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  1. Could one call it excitement? Possibly. It was definitely one of the nicer moments of the games. Everyone was dressed in their best. The children from ages twelve to eighteen were neatly standing in their spots all of them eagerly looking at the bowls that held their names. Despite being one of the more wealthy districts, many in district two had taken the option to put their names in more times so that they might get chosen. Of course, that was if no one volunteered before another.

    He had his name in 7 times. Lorn Hale stared at the bowl. He could neither say he was excited, nor could he say he was bored. He had tried for eighteen years for this and what was he going to do after he could no longer enter the games?

    It didn't matter really, he supposed as he shifted his five foot eleven frame a little. his body was muscular but lean. His green eyes surveyed the crowd around him. His dark brown hair waved a little in the wind. Their representative that would draw the names was getting up there now. Lorn shifted again, his gaze going over to where the girls were. Their name would be called first. He hoped that it was someone good.
  2. Kieara was dreading this so much. She really didn't want to be called. Despite this being a wealthier district, it still had it's problems. If one wasn't careful, they too, like the worms of district 12, could starve to death. Kieara was one of them, though not by choice. It all happened this way by chance for her. She couldn't help how fate had turned to her. Then she heard her name... "Kieara Biaer!"

    The young woman who'd been chosen this year was nothing short of terrified. She'd nearly escaped the clutches of these dreadful games. However, for some ungodly reason, the woman's hand found her name in that bowl. She had no fighting skill. She was a musician. She worked her fingers to the bone on the streets as a beggar each day to get what little money she could to provide for herself. She had no family. She never knew her mother or her father, but she did know her older sister. Who'd been picked for the reaping years prior leaving her, a defenseless child, to face the wrath of the districts alone.

    She had bright red hair, bright blue eyes, and wore nothing but rags. It was all she could afford. She had a line of freckles that crossed the bridge her pale nose and cheeks. She had a thin, petite body rising to no more than 5 foot 4. She had curves that suited her perfectly. She was acutally quite pretty, though she could've used some more meat on her bones.
  3. Lorn wasn't sure what to think of the girl that climbed forth. He hadn't seen her at the school that prepared the children for the games. That she hadn't meant that she was either an orphan and couldn't afford it, or because she had simply not bee interested in getting ready for the games because she believed that she wasn't ever going to be picked? He would have to put his money on the former.

    He was paying so much attention to the girl that he didn't hear the name that they called for the boys. He felt a nudge and he looked at his friend that stood next to him. "Huh?" Lorn whispered.

    "Lorn Hale, come on up sweetie," the announcer woman said into the microphone again.

    Lorn blinked up at her, a bit stunned. He knew several of his friends would be jealous, but he didn't care. This was a moment that he had trained his entire life for. That didn't make him any more ready to walk up the aisle that the boys had made. Putting on a brave smiled, Lorn walked forward quickly before anyone could volunteer to go. He took the stairs two at a time and looked at his 'rival' and team mate for the beginning of the Games.

    This is going to be both difficult and easy.
  4. Kieara was so scared. she didn't know what to do. she felt she'd cry. She was taken to the room to say their last goodbyes, but no one showed in her room. She sat on the velvety couch alone. She felt even more alone and realized the extent of how truely alone she was while she was in there. She sighed and twiddled her thumbs waiting on what was to come.
  5. Lorn was congratulated by his friends and told to be careful by his family. All of this he took in a respectful silence until he was ushered out by the peacekeepers towards the train. Since they would have less space to travel they would be in the Capitol before most of the others--except district 1's team members, thought they would still be separated from the other teams so that the first glance they got of them would be in the processions.

    When he got on the train, he was an ashen color. He had wanted, but not wanted at the same time, to be picked for the Games. He could win--if he didn't give a shilling about anyone else. He would have to focus on nothing else but his own survival. Years of coaching in the training schools had taught him to be ruthless and cunning at the same time--but he had never really believed that he'd get chosen. So many other people volunteered that some years they didn't even have to take a name picking.

