A Call to Arms

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  1. "What do you mean war?" The prince snapped at the messenger. "They'd never do that!- I- ...Give me a momment, please."
    "O-of course your highness." The messenger left and closed the doors.
    "It can't be true.... He'd never.... I-I have to find out."

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    Mavis was silent as the messenger left her Prince's side. The look of pain and stress on his face was enough to make her frown in distaste. Anyone who would cause her Prince such suffering was worthy of a slow and pain filled execution in her eyes. She watched as his eyes seemed to search for answers in the air and his body slouched on his throne. Mavis sighed sadly. "My Prince, it would be in your best interests to stay in the palace where it is safe. We can send a negotiator in your stead as well as scouts and spies. There is no need to worry yourself into sickness," she said, keeping his best interests in mind.
  3. "Yes, of course... Surely my father would allow it." The prince agreed. The king was terribly ill; A cure could not be found, and the healers could do nothing. "I will speak with him." The royal teen stood up and walked his way to his father's chambers, silent the whole time. Quietly, they entered.

    He inched his way to the king's bedside. "Father, how do you fair?" The son asked with the gentleness of a lamb. "Oh, I' alright...." The said in a creaky, quiet voice. "It's our and the other kingdom that I fear for the well-being of...." The majesty paused for a momment. "...Tell me, have I done something wrong in my years of leadership? Could I have offended the bond we shared between are kingdoms?" He asked. "No, father! Of course not! There must be an explaination for this!" The prince reasoned.

    "Rothuel.... While I am ill, I can do little for my country. It is not a matter of if I die, it's when.... And when I do, you will take responsibilities of a king. You must be ready for that.... For the fate of not just yours, but other kingdoms may rest in your hands..." His highness looked over to the women in the room. "Please... Keep him safe, don't let him get into trouble...." The king gave a weak smile that faded quickly. He looked back at his son. "I am sending people to deal with this. Until then, rest well..."
  4. Mavis got on her knees and bowed to the King. She stood carefully and then opened the door for her Prince. Mavis knew how much the Prince loved his father, and it tore her up to see him in such pain. If she could, she'd make the King better so he wouldn't have to feel the pain. Mavis kept her eyes on the floor as she waited for her Prince to exit so she could follow him and serve him.
  5. Rothuel stood up and walked, thanking Mavis as he went. Waiting for her to close the door, he slowly walked with head down to his chambers. "Mavis..." The prince began. "Why do you think they are doing this? I know prince Siyler is against it, so why....?"
  6. Mavis stood at attention in the corner of his bedchamber. Usually, women were not allowed in a man's chambers; she was an exception because of her high military status. "I'm not very good with politics, sire. However, I'm sure it has something to do with his lecherous father. We both know he's had his eyes on the Kingdom since the King grew ill."
  7. "Yes, I suppose that's true, but..." Rothuel trailed away. "I believe it is time to rest. You should sleep as well-I'll be fine.
  8. "Of course, my Prince. Sleep well," Mavis nodded with a small smile and bowed before walking into the small conjoined room. She shut the door and got into her night robes before going to her bed and dozing off. Her eyes drooped lazily as she stared at the candle on her bedside. She blew out the candle and relaxed.
  9. The prince put on sleeping robes and falling into a dream.

    "Heh heh heh..." A familiar voice laughed. "Siyler?" Rothuel called out. A book in his hands, the old prince's friend held his hand out, causing a void to appear behind him. "Wait, NO!" The prince cried out as what seemed to be purple tendrils, shooting out and attacking a Mavis who doesn't seemed to be there before. He was going to yell out for her before being met with the same fate and waking up.

    He sat up quickly, was breathing heavy. He gripped his chest and found himself sweating. Slowly, he calmed down. "...wh-what?" He thought aloud. It was still dark. He sighed, and tried to sleep again.
  10. Mavis heard her Prince and lit a small candle. Putting on a robe, she opened the door and peeked into the Prince's room. "Sire?" she asked quietly as she stepped into the room. "Is everything alright? I heard a cry."
  11. "I'm all right..." He yawned. "Just a bad dream... Sorry if I woke you up."
  12. Mavis smiled and bowed before returning to her small chambers. She slept a dreamless sleep and woke at almost six in the morning to get dressed. Once she was dressed, she waited for the Prince to return.
  13. Rothuel woke and dressed himself properly, his hair done by maids. He came outside to find Mavis. "Good morning..." He said drowsy. "Has breakfast been prepared yet?"
  14. Mavis smiled and nodded before heading to the dining room as she gave her Prince the vast menu. The royal cooks usually made enough for an entire country for each meal. All of the extra food was donated to churches, orphanages and shelters.
  15. Rothuel mostly pushed around his food, and barely ate at all. His appetite wasn't very good.
  16. Mavis frowned when she noticed that her Prince wasn't eating well. She wondered if it had to do with his nightmare the night before. "Sir," Mavis said quietly. "Is everything to your liking? I can have the cooks prepare something else."
  17. "Oh, of course not! I just had a large dinner, that's all." He answered. "My apologies to the chief; I did not mean to offend you." He apologized. He stood up and left for the library.
  18. Mavis sighed and followed her Prince silently. She stood outside the library at attention. With a sigh, Mavis folded her arms over her chest; something was wrong. She just couldn't tell why yet.
  19. Rothuel searched hard for a book. That book from his dreams.... It was funny. He was looking for a book about a book.

    Finally he found it. He pulled it out and came over to a table. He opened it to the first page. "The forbidden book of Kirae..."
  20. A guard came forth and gave Mavis news. There was a negotiator from their rivaling country. Taking the information scroll, Mavis barged in. "Forgive me, my Prince. I have urgent news," she said as she sat the scroll before him and bowed on her knees.