A Certain City's Darkness ( A To Aru Series Roleplay)

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  1. A Certain City's Darkness


    Academy City. Considered as the city of the New Age, this bustling metropolis' technology is 30 years ahead of its time. Like its name suggests, the city is a place of research, learning and science. However, one aspect of the city distinguishes it from the rest of the world: The presence of individuals who possess supernatural powers, persons called ESPers.​

    Academy City's curiosity to study and cultivate knowledge about ESPer powers has lead to the establishment of the Power Curriculum Program, a program implemented on every school's curriculum taken with the regular curriculum. A series of tests are administered to determine what an individuals power is. Depending on one's mastery over their powers and their usefulness, ESPer powers are classified into 5 Levels, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest and most powerful. Annually, a System Scan is conducted to determine what Level an individual's ESPer power belongs to.

    However, in the shadows of this science-centered city, some people would do whatever means necessary in the quest for knowledge and data. This darkness would envelop the lives of 7 children, changing their lives and, quite possibly, the future of Academy City itself.



    The RP focuses on the 7 Level 5's of the previous generation and the darkness that plagues them. Each level 5 will have a darkness unique to them and this darkness may come in the form of three types.

    The Darkness of Science - ( Espers who were subjected to intense and inhumane experimentation all in the name of gathering research data.)

    The Darkness of Society - (Espers who were shunned by their unique, unorthodox and terrifying abilities. )

    The Darkness of Power - (Espers whom desired power too much that it became their downfall.)

    As you may have noticed, the story is mainly centered on the Science side, particularly in Academy City. The setting takes place 20 Years before the current timeline since this RP focuses on the Level 5's of the past generation. This is to ensure that players would be allowed the chance to make their own Level 5 Espers.

    My plan is for the first arc to be a Sandbox thing that lasts one in-game week. This is to promote interaction among all of the players to give them a chance to meet in-character and feel each others' writing styles in general.

    Afterwards, we will proceed with the first Plot-relevant Arc, the Anomaly Arc.

    Guidelines and Rules


    - The applications for the Level 5 Espers are NOT in first come first serve basis. Applications are to be pm'ed to me for approval. Applications will be judged based on creativity, effectiveness, power, and practicality. Remember, Level 5's are meant to be very powerful but not too overpowered.

    - There will only be four Level 5 Spots that aren't pre-made. These are Ranks 4-7. Ranks 1-3 are pre-made and I shall be controlling Ranks 1 and 3. I will allow someone to control Rank 2.

    - Other lower level esper applications and Level 0's will be accepted but they must have some relation to one of the 7 Level 5's in order for them to be relevant to the plot.

    - The GM has the final say in anything and everything. However, do not be afraid to approach me regarding subplots you come up with that you think would benefit the overall experience of everyone in this roleplay. Contribute if you can, when you can!

    - Absolutely No Godmodding, Metagaming, PowerPlaying

    - Iwaku rules apply.

    - Absolutely no one-liners. I expect to see a bare minimum of 2-3 paragraph posts in order to keep the story moving.

    - Dedication! It is very necessary in this roleplay. If you've joined then play your part. I get that we all have priorities but don't just go AWOL. If you want to drop out of this rp then notify me and maybe we can straighten some things out but if you really want to drop out of this RP then your character will either be handed over to someone else/ killed and replaced with another. Your character would be treated as if he/she did not exist and all of the actions he/she did would have been done by the replacement level 5 instead.

    - Respect every player.

    - And lastly, Have fun!



    Esper - An Esper is a term used to refer to a person who emits AIM. Although, it is generally used to refer to people who have gone through Academy City's Power Curriculum Program. All espers emit AIM, which is unique to the esper's powers, for example: a pyrokinetic esper will heat up their surroundings unconsciously than any other person due to their AIM. Furthermore, all espers have what is called a Personal Reality, which is the basis of an esper's power and refers to the espers' ability to replace ordinary reality with his/her own.

    Moreover, esper abilities are categorized as either Active or Passive abilities. Active refers to an esper knowingly having to use his power to create an effect on reality, whilst passive has the esper subconsciously effect reality with their abilities.​

    AIM - AIM is a weak energy that is unconsciously emitted by espers. It cannot be detected by the five senses, and can only be detected through the use of machines, barring espers who can actually sense them, or people like Takitsubo Rikou who can detect and even track the AIM of an esper.

    AIM diffusion fields are apparently unique to the type of esper ability, as well as to the individual themselves. A few examples: Pyrokinesis espers heat up their surroundings, telekinesis espers create pressure, and electromasters release electromagnetic fields. Those with the same AIM diffusion field can cause an AIM Diffusion Field Resonance, making the effects of their AIM diffusion field seem stronger.

    Personal Reality - is the term used to refer to the reality created by students who undergo the Power Curriculum Program, and replace normal reality. As the name states, it is a type of reality that is unique for each individual, and is the very foundation of an esper's power, specifically, it is the source from which all esper powers and phenomena are brought into the real world.

