A Certain Bizarre Affair

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  1. A side-story set within the Murder Series that details the whereabouts of Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci after the events of Murder X: When the Corpses Cry, as well as their first encounter with the being from another world known as Othinus.

    - - -


    Gravity is a force that holds the world down.

    It keeps everything and everyone in check, grounding them in reality. It is the safety net that allows people in the world to remain as they are in the world. But, at the same time, it is also something that holds back humanity. It is something that has tried time and time to prevent humanity from exploring further than its own atmosphere, exploring areas such as the moon itself.

    And yet, man persevered against the rules of nature. They escaped gravity and managed to pierce into what lay above, but there was another goal that it had always wanted to achieve, but never knew how, whether it be the work of gravity or not.

    They had yet to achieve Heaven.


    Shortly after their reunion under rather bizarre circumstances, Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci, the latter heavily inspired by the former in life, bid farewell to their ally, a so-called warrior of 「Heaven」known as Yuna Yuki, would return home.

    Except what they would find back home would be what they expected at all, as they would soon find out.


    Setting foot in his home world again after the strange encounter with the blasphemous witches known as Beatrice and Bernkastel, Enrico Pucci was home again, and with him, the man who had inspired him in life ever since he was but a boy, the man known as DIO.

    Though DIO would recognize the area well, this place being the mansion that he resided in during the late 1980s in Egypt, Pucci wasn't exactly in the know about the location, and thus, he looked around curiously, examining the decrepit old building's interior closely in an attempt to gauge where exactly they were, though to little avail, as was to be expected.

    "... Lord DIO, what is this place?" The priest asked curiously, looking to the other man as a source of guidance.

    Then again, that was exactly how Pucci saw DIO.

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