, instead living in a small place, comparable to that of a loft or so.

    Well, perhaps small was the wrong word, but it wasn't necessarily an abode that Shin would call "big." Granted, there were two floors, but there was little to speak of concerning the place. Just some bedrooms for the two of them, a common bath, and below, a living area, along with a kitchen that also acted as a dining area. When he thought about it, young Shin could barely remember how the two of them, who barely knew that much about each other, wound up living together just like that. If others knew about their living arrangements, they'd probably be skeptical of the idea of two young teenagers of the opposite gender living together, and it'd raise a few more eyebrows if it was let out that they barely even knew each other. But fortunately, Shin wasn't like other "normal" young boys his age.

    ... Well, admittedly, Shifuru was something of an oddball, but Shin could assume she wasn't really a bad person. Right?

    With that in mind, perhaps one should start off what would seem to be an ordinary day in the life of Shin Akiyama.

    Sunrise came not too long ago. It was roughly seven something in the morning, and that meant breakfast time, and classes for other students. He didn't know about what Shifuru intended to do for the day, but Shin himself had his ordinary plans all lined up. Breakfast, gardening, calling his uncle, lunch, general housework, maybe feed some stray cats, study, discreetly watch the latest C-movie in theaters, have dinner, the works. Shin liked to think he was an organized person, but at the same time, he also imagined he was really just needlessly punctual at times. Either way, there was no time like the present to start his schedule for the day, so he'd better hop to it!

    That being said, he would wake up, and the first thing he'd do take a shower. After drying himself off and changing into his clothes for the day, wrapping a towel around the back of his neck, he would walk downstairs and cook some breakfast for himself, preparing for the rest of the day.​
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  3. "Ugh. Another morning." Shiro complained as he got out of bed and started to get sorted with his morning duties. Surprisingly, he was able to go to school, despite living in the lab with Dr. Takasura Katsugi. Maybe it was just a way to get him to look like one of the normal levels 5's that were made via the program rather than some unmentionable means. Or it's because Dr. Takasura didn't mind since he has mind control to make him use him at any moment in public. Either way, it didn't matter to Shiro.

    After Shiro did his morning deeds, he went out into the cafeteria of the lab and got an apple that he would eat on the way to school. Shiro didn't have to even say he was leaving. He knew cameras would be watching him leave either way. As soon as he left, he tried to get on the same route as most of the kids who go to his school.
  4. Miiko

    Miiko awoke like usual, traces of her tears from last evening still lingering on her face and the soft pillow on which it rested. Quietly she stood up and made her way to the kitchen, which could be said to have been quite a journey considering that her family got her a large condo worth at least a hundred million yens, and probably more.

    She started working on a breakfast, but not before turning on the TV and putting the morning news on it. The breakfast was fairly simple even if marked with all parts of being expensive as hell, a top-grade Brazilian coffee brewed in top-quality Italian coffee machine with milk from the fines Austrian cows and sugared only with brown sugar of top quality from Brazil, two loafs of bread from a local high-end bakery, which delivered bread to Miiko everyday, with an omelet from eggs that were gotten from a distinguished farm in England that produced all their products on a traditional way, the omelet was salted with the finest salt ordered from a centuries-old saltwork in Greece, cooked on the finest Croatian olive oil and finally spiced with a mix specially designed by a world-renowned French chef. To put it simply it was a breakfast worth more then the monthly allowance of most other students in the Academy city, which was a result of the huge amounts of money that the Ieiri family controlled.

    As she cooked the omelet Miiko listened in on the news not particularly interested in them but it was a good way of killing time as any other.



    Kikue on the other hand woke up with her face upwards, facing the ceiling of her small room in one of the many dorms of the city. She had no pillow on her own wish and the one that came with the bed was give to the girl in the room across Kikue's. She got up and changed from her usual sleep grab into her uniform and proceeded to make way to the dorm's cafeteria where she took a tray and her breakfast which she chose, out of the limited choice, to be an extra large blow of cereals in milk and a glass of cold water to drink after finishing the cereals.

    She was planning to take a lone spot but Kikue was noticed by several of her dorm friends, particularly the group of the Otaku girls that hanged together and included the already mentioned girl that was in the room across Kikue's, and was invited to join them at breakfast. As she came up to the group, the girls changed topic to an manga that Kikue followed too so she could join in their talk about it.
  5. If there was one thing that could describe Amane, she wasn't a morning person. It's the first day of school at the prestigious all-girls academy, Tokiwadai Middle School and yet she managed to sleep through her alarm. Now, she only had less than an hour to prepare herself and she wasn't even aware of it. Fortunately for her, the dorm rooms in Tokiwadai are meant for two persons to comfortably live in. Unfortunately, her roommate is the infamous sexual deviant, Mirai Kuroko. And she has been steadily teaching Amane the consequences of sleeping in ever since they became roommates. As Kuroko hovered over Amane's peaceful sleeping figure, her face twitched in delight as a mischievous grin slowly formed. Raising her outstretched hands, she set her eyes on her target and commenced her indecent assault on Amane's modest chest.

    This proved nothing but a tried and true method to wake the sleeping beauty without the kiss of a prince.