    Power Curriculum Program - is a special large-scale curriculum in Academy City taken alongside a regular curriculum, designed to unlock a student's potential in gaining and improving supernatural powers. All those who have gone through the program are called espers, regardless of level, though some people, such as Skill-Out, may choose to refer to those who actually show powers as espers.

    Gemstones - A Gemstone is defined as an esper who has obtained their power without an artificial method such as the Power Curriculum Program in Academy City. There are few of them in the world and many aspects of their powers cannot be easily described. Unlike artificially developed espers, Gemstones emit larger amounts of AIM from their bodies. It has been mentioned that the total number of Gemstones of the world is around 50.

    Academy City currently has a theory that explains the Gemstones' existence: If their espers are artificial diamonds, then the Gemstones are natural ones. To further explain, the theory goes, “If a certain phenomenon has been caused artificially, then, as long as the same circumstances in the experiment are recreated in the natural world due to some factor or other, the same phenomenon will occur with no help from humans.

    Character Sheets

    Level 5.jpg

    Appearance (Preferably Anime Pictures):


    Age: (Preferably characters are in their teens)

    Gender: (Male, Female or Trap)



    Personality: (How they act and interact with those around them)

    Likes: (Things your characters like)

    Dislikes: (Pet peeves of your character)

    Skills: (Your character's abilities aside from their powers )

    Affiliation: (Is your character a member of Anti-Skill, Judgment, Skill-Out? Perhaps he/she is a member of ITEM, MEMBER, SCHOOL, GROUP, or BLOCK? Or maybe he/she has no affiliations whatsoever.)

    Ability: (Level and Ability name before the description. Remember. Level 5 Applications are to be sent to me via PM for approval)

    Epithet: (If your character is famous enough)

    Darkness: (If your character is a Level 5)

    Brief History: (A Short explanation of your character's past)

    Writing Sample: (Give a sample of your writing portraying your character in a random situation of your choosing.)

    [Edit: Added Terminologies for easier understanding of the roleplay]

    All Characters.jpg

    The Darkness of Academy City

    - Dr. Takasura Katsugi (Level 0 Scientist) - Accelerator

    - Shiro Misuzu (Rank 2 Level 5 Hohenheim) - RareSecret


    - Akaze Airou (Rank 3 Level 5 Magnetizer) - Accelerator

    - Yukiharu Kazuki (Level 2 Technopath) - Accelerator

    - Ohno Kikue - gamer5

    - Sakaki Sachi (Level 0) - Accelerator

    Independent/ Neutral

    - Isokawa Amane (Rank 1 Level 5 Archiver) - Accelerator

    - Tarataru Shifuru (Rank 4 Level 5 Singularity) - Lusterless Nova

    - Rossum Sage (Rank 5 Level 5 Psycho Boost) - Ravenbelle

    - Akiyama Shin (Rank 6 Level 5 Gunner) - Verite

    - Ieiri Mikuo (Rank 7 Level 5 Catastrophe) - gamer5

    - Rossum Chrissy (Level 3 Telepath) - Ravenbelle

    (NPC's that will be used and have pivotal roles will be added here in the future)​
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  2. I am seriously interested in this but do we need background knowledge on the anime? I am assuming it is from an anime from the pictures but cause I don't know it I can't really say ^^;;
  3. A little series knowledge like basic things about the science side such as AIM Fields, the Power Curriculum Program, Esper Levels, Personal Reality, etc. But no heavy series knowledge is necessary since the rp initially takes place 20 years before the current timeline.
  4. oh okay~ Uhm what is this anime called just so I might be able to do some research~?
  5. To Aru Majutsu no Index.
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  6. I shall have a read then~
  7. A small question~ I keep reading this thing about reality and such but when I try to read more into it I get more confused.... I keep thinking of Divergent and Insurgent and such but I assuming that it isn't anything like that at all.....
  8. Think of Reality as a tablecloth. Personal Reality is like laying down a small piece of cloth on the tablecloth of reality that it affects it at a certain way. It's like projecting your reality into the reality of everyone else creating a supernatural phenomenon that gives birth to Esper abilities.
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  9. oh thank you so much~ Everything makes so much more sense now~
  10. Interested for sure! Will be sending you a highly detailed CS asap! :D
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  11. gnnn Im looking into this but im not getting it much >~<

    This looks so awesome but im afraid ill just skip out on this one; Good luck! :D
  12. Ooh, a Raildex RP. Looks interesting! Won't make any promises, but I might make a character sheet. We'll see.
  13. Sending a pair of characters your way via PM ^-^
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Sage Rossum

    Age: 17 yrs

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'2

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Personality: Sage is very guarded and reserved around almost everyone. She doesn't trust anyone completely and if she does trust anyone at all, it's a slow process. She is strong-willed, but usually quiet and speaks only when her words are necessary, but can become very impulsive and short-tempered, especially when it comes to her fierce protection of her younger sister, Chrissy. Sage is brutally honest, clever and confident in her abilities, so she does not usually hesitate to use them.

