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romance, adoption, angst
a cold hard glare... her glowing red eyes met yours. it had only been for a brief second but it was enough to send shivers down your spine. her brows furrowed to give an angered look in your direction. you had heard so much about her. "she's a killer i tell you!" a scared student desperately trying to convince people shortly after the girls arrival. "she really is aggressive.." another student who had attempted to talk to her. "she really wont make many friends with that face." a student who was talking just loud enough with theyre friends. it really was a cruel thing to say at that. "she really is a monster...i wonder how many people have been victum to her!" a strangely excited lier who was known for spreading rumors. god why did everyone believe him? hes cruel to just about everyone here! spreading lies and mischief around the school and yet everyone still believed him. it didnt stop you from believing him. she was scary. she was cruel. she was deadly. at least...thats what everyone had been saying...people would leave to talk to her and never go back to see her again. even the delinquents were intimadated by here. so it had to be true. right?...right?

and then there were you two unnessicarally optisismtic friends. they were sure she only needed friends. "im sure she cants be all that bad! she earned her ultimate title working with children! she must be nice deep down inside at the very least!" your friend kaede had insisted. "she could very well be lieing though...you would want to risk it would you...? i mean they let people like mukuro and peko in the building...theyre talents have to do with handling weapons!" the only senseable person here. shuichi. "yes but mukuro and peko are kind!" kaede protests. "lets just give her a shot! theres never any harm in just saying hi!" kaito. the leader of the group. the only who had brought everyone together.

and now here you were. standing only feet away from the scariest girl in school. you looked down at her. she was rather short but still was terrifing.

trigger warnings for rp!:
  • mild mentions of v!ol3nc3
  • spoilers for danganronpa V3 (rather mild mostly just the character backstory and stuff)
  • mentions of w3@p0ns
  • theres aton of angst and whump

rules for rp:

  • please be respectful!
  • your character MUST be 16-18 (mines 16)
  • id prefer if your pretty good with dark themes as thats a huge part of the characters past and stuff.
  • my character might be an age regressor (coping mechinism that causes the person using it to go into a child like state of mind to cope with trauma)
  • i dont mind this being a multi ship (between the main cast) or it can just be your character and mind idm just let me know!
  • ill be asking you if you have any triggers you dont have to answer if you dont want to just let me know you dont want to so i can just keep it mild! of course again please expect it to be darker (coming from canon backstory and whump and angst)


gender identity:
ultimate (a talent theyre the best at if you dont want to fill this out put "ultimate lucky student):
2-3 possitive personality traits:
any number of neutral personality traits:
1-2 negitive personality traits:
backstory(optional if you dont want to fill this out or want to reveal it later on):