    As he looked around the food car, he picked up a small pastry and sampled it before eating the rest slowly, waiting for the other person to get there. He would suggest the pack in the beginning so that she would relax a bit. she had looked far more frightened than most others would be. She would never be able to train if she were as tense as she seemed on the stage.
  6. Kieara was ushered out by the peacekeepers soon enough. She was then taken to the train. She wondered what would happen if she struggled? Probably she'd get knocked out and taken aboard anyway. Besides, what could the harm be? She'd get fed and such, and she might even be the first killed. If she was lucky it would be quick and painless. She entered the room with the male tribute and swallowed. She rubbed her arms then looked to all the food. She was starving. She spoke softly. HEr voice was soft, but melodious used to singing. "Are....Are these for us?" She asked.
  7. Lore turned her and blinked a few times as he reassessed her. "That's the only reason I can think of for them to put us in here. The pastry's are really good. I'm Lorn," he said, holding out a hand to her, deciding that being civil couldn't hurt--until the Games began that was. "You are Kieara right?"
  8. Kieara smiled a little at him. Despite her condition, she was quite pretty. She gently held out her hand and took his shaking it. "I'm Kieara." she said. She was soft spoken and didn't appear to have the potential to hurt a fly. She seemed so timid and harmless. Once she released his hand she picked up a pastry nibbing on it. Then she took a bite once she deemed that she liked it. Any food was an improvement.
  9. "So, I was thinking, that in the beginning we could help each other out. You know, become allies--at least to begin with. It couldn't hurt. It'd keep you alive for a while longer. Same for me. I didn't really want this. One more year and I would have been free of the games," Lorn said before shrugging. "Not that you need accept it. I'm sure you are all full of surprises that aren't taught in the school." He walked over and took a few of the other foods and put them on a place before taking a seat in one of the more cushy seats.
  10. Kieara smiled. She was very trusting but she didn't think she could kill anyone in the end. She spoke. "That sounds ok." she said and sat down too. She was eating the food hungrily, but tried to show some restraint. She was so hungry though. She looked to Lorn and spoke. "I'm sorry...." She spoke to him. "At least you got to go train for it....i'll probably be the first to die."
  11. "Not if I can help it," Lorn said and popped a piece of fruit into his mouth as he thought over strategies. They wouldn't be hard put for a mentor. District 2 had one the year before as well so the person would be fresh from the games and able to help them more than other districts. "And the training wasn't all that important. You've got your muscle training, survival tactics, and the like but none of it will get you ready for the Games. Everyone says that."
  12. Kieara listened to his reassuring words about the Hunger Games and nodded. It still didn't help her nerves any though. She sighed and continued to eat the food provided. "Sad thing is it will eventually come down to where either another tribute will kill me, or you will." she said. "I hate for it to be that way."
  13. Lorn lowered his gaze. He had been hoping to avoid that situation by having either himself or her being killed halfway through. He frowned and sighed. "Kieara, we'll figure it out. Our trainer will probably have some ideas to help you toughen up so if it is you or them you'll come out top," he said and rose to grab more food. It had been this way for about a year--no matter how much he ate he was always hungry but his metabolism and the work he did with his father kept him from gaining much weight except for muscles. "More?" he asked, offering to grab her more food.
  14. The rich food on her empty stomach was making her sick. "No. Thank you though." She spoke to him as hse offered a sad smile. She took a seat as their trainer finally entered teh room. She looked to size the man up.
  15. Lorn looked over to size up their trainer before gathering a few selected delicacies and returning to his seat. He had his own plan for the games so it didn't really matter what the other man would want with them, until it came to Kieara. She was going to need to be given a plan to survive. Lorn would simply stick to the back fo the pack and work from within until they all were taken care of--protecting the girl along the way. "Hello," he said as he looked over at the man, wondering how this man had won the games the year before.

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    He looked them over sizing them up as well. He thought Lorn might have a chance, but the girl? Well, she could just try to avoid her imminent death. He then spoke. "Well, as for you both, You might have a chance boy, but as for you..." He turned to Kieara. "If I were you i'd make it quick and let myself get killed at the cornucopia."
  17. Lorn stared at the man for a few moments before looking at Kieara. "Don't listen to him. He took the girl from his district all the way to the end four before another tribute killed her," he said, before sending a glare at the man. "You could try to be a little nice. She could make it. Street girls--as I've heard it--know how to survive or they wouldn't get to the Reaping to begin with. You could give her the benefit of the doubt. She might pull through." He rose form his seat and paced to a window as the train took off.
  18. The man shrugged. "Even so, apparently it's not enough, or they wouldn't be living on the street." He said. Kieara had looked down as they spoke. She hadn't thought it was so obvious that she lived on teh street but apparently it was. She just stared down at the floor. "My names Baccus." He said to them.
  19. "Some people don't have a choice but lie on the street, Baccus," the young man said with a snort before glaring out the window at the passing forest. It would be maybe six hours before they got to the Capital. And they'd be stuck listening to this jerk the whole time. "Or have you just decided to say screw it with life and live off the Capitol like the rest of the winners?"
  20. "No. I just don't want to give you a glimmer of hope and then you end up disappointed and dead." He said to them. "So what all can you two do?" He spoek to them as he crossed his arms. He had to have somewhere to start. Kieara thought about it. She had no idea what to say for her abilities. She was sure that knowing how to sort through trash and sing weren't two highly thought of qualities in the arena.