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  1. Winter came to the small city of Altarre as it always did: In a very cold series of showers, only occasionally broken by periods of silent grey skies and a very rare few rays of sunshine. It was the time of year when most would rather just stay in bed and hibernate until the rain stopped and the fluffy first snow fell rather than go to school or work. Children would cross their fingers before they went to bed, wishing to wake up to something other than the cold rain, and adults hoped it wouldn't get any colder so they wouldn't have to worry about black ice on the roads

    Of course, whether the rain continued or turned to snow, nothing would change the fact that the weather was fairly uncomfortable to anyone who ventured outside at this time of year. And woe be to any who neglected the proper equipment. Of course, not everyone can really help that, especially when the only equipment you have to use is a bunch of flimsy cardboard and a thin coat of sopping fluff.

    Numerous things have happened to these two little kittens who were abandoned by their owners, abused, and left to rot in a soggy old box outside in the rain. On the box it said “Help me please,” as if the owners wrote on it trying to see if anyone would take them. No one quite knows why the owners left the kittens behind, but it was certain that they were no ordinary kittens.

    Their eyes seemed to hold a bit of a certain sparkle, and at times the box would be empty. No one knew how the weak things could ever leave this 2 ½ feet tall box by themselves, and most people didn’t have the care to take them or give even give them some food. But perhaps a stranger tale, one that dates back much longer then the city itself, lies in the truth of these two unfortunate misfits.


    Okay! So this is up now. Before we start, let's get a little character information up.
    So, for the cats:

    Cat CS (open)

    Age: (At least how they would appear as a human)
    Favorite Food:
    Three likes:
    Three dislikes:

    And for the humans:

    Human CS (open)

    Favorite Food:
    Three likes:
    Three dislikes:

    Did I miss anything important? I'm a little hesitant to ask for things such as personality details because that's sometimes best to explore throughout the story, but should we put something like that in?
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  2. Cat CS
    Appearance: Small coat of black fur, has a gray under belly and red cat eyes and a long skinny tail.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Favorite Food: Fish Sticks
    Three likes: Being mischievous, licking himself , mirrors.
    Three dislikes: Cat food, being called a cat, adult humans.
    Other: His sister is Arekusishu

    (do you what me to say my appearance in my other form)
    In human form

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  3. Human CS


    Name: Fumiyo "Fuma" Okana.

    Gender: Female.

    Age: 15.

    Favorite Food: Crablegs.

    Three likes: Kitty paws, coffee/hot chocolate, the woods.

    Three dislikes: Messy areas, spicy foods, making others sad.

    Other: Lives in a cozy little house with her father and older brother.​
  4. Cat CS
    Appearance: Tiny, grey, super fluffy fur with dark eyes
    Name: Arekusishu
    Age: 13
    Favorite food: noodles
    Three dislikes: Dancing, middle aged humans, and cooked carrots
    Three likes: sleeping, playing, being childish
    other: her brother is arekkusu

    Human form:[​IMG]
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  5. Oh, yeah. That's probably a good idea. All cats need an appearance for their second form.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Nocci Rittorini
    Age: 14
    Favorite Food: Salted Caramels
    Three likes: Ice cream, the beach, rain
    Three dislikes: Spicy food, being cold, spiders
    Other: Lives with his older brother and helps out at his shop on weekends.
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  9. Yes to both. The IC is already up, so everyone can start whenever they want. The link should be at the top with the "Play" button, but I'll post it here if it doesn't work for whatever reason.
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