    • Quiet
    • Sketching
    • Piano music
    • honesty
    • Chocolate
    • animals
    • Loud environments
    • Crowds
    • Liars
    • Stupid questions
    • Dancing
    • Sketching
    • hand-to-hand combat
    • Singing (though nobody knows it but Chrissy)
    • using raw willpower to overcome obstacles

    Ability: level 5 Telekinetic/Psychokinetic
    using her mind to manipulate/influence/move matter.

    -Binding: to keep object/being from moving.,
    -Levitation: to lift an object, e.g. raising a pitcher several inches into the air.,
    -TK Bullets: to project telekinetic energy or objects as bullets,
    -TK Choking: to strangle others.,
    -TK Maneuver: to alter an object's directional course, e.g. changing what number a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack.,
    -TK Grip: to grasp an object firmly in place, e.g. keeping the tides from washing a friend away,
    -TK Pull/Push: to pull objects towards the user or to push objects away from the user, e.g. yanking a book off a shelf or sliding a cup across a table.,
    -TK Flight: to use telekinesis to fly.
    -Motor-Skill Manipulation: to manipulate the movement of others,
    -Object Manipulation: to alter an object's inner workings, e.g. unlocking a door.,
    -TK Compression: to crush an object, e.g. squeezing a chair into a ball,
    -Unarmed Weapon Wielding: to use weapons without touching them.,
    -TK Blast: emit telekinetic energy to make blast that destroys anything in the user's path,

    Darkness: Science

    Sage once had a wonderful childhood with her perfect mother and father, Kiara and Marco. Her mom was the kindest, most beautiful person in her world and her father, though usually busy at the laboratory he worked for, was very smart and helpful. She never saw any real darkness in her life until she turned 6. That's when her sister was born. And her mother died in childbirth complications, choosing Chrissy's life over her own.
    Sage was always a gemstone and she started showing bits of her telekinetic ability shortly after her mother lost her life. Her father became a broken man, trying to care for both his daughters. But he couldn't do it so threw himself into his work and became obsessed with it. He hired a nanny (Ms. Kenda) and came home late most nights. One night, her father truly recognized her abilities after her emotions made them go haywire. She'd confronted her dad about how she'd missed him. And when he saw what she could do, he decided to take her to the lab the next day. That was when the nightmare began. He didn't necessarily think his coworkers would would begin such inhumane experiments on her, but he didn't always try to stop them. Only when he found out they were going to try to turn her into a weapon did he step in and rescue her. But it took him years to build up the nerve to do it, runaway with her and Chrissy and reunite the sisters. By then though, his apologies had come too late and Sage had realized what he'd done. She didn't forgive him. She took her sister with her and traveled far away from the only place she'd ever known, slowly building a life for herself and her younger sister: The only person in the world she truly cared for.

    Writing Sample:
    "..sensory cortex.."
    "scalpel please.."

    Sage heard snippets of the whitecoats' conversation as her temporal lobe was probed with a metal instrument she couldn't see. They were in the middle of another brain surgery on 14-year-old Sage, or as they had labeled her, Experiment 246. It didn't hurt, but it was terrifying Every. Single. Time. One twitch of the neurosurgeon's hand and her brain could be permanently damaged. She gulped, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. They had to keep her conscious for this. She doesn't remember why, but she's just glad the only thing she feels now is the metal at her temples keeping her head in place and a slight tingling sensation where they'd opened up her skull. Sage tried to speak, to ask when they'd be done. If she'd be able to hear clearly. But she couldn't hear anything from her mouth. She wasn't even sure she'd opened it. There was no sound. Only the sight of the ceiling and the bloody tools on a tray beside her arms-strapped down with black leather. Her heartbeat sped up, she could feel it slamming against her ribs and the monitor jumped swiftly in her peripheral vision. She knew she wasn't supposed to be afraid. The whitecoats said fear was not allowed. But the tweezer tools glowed silver under the bright lights and the blood--her blood--gleamed scarlet. One of the nurses stood in front of her. She was speaking behind her facemask, but Sage did not hear a sound. Until there was a twitch in the tingling feeling and suddenly--
    "..Heartrate at--"
    "Experiment 246, take deep breaths, close your--"

    Chaos. Sage trembled in the cold chair, trying to shake her head -to no avail -to dislodge all the noise-- all the voices! And that--that high, keening noise that wouldn't stop! Screaming.

    She was screaming.

