A California Summer w/SkyFall

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  1. "Woah..." Was all Katalina could think to say as e stood in the doorway of the beach house that she was supposed to be staying in with her step brother. She couldn't help but smile at the huge space, slowly walking in and leaving her bags by the door. "Live here for three months? Okay," she said to herself as she laughed a bit and headed into the kitchen. The huge kitchen with black granite countertops and a matching island. Looking to the windows, she saw the gorgeous view of the beach, making her giggle girlishly with happiness. She grabbed her bags and walked upstairs, looking around before choosing the master bedroom. Sure, all the rooms could be considered a master bedroom, but this one just seemed bigger to her.

    Without a word, Katalina set her largest suitcase on the bed and began unpacking her clothes, hanging and folding them up before putting them all away at once. She lined her several pairs of shoes up, including the pair of black and purple knee high converse she had on. She straightened out her skinny jeans that she was wearing and did the same to her purple midriff top before putting her makeup and hair products on the dresser. After she finished unpacking, she headed back downstairs, gladly beginning to look through the kitchen and settling on a back of Doritos to eat.