    "WAAAHHH!" Was Amane's initial response as she felt the oh-so-familiar sensation of Kuroko groping her. And as always, her retalliation involved sending 50000 volts coursing through her assailant's body. This proved to be quite effective in removing herself from her roommate's clutches who was now lying on her back on the hardwood floor having a minor seizure.

    "Geezus, Kuroko. I thought that this semester you'd stop with the morning groping starting this semester?" Amane protested.

    "Th-that w-was only-y iff you'd stop s-sleeping in starting thiss semessterr!" Kuroko retaliated as she battled the paralysis induced by Amane's electric shocks.

    After shaking off the paralysis completely, she stood up energetically as if nothing had happened. "I've been your roommate for quite a few years now and I know just how much of a heavy sleeper you are. Not even the world's loudest alarm clock or a grenade detonated right next to you would wake you up. Of all the things I've tried, my sexual harassment is the only thing that ever wakes you up and has thus prevented you from getting late ever since I implemented its use on you! You should even be thanking me for my service!"

    "Yeah... thanks, a lot for almost giving me heart attacks every morning..." Amane said as she sighed tiredly.

    "Anyways, you better hurry and get ready. From the looks of it, we're gonna be cutting it close again on the first day."

    She didn't need to be reminded again of her impending tardiness.

    Thirty minutes later, the two of them are already all set and ready to leave.

    "Took you long enough. Now we only have ten minutes before the bell rings..." Kuroko said sarcastically,much to Amane's chagrin.

    "Hey this was better than the last day of the previous semester's five minutes. You gotta admit that I'm making some progress!" She exclaimed.

    "Yeah, yeah. Tell that when we arrive on time." She says dismissively at Amane before the two of them started sprinting towards the school.

    Meanwhile, at a Certain Highschool, Akaze Airou had set the bar high for most of the students. Being at the top of his class while shouldering the added responsibilities of a Disciplinary Committee chairman and a Judgment operative and on top of that, having a zero tardiness record was nothing short of amazing. He has received lots of praise from his peers while certain others have looked at him with envious eyes from afar. Even while not actively engaging in social interaction, he has attracted quite a number of feminine admirers including the class president, Sakugawa Misha.

    He never ever sleeps in and even if he does set an alarm, his internal body clock automaticaly wakes him up way before the alarm sounds off. Punctuality is one of the many traits Airou tries to uphold at all times.

    "Ohh, Good morning, Akaze-san. You're early as usual. In fact, I think you're the only student we have enthusiastic enough ti be this early at the first day of school." Misha chimes cheerfully as she beams at the black haired boy.

    "You usually arrive pretty early yourself, Sakugawa-san. No need to praise me like this. I have to take care of the paperwork and brief the other Disciplinary Committee members plus attend the annual Student Council Meeting later. Please tell our teachers about my engagements later, Sakugawa-san." Airou bows respectfully making the pink-haired class president blush profusely.

    "Will do, Akaze-san. But shouldering so much responsibility here and there, don't you ever get tired? I heard you even partake in a part-time job."

    "I can't afford to get tired, Sakugawa-san. If I ever want to achieve my goals, such feebke things such as physical and mental fatigue must be overcome." Airou said in a solemn voice as he picked up a bunch of neatly stacked documents from the teacher's desk.

    "Well, keep up the good work, Akaze-san. I certainly wish most of the students are as industrious as you. But, that may be a bit too much. Individuality is also important... Well, I guess I'll see you around, Akaze-san." She told him as she waved him goodbye and returned to doing her own responsibilities as Class Representative. He gave her a thankful nod before departing for the Disciplinary Committee office. Hopefully, the first day if school passes by without a hinch.
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  6. Miiko

    After emptying her plate and finishing her coffee Miiko proceeded to quickly put the dishes in the dishwasher and started the machine. With that done Miiko quickly moved on to brush away her bed hair and dress up in her school uniform, which belonged to a prestigious High School that not only required a certain social status from their students but also had one of the world's hardest entry exams as well as a yearly fee that would be enough for most people to live comfortably for at least half a dozen of years. Miiko naturally was forced to cram to pass the exam and given her family the two other points of entering that High School were easily fulfilled.

    After finalizing her preparations to leave for school Miiko exited trough the condo's doors, closing and locking them behind herself. After taking the elevator, slipping in and turning a special key with a electronic identification built in it to start it, downstairs she made her way outside the building's door, greeting the doorman in process. Then she made a short trip to the nearest bus station and waited for the first bus on the line to her school to arrive...



    With the food eaten and time rushing forwards Kikue said goodbye to the other girls and rushed to stop by the Judgment office that she was assigned to before having to run off to school. So Kikue, after putting the tray and the dirty dishes where they are supposed to go, run out of her dorm with one of the dorm workers shouting at her for running.

    She came to the dorm's bicycle parking and located her bike, a trusty two-wheeled, almost-any-terrain vehicle that had a dynamo, batteries and a electric motor to help take on hills or just to allow one to rest from pedaling a bit. After taking off the lock keeping the bike moored to the rack, and putting said lock into her bag, Kikue moved the bike so she could actually cycle her way forwards. With all the preparations done Kikue put on a helmet and pedaled away, cycling towards the Judgment office to which she was assigned...
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