    Name: Chrissy Rossum

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Height: 4'11

    Weight: 95 lbs

    Chrissy is a somewhat shy, quiet and innocent girl. A daydreamer, buy very bright. She knows little of the agonies her older sister endured and as a result, she likes to pretend the world is a pretty place. She is naïve, compassionate and exceedingly observant. She could learn anything about the horrors of the world if she wished, but she doesn't use her ability unless she feels she needs it. She doesn't let curiosity get the best of her. Also, the has the utmost confidence in her sister. She idolizes Sage and would do Anything for her, no matter what.

    • Peanut butter
    • Animals (Birds in particular)
    • Making her sister smile (it's rare)
    • hide and seek
    • reading

    • Crowds
    • Invading privacy
    • Speaking loudly
    • Upsetting her sister
    • Pollen (she's allergic)

    • She's a good storyteller
    • Very quick, agile, and flexible
    • Climbing trees
    • Acting

    Ability: Level 3 Telepath who can read another's thoughts and communicate mentally

    -Mind Reading: The ability to read/sense the thought of others.
    -Telepathic Speaking: The ability to speak telepathically.,
    -Mind Image: The ability to project one's image to the mind of another.,
    -Mind Link: The ability to develop a permanent mental bond with any person (Sage),

    -Memory Reading: The ability to read the target's memories.,
    -Illusion Manipulation: The ability to manipulate what others perceive, such as making them see things that aren't actually present, or not see things that are.

    *those underlined are the ones she's used before that she knows she's capable of

    Chrissy never knew her mother because her death day was Chrissy's birthday. She never celebrated it for that reason. And Ms. Kenda (the nanny she grew up with) never forced her to. The woman was old and cranky most of the time, but she was the only parental figure she really knew. Her father was only home at night to sleep and she hardly ever talked to him. But every morning, when Chrissy was very young, she woke up extra early and saw him grabbing an apple for breakfast before heading for work. He did this every day. Except for one, her birthday. On her tenth birthday, she watched her daddy from the banister like always but this time he pulled out a picture from his wallet. A picture of him and and what must have been mommy. And a little girl. But the girl couldn't have been Chrissy. Right? Unless..she had a sister she never knew. Was she in 'heaven' too? When daddy kissed it and left out the door, she went back to a restless sleep and later, She asked Ms. Kenda what she knew about another little girl who used to live in her house. By this time, she had already discovered her Telepathy in the Power Curriculum Program at her school and when the woman lied about having no such idea of any other little girl, Chrissy gave in to the urge to read her mind. And she learned of her sister who had known mommy, of how her daddy took her away...Sage.
    A few days after that, Ms. Kenda never showed up again and Chrissy had to take care of herself for the better part of three years. Until the winter night her father came home early and got her to pack things quickly. She got in the car and there was a girl. Sage! The doors locked and Dad was off, driving with her and her sleeping sister off to who knows where. When Sage woke up, Chrissy saw the situation through Sage's thoughts. Without her telepathic abilities, she would have never ran away with her sister...to freedom.

    Writing Sample:
    "Sage." The young telepath whispered in the night. The woods were singing in the winter wind around her, playing with loose wisps of her dark braids. The owner gazed doe-eyed at a beautiful girl who was kneeling before her in the leaves, wearing white scrubs, no shoes and a bandage at her elbow. Her eyes looked hollow. But maybe that was the night playing tricks on Chrissy's vision.
    "You..know my name?" Her voice shook. Her hands trembled on Chrissy's thin shoulders.
    "I do. You're my sister. I...missed you." She could remember next to nothing of her sister until this moment, but she had missed two women in her life now that she'd never known in reality. She had missed her so much. The moon crept out from behind the clouds and for the first time, Chrissy recalled her older sister's face. Sage was gorgeous. Her ivory skin glowed in the moonlight and a few scars adorned her visible skin. She had a freckle under her left eye. Those eyes. The same color as her eyes. Even with tears streaming from them like endless rivers mixing with agony and joy in a single, long-awaited moment.
    "My..sister." Sage finally let out a high-pitched sob and fell forward, hugging her younger sister to her tightly enough to squeeze all her broken pieces back together. "I thought I-I'd ne-ever see y-you again! I-I Missed You--too!"
    The girls fell to their knees, embracing for the first time since Chrissy was just a baby. It took her a moment, in all of the shock and horror and wonder and happiness, to realize that she was weeping too
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  15. Is this still accepting?
  16. Here to state my interest and to ask how many level five spots are still open.
  17. Still Accepting.

    3 original level 5 spots left. 1 application is still pending and is still being reviewed

    • Miiko (美位子) Ieiri ( 家入)

      Age: 16 & 9 months
      Gender: Female

      Height: 167.4 cm (5 feet, 5.9 inches)
      Weight: 69.3 kg (152.78 lbs)

      Trough a cheerful and easy-going person, over the years Miiko became used to avoiding other people, afraid that her ability, if revealed, would turn anyone she befriends away from her in fear. As her power grew, she, and her ability, became better know to the rest of the Academic City, leading to her closing off herself away from others upon the social shunning that targeted her. Still a trace of hope remains alive in her thanks to the few friends that she managed to get despite all, allowing her to show her true cheerful and easy-going personality in private moments, alone or with her friends. With strangers she is quite reserved, but is quite easy to open, especially if her power is know to the other side and doesn't bother them.

