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  1. Hello, I have a idea for a one on one roleplay, that can repeated across characters, and to any existing or new characters. This will be a standing invitation to all who wish to have a character undergo it or to have a character created specifically for it. The setting will change based on the background of the character that is the 'subject' of the roleplay, so feel free to submit a longtime favorite of yours, one who needs more development, or just one for whatever reason whatsoever.


    This will be a very Saw-esque scenario, so do try to keep your character of choice or creation appropiate. This will take place after a night of heavy drinking, going somewhere strange or new, or just a random abduction type scenario. The character I will have in play would not be recognized by the character either, they are completely unrelated and random.

    This will not be anything sexual, but it will be a bit more mature, mostly in the content and context, think the ERSB rating of intense violence or gore.

    • Be patient enough to wait for posts, but active enough to respond in a decently timed manner. (This is mostly for the sake of being polite, I will take exceptions without complaints, I'd just like to know ahead of time if your posting may be slow.)
    • Post in decent length. One line responses will not give me enough to work with for this, so please, put some time into your posts. You can post a novel if you want to as well, but responding to such posts will take me longer as I will respond in kind for the most part.

    This is a basic outline for your character sheet, this is mostly to give me a background of your character as they will have been studied before being taken.

    Imported from another RP?:(If yes, please put a link to the RP they were originally from, or post a description of the time period and setting)
    Physical appearance (Include clothes they might be wearing):
    Personal possessions on person:(What were they carrying or what do they have on them)
    Brief Background: (You don't need to go too in depth here, maybe just recent events or things that most people know, or don't know even if you wish for your character to feel as if they have been more intimately studied.)
    Superhuman or Supernatural abilities(List these, if any, and how they could be nullfied or disabled. This is a study about how the character acts, not how they can break out of something):
    Notes(OOC or IC):

    I will do as many of these as requested, on the one on one board, or in conversations to keep them more private. Your character is NOT likely to die in this RP, please make a note saying if you are okay with them having the risk of doing so, or if you would like to keep them safe for further development in other RP's.
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  2. Name: Ryan Charles Harris

    Imported from another RP: No. Ryan is a modern day criminal attorney.
    Height: 6"00'

    Weight: 162 lbs

    Physical appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes, Ryan is in his early thirties. He stands at average height and even though he'd been in good shape a few years passed, the last while he had let go, adding a layer of fat where once was a six-pack. He can generally be seen wearing brown suits and white shirts with different colored ties. The common wardrobe of a Lawyer.

    Personal possessions on person: Ryan carries a pen and notepad on his person at all times, as well as his cellphone. Also a briefcase containing containing relative files and documents pertaining to the case/s he is working on.

    Brief Background: Born to well-off parents, a doctor and architect, Ryan, even though never pressured, worked hard to achieve great marks and go to a good college. He achieved honors in his classes and started out his career as a lawyer as a state attorney. It was in these years he met a woman named Miranda. Within half a year he had proposed and they were married. It had been a good relationship until finally Ryan's career took priority. He was working hard to get into a firm so he could start choosing his own clients and make a name for himself. Finally Miranda had, had enough. Divorce papers were filed. It had been four years ago. He had poured himself into his work and after a year of being divorced was raised to a junior at a Firm known as Bates & Co.

    Superhuman or Supernatural abilities: Unless staying awake a few nights in a row to work is a power, none.

    Notes (OOC or IC): It's not a previously used character, but the idea sounds promising and I was hoping it would give me a new way of looking at Characters in general.

    Please say if it needs extra info.
  3. Seems fine to me, only decision needed is if you want to have it in the one x one section or just in a conversation.
  4. I'm willing either way and I am open to character death as well.
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