      - Animals, especially spiders and reptilians
      - Airplanes
      - Visiting shrines
      - Her friend Kikue
      - Soy sauce (she pretty much eats it with anything)
      - Weird food (ex. live worms)

      - Violence
      - Bullies
      - Crime
      - Kikue's younger brother Kei
      - Strong odors

      Cycling, Swimming, Parkour, Climbing, Running.

      Affiliation: None

      Level 5
      Failure Manipulation
      Failure Manipulation, is an ability that causes the possible outcome of any action that happens to go wrong in some way, with the increase in the level of the ability increasing how wrong the outcome will be, if we use a falling apple as a example on level 1 of Failure Manipulation the apple will upon reaching the ground get damaged quite a bit, on level 3 the apple would shatter and on level 5 it would turn into a squishy, smashed semi-liquid mesh made out of apple, which leads to the level 5 of this ability is also know as Critical Failure.

      As Miiko's ability is level 5 she is the strongest know Esper that uses Failure Manipulation that exists, powerful enough to cause wide spread destruction if she wishes so by inducing critical structural failures in buildings, causing raptures in gas lines and their subsequent explosions or simply causing extreme heart arrhythmia or any other deadly condition inside a wide number of humans. Trough extremely powerful her ability does have one weakness and that is that it demands tremendous amounts of metal fortitude to control and manipulate, thous reducing the number of targets that she can engage at the same time to roughly five in offense. But her defense is extremely powerful as by forsaking all offensive ability she can create a small area of her power which causes critical failure in anything that passes trough it, be it living or not.

      "Belief is that Failure Manipulation, Fate Manipulation and other similar abilities come from Probability, Randomness and that all of them are a various forms of Randomness/Probability Manipulation."

      Signature Moves:
      Defense Mode - "The Black Fortress"
      Attack Mode - "Failure Channeling"
      Finishing Move - "Catastrophe"

      Trough strong the ability has a few faults.

      General Faults:
      - The ability's range equals Miiko's visual range. Anything outside of it is 100% safe from it.
      - The ability doesn't work on mental abilities and being dependent on even higher concentration levels then most esper abilities it is painfully weak against such abilities.
      - The strength of the ability is proportional to the strength of Miiko's Personal Reality and reverse-proportional to the strength of Personal Reality of the espers or their attacks that come under the effects of her ability. This means the stronger the esper the less powerful Miiko's attack or defense is. Level 5s above her rank will be barely effected by her ability, while Level 5s bellow her level will take light damage. Most Level 4 will be able to avoid dying instantly from her ability with an estimated 69,42%-82,12% chance for that happening. Level 3s can't avoid taking medium injuries with most taking heavy injuries with a chance between 23,05% and 52,19% for not being killed instantly by the ability. Only the few dozens of the most powerful Level 2 espers have a 5,24%-9,82% chance of avoiding dying instantly from this ability with most Level 2s and Levels 1 dying instantly upon contact with it. Note that that figures are for full power of the ability, Miiko usually decreases her power when fighting lower level espers.
      - Similar abilities can disrupt the integrity of the ability, decreasing it's power.
      - As mentioned requires more concentration then most abilities.

      General Advantages:
      - Powerful
      - Can be used on living beings, machines and structures (natural or artificial) alike
      - It can't be blocked, if hit by it the ability will deal at least some damage
      - Pretty much allows you to turn most things into a weapon, if you have enough knowledge and creativity

      Defense Mode Faults:
      - The range of the cover is one meter and there is no Friend or Foe identification. All life and machines in one meter that are not Miika will be affected by the ability.
      - It can be overwhelmed with sufficient numbers. The saturation point is sixty attacks inside a single second, the point after which attack will no longer be affected sufficiently by the ability to avoid major injuries to Miika. Already at 49 attacks inside a single second the attacks will no longer be destroyed completely but just diverted or weakened allowing some attacks to wound Miika. This is the base of Anti-Skill's plan of dealing with Miika if she would to become a threat to Academy City.

      Defense Mode Advantages:
      - A powerful defense
      - The user can move, tough slowly and carefully
      - It has a chance (dice roll or your call) to activate "Additional Failure" witch has 50% chance (dice roll) to develop a "bad" non-lethal condition in those that manage to enter the 1 m range around her and survive. Some examples of those "bad" conditions are temporary (lasting up to two hours) bad eyesight, arthritis or being really tired.

      Attack Mode Faults:
      - Due to the high concentration requirements the maximal number of targets in offensive is five, including any attack made against enemy attacks to protect oneself.
      - Certain abilities might be able to decrease the power of attacks. Other abilities might allow them to evade the attack, as the attack needs a few short moments to strike at a target - allowing for example a teleporter to simply teleport almost constantly to evade attacks while striking at Miika when opportunity arises.

      Attack Mode Advantages:
      - Full freedom of movement
      - If one target is attacked with multiple attacks at the same time the power is greatly boosted, but at the expanse of using more of the five-target limit, as well as increasing the time which is needed for the attack to affect the target, giving the target more time to evade.
      - The attack technique that Miika uses has room for improvement and creativity.

      This is Miiko's finishing move in which she makes physical contact with her target. If the target is human not hated enough to be killed she causes the failure of any voluntary muscle movement as well as a critical failure which causes the liver to hyper-produce melatonin and put the target to sleep. If she is out to kill she causes a critical failure in the body, depending on the level of hate towards the target that can be anything from simple heart failure to a compete critical failure of the endothelium of capillaries and the coagulation of the blood, which causes massive internal and external bleeding pretty much everywhere. If the target is a machine it will ether break, blaze up in flames or explode, depending on which is possible. The most notable effect of the "Catastrophe" is when used on buildings, in which it can cause a variety of failures, from structural column/wall failure which brings any building down to a resonance disaster. But most impressive results would come from using "Catastrophe" to detonate ammunition, explosives, explosive substances storage places, power plants (especially nuclear) or to create dust explosions in grain silos. "Catastrophe" can have a delay of up to ten minutes added to it to allow Miika to get to a safe distance.
      - Ridiculously powerful, to the point that it is able to inflict heavy damage (but not kill) even to other Level 5s.
      - Unleashed instantly but can be delayed up to ten minutes for surprise effect or safety reasons
      - Requires a minute long preparation in which she charges up her power. During this minute she requires absolute concentration and can't use her ability.
      - Must touch the target to use. (Joining Miiko up with a teleporter would make them a totally OP duo ...)
      - After using it takes another minute for her to be able to use her ability again as she must regather her concentration which is heavily shaken by using "Catastrophe". She also can't use this ability for at least ten minutes (and that is pushing it) and unless pressed to do different would try to wait for at least twenty minutes before using "Catastrophe" again.

      "Worst Level 5"
      "Bringer of Misfortune"

      Darkness: Society

      Brief History:
      Miiko was born in a normal family of three, her mother Aiko (a mangaka), daughter of Mai Atsukai and Ichiro Atsukai a powerful figure in the government of Japan, father Kai (a fashion designer, son of two rural farm owners) and seven years older brother Ryuo (an intern in materials sciences in Tokyo). She lived most of her childhood in a quite family home in Nagano until the family got her into Academy City at the age of nine and she begun the Power Curriculum Program and working on creating her own Personal Reality. As one of the rare potential level 5s according to the Perimeter List and a granddaughter of an influential politician she was given the best training facilities and personnel available, trough the instability of her ability and her lack of control over it caused millions of yen in damage during the first few years as well as alienated her from people as she became the object of their fear. She entered junior high as a level 2 and exited it as level 4, but with only one friend, Kikue. Now distanced from almost all people by her power reaching level 5 and the reputation as someone that brings misfortune to those around her, she is struggling to live a normal life despite all the difficulties of being a level 5 with her ability and a fearful existence to all but Kikue.

      Writing Sample:
      "... yeah mother. Hope we can see each other soon. Bye," Miiko finished talking to her mother over the phone in her apartment and then slowly put down the phone back in it's place. She sighted as she looked around the large, but mostly empty place she called home for more then five years. "And still only Kikue and her family come to visit me, what a joke of a life I am leading. If only I meet more people that didn't mind my ability," she though as she made her way to the large window which dominated the living room to take a look at the cityscape of the Academy City as night begun. Miiko stared out of the window for a minute or so, taking in the image of the city that she lived in almost a whole half of her life. A tear escaped down her cheek as she felt her hard weight under the emotions she kept chained so long, now let free by the nostalgia of her family in Nagano sprung by the telephone conversation with her mother. As tears started flowing down her face she reached for her mobile phone and opened the most recent calls. Her face wet and tears still falling she pressed the call button for the number under the name Kikue and brought her phone to her ear. After a few seconds of dial tone and tears a voice responded from the phone: "Miiko-chan! What are you calling for?" "Kikue-chan, I don't think I can ..." Mikko begun talking trough the tears..

    • Kikue (菊栄) Ohno (大野)

      Age: 16
      Gender: Female

      Height: 172.3 cm (5 feet, 7.83 inches)
      Weight: 74.1 kg (163.36 lbs)

      Kikue could be described as being in between a serious and easy-going person with a positive attitude. She is someone that deeply treasures her friends and believes in her own personal brand of justice which she sticks to without leeway. Strict with herself, soft to her friends, fair to all others and understanding towards the circumstances of other Kikue is not a person to do something half-way and always willing to help others.

      - Her pet cat Zeke
      - Her friends
      - Physical activity
      - All stuff military (a military nut)
      - Chocolate and Cola

      - Injustice (according to her own brand of justice)
      - Bullies
      - Criminals
      - Wrongful violence
      - Discrimination
      - Spicy food
      - Dogs

      Marksmanship, Firearms handling, Firearms maintenance, Military camouflage and stealth practices, Military grade Hand-to-hand combat techniques

      Affiliation: Judgment

      Ability: Accuracy Level 3
      Improves the accuracy of any weapon used by the esper as well as the esper's attacks with his own body. At level 3 it will double the accuracy of any weapon held by the esper or any attack done by the esper.
      "It is presumed that Accuracy is the Level 1-3 form of a stronger ability, presumably some form of manipulation related to air motion (wind), trajectories, vectors or any other that might be used to increase accuracy of an attack."

      "Rena's Kid" (Anti-Skill/older Judgment members)

      Brief History:
      Kikue is the daughter of the ex-Anti-Skill member Rena Ohno, now a JSDF member, and the store owner Akimi Ohno that runs several stores in Tokyo and Academy City, both currently leaving in Tokyo, but regularly coming to the Academy City. She was raised under the wing of her mother Rena, just like her two younger brothers, Kei and Dai, and from young age wanted to become a member of law enforcement. For that she gladly trained under her mother, even after Kei and Dai found interests in other things and stopped training with her. Years passed and from elementary school Kikue entered junior high as a Level 2 and many skills that she earned trough hard training. In junior high she befriended Miiko Ieiri, at that time of their meeting a level 3, under circumstances that were swept under the rug by the school. Soon after that incident Kikue joined Judgment, achieving some of the best recorder results in the tryouts that are required to enter Judgment. During the next few years she both became a level 3, polished her skills and kept being the only friend to the alienated Miiko while she herself became friends with a number of people in both Judgment and her school.

      Writing Sample:
      The sounds of gunfire roared trough the range, as bullets hit their targets leaving holes in the paper of which the targets were made. And trough being a range which many good marksmen visited one of the shooting lanes stood out. In it a girl, armed with a rifle, was shooting at the target with deadly accuracy that would make most marksmen green with envy. As she emptied her clip she let out a sight and stood up and waited for the target to slide to her and show how she done this time. When the target arrived she carefully took it into her hands and examined it, soon satisfied with the result, which trough not her best showed that her usual accuracy kept improving like she wished for. With that done she proceeded to dismantle her rifle and put it's parts into a bag so she could carry it around without attracting unwanted attention. Along the already mentioned rifle parts the bag was big enough to hold a bullpup SMG, naturally both weapons were Judgment approved and outside of the shooting range armed with only non-lethal bullets unless otherwise authorized. Kikue put the bag on her back, checked out at the counter while paying for the ammo and time she used, and then exited the building. As she was walking the artificial lights that illuminated Academy City at night shone upon her, but she paid no attention to them as she headed back towards her dorm. As she walked along, nothing going on and thinking about what she should eat for dinner Kikue's cellphone rung. She took out her cell and saw that it was Miiko calling and proceeded to answer: "Miiko-chan! What are ..."

    Here are my characters, for now.

    I have several ideas for a few other lower leveled espers and even a few "ordinary" humans. If anyone is interested in me attaching a character to their(s) or maybe linking their character(s) to one of mine feel free say so.
    Actually I just got an idea about a way to connect one of my character ideas to your two characters @Ravenbelle, so if you don't mind we could discuss about this.
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  18. Appearance


    Name: Shin Akiyama

    Age: 15-16 years old

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 125 lbs.

    Personality: Something of a product of his environment, Shin is quite the collected, modest, shy individual, being quite soft-spoken and humble. In contrast to his power, which excels at destroying, Shin is a person who values life above anything else, as demonstrated by his hobbies and general attitude towards life. He is a friendly, though admittedly somewhat shy, teen, but he is ultimately well-meaning, often putting others first before him, not so much out of some obligation of heroism, but rather, because he simply doesn't have a concept of valuing himself. He is more concerned with judging others based on their character alone rather than other things he deems comparatively unimportant, like personal stances and whatnot.

    By nature, he is not a spiteful person, and is more a peaceful person of simple desires than anything else, having almost no concept of spite or resentment. At least, he likes to believe so. Still, despite so, with a mindset akin to that that life was a privilege that people had to work to deserve, somewhat spurred on by his environment, he works tirelessly to make sure that he "deserves" the life that was given to him, and encourages others to do the same and contribute to the world whenever they are able to.

    Likes: Animals, most notably household pets, gardening, daily walks, reading, B and C-movies

    Dislikes: Overbearing people, selfish people, having too much attention being drawn to himself, ginger tea

    Skills: Cooking, gardening, general housework

    Affiliation: Independent

    Ability: Gunner, the ability to fire off anything that can resemble conventional weaponry, described as a walking tank, or, to escalate it even further, a walking nuclear bomb. It is difficult to explain the core nature of Gunner in words, except that the power almost makes Shin a walking tank, minus the heavy durability. He is able to, for a lack of better words, "recreate" the impact of bullets and the explosion of bombs.

    To elaborate on the former, he can "fire" objects as if they were bullets, depending on the shape and mass of the object in question with high accuracy. For example, with relative ease, he can throw a baseball and send it flying at the speed of a bullet, or flick pebbles with his fingers and send them flying at the speed of a bullet from a pistol, among other versatile uses. Naturally though, he can control the speed of his objects at will, so as to prevent outright murder, and instead inflict a concussion or so at worst. Thus, his power becomes a bit limited due to his personality. Even if he does not have an object to shoot, Shin possesses the ability to shoot his own fingernails, cuticle and all, like bullets, though they grow back just as normal in the span of ten minutes or so.

    The more flashy power, to "recreate" explosions, involves being able to "plant" imaginary bombs, mines, etc., and also being able to control the magnitude of the explosion. By coming into contact with any material, be it a solid, liquid, or even gas, Shin can, at will, plant five of these "bombs" at a time, and set any of them off whenever he wants. Anything he touches, if he desires, turns into a bomb ready to go off at his command, including his own body, though conveniently enough, he cannot be hurt by his own explosions, no matter how big. With that in mind, he is able to "fly," or at least jump higher than a normal human being by having a explosion occur beneath his feet, sending him launching into the air, and he can be an extremely dangerous close-range fighter, as he could easily impair or even kill someone with one punch if he desired to have an explosion occur upon impact of the punch, but as mentioned before, his personality prevents him from doing that.

    Going back to being able to "plant" bombs and whatnot into gases, because things like oxygen and nitrogen count as gases, he can, quite effectively, make explosions out of thin air as long as he has come into contact with the air, and create a chain of explosions if so desired created from a path he has made his way through.

    Epithet: Gunner, named after his power.

    Darkness: The Darkness of Society. Because of the nature of his power, Shin had always been feared and shunned, essentially treated like a boogeyman or something of the sort.

    Brief History: Born to parents that never wanted him, a supposed "mistake," Shin grew up somewhat alone and isolated during his early childhood, having always been somewhat introverted and shy, and thus, unable to make any notable friends during his childhood. The first chance his parents got, having always viewed their child as a nuisance that they couldn't very well have given away for fear that others would look down upon them, Shin was promptly brought to Academy City at the rough age of 12 under the pretense that he was being sent off to a place where he could get a better education and have a better life, though in those respects, they were at least right that he was better off without them.

    This was where he had first acquired the Gunner ability, thanks to the Power Curriculum Program, that would change his life forever. Because of the fearsome nature of his powers, despite his reserved personality preventing him from even thinking about going berserk, he had always been put under close watch, educated by a private tutor instead of attending A Certain High School, somewhat isolated from other people his age, and supported financially by his uncle, the only person who had ever sympathized for him.

    Though paranoia of him had went down as the years went by, some were still skeptical of him and his stability, but even so, he had been granted significantly more freedom compared to when he was 12 years old, now that was a slightly older teenager. Even despite his so-called "reputation" though, he continues living in Academy City, intending to stay and live a normal (at least, as normal as can be for an esper) life there.

    Writing Sample

    "Hero? Savior? What kind of titles are those? Those are way too romantic and idealistic for my taste if you ask me. Why not something more practical? Something more... like friend? Heck, even ally would do," the young man spoke, scratching his head briefly, "But I'm not cut out to be something as grandiose as hero anyway. I'm just a boogeyman to some, and a comrade to others. But what do I think of myself? Well... I'm just a person. Nothing more and nothing less than you."

    With that being said, he stood up, adjusting his glasses, giving the one in front of him a serious look, "Think what you want of me. I simply want to protect this precious life before me. Even if it means that I'll miss the chance to be looked up as a hero, even if it means that people will continue to needlessly fear me, I won't mind as long as at the end of the day, I'll live or die knowing that I managed to protect this fragile, yet everlasting force called life. I'm not good for anything else, so if I mess this one thing up that I want to do with my two hands, I won't have anywhere else to go. Call me crazy if you like. That's just your opinion, isn't it?"

    Truly, Shin Akiyama was not a normal boy. His personality was not one that some would call "normal." Though he had somewhat criticized the ideal, perhaps, in some hypocritical way, some could indeed describe him as romantically heroic. Still, if nothing else, he was an earnest young man, something of a rare breed among the Darkness of Academy City. He could be described as out of place because of how he was, but with his kind of power, others could say he fit right in.

    But Shin Akiyama was not someone that belonged to the Dark Side of Academy City. He was not defined by his power. He was himself, an individual, and nothing will change that. He was just as human as any other esper or normal person in the end, even if he didn't seem like it.​
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