A Califorina Summer. (Between me and SkyFall)

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    "Whew, finally made it." Morgan said after pulling his car into the driveway of the beach condo. It seems that he arrived there first before Sydney did. Maybe traffic got her. At least this gives me some time to unload my stuff. Morgan then got out of his car and popped the trunk. He didn't pack too much, but just one large suitcase for all his clothes, bathroom items, and other various things, while his backpack carried anything else that basically couldn't fit inside the suitcase.

    He put the backpack on before lifting out the suitcase, which was actually heavier than it looked. "I think I overdid it," Morgan said with a grunt while carrying it inside the beach house once closing the trunk to his car. Walking inside of the house, it was quite large and empty with no one else around. Thankfully he wasn't going to be staying here all by himself. Morgan probably couldn't handle being alone in house like this for long periods of time. That can be boring and rather scary during some situations.

    Morgan took this time to explore and walk around the house while waiting on Sydney. He left the suitcase in the living room, before taking his time to explore the beach house. It was pretty nice, in a way it's kinda odd to leave two teenagers home alone. He was surprised that his parents even suggested the idea to begin with, but it beats staying with relatives elsewhere over the summer while they're on their cruise.

    After a while, Morgan finished scoping out the entire beach house. Still there was no Sydney arriving through the front door yet and he was starting to feel a little bit tired waiting on her. Eh, maybe I'll take a nap. Morgan then wandered over to a free couch and laid down staring at the ceiling before eventually dozing off.

    The Beach House (open)
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  2. Sydney was running late like usual, but this time Traffic was what was holding the poor girl back. She groaned and tried to call Morgan and tell him she would be about an hour late, but her phone died as soon as she clicked his picture. She groaned and tossed her phone in the seat next to her.

    Forty five minutes passed before she pulled into the huge beach house that her and Morgan would be staying at for the summer. She smiled a little and jumped out of the drivers side, quickly pulling her suitcase and small bag from the backseat. She carried them inside and noticed Morgan asleep on the couch, so she stayed quiet as she walked past him and to her room.

    Sydney unpacked before ordering a pizza, and deciding to wake Morgan up."Morgan, I'm here. Wake up, a pizza is coming,"she said as she sat on top of his stomach in an attempt to make him wake up. She poked his cheek and touched his nose while making a face, waiting for him to open his eyes.
  3. Morgan was knocked out pretty good once he fell asleep. He is a rather heavy sleeper when he's pretty comfortable, therefore Morgan didn't hear Sydney come in the door at all when she eventually arrived. His nap was going good, until it was getting interrupted by Sydney trying to wake him up that is. He really wasn't feeling up to moving from his comfortable spot, but he knew if he kept sleeping she would probably start poking at his face randomly, which really annoys him when he's trying to get some sleep.

    So Morgan groggily managed to open his eyes to see Sydney next to him, making an odd face at that. "You're late." He managed to say before sitting up and stretching his arms in an attempt to feel more awake.
  4. "Yeah traffic sucked. I tried to call you but my phone died, sorry. But it looks like you found your way around the house pretty good,"Sydney said as she looked at him and let out a yawn herself."How was your drive up here sleepy head? And don't be such a grouch. We just got here, you're suppose to be happy, excited even. It's summer! We can do whatever we want!"

    Sydney stood up and walked over to the backdoor and looked at the pool, and then looked at the beach behind the house."Don't you want to go swimming and pick up hot dates and have the best summer of our lives? You can choose what we do first. I'll do whatever you want, just name it!"
  5. "Sorry if I'm not that enthusiastic due to being suddenly woken up from my sleep." He replied still a bit out of it. Morgan couldn't deny what she was saying though wasn't exciting. Spending the whole summer with your friend near the beach is pretty much the best kind of summer one could ask for. No school, no parents, just the two of them. Though picking up hot dates sounds like something that Sydney is more interested in than himself. Morgan... isn't really what you call a flirt or anything along those lines.

    "Let's just swim in the pool once the pizza arrives," He answered thinking about what he'd like to do today. "Then after that, I guess we can do something you'd like."
  6. "Alright, I'm not really up for anything big today. We can go to the beach tomorrow though, I'm tired. We can just swim and then watch a movie before bed,"Sydney said as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water out of the fridge. She took a small drink before sitting it next to her on the counter. She turned and smiled at Morgan again."Oh come on, be a little excited! It's just me, you, and the ocean for the next three months! No parents, no rules, and defiantly no curfew. Although I'll probably be asleep before one every morning anyway, still. It's a thrill!"she said as she stepped forward towards him.

    She put his cheeks between her two palms and smiled as she made his lips squish together."You know you love me, you have to!"she said jokingly as she laughed at him and scrunched up her nose.
  7. "Yeah, a movie is alright. We can definitely hit the beach tomorrow though." He said a little bit more excited now that he felt fully awake. Morgan figured though that Sydney would be tired after sitting in traffic anyway so he figured something like watching a movie would be something that she'd choose. He could certainly tell how excited she was though by the way she moved, her expressions, and her voice full of joy.

    Though if there was one thing that annoys Morgan is when Sydney squishes his face together like she was doing just now. Despite his protests, she always kept on doing it. You'd think she get tired of doing it after a while. "Okay, okay, I love you. Now can you please let go of my face." Morgan's voice sounded a little bit weird since his face was squished up and his face was visibly getting flustered.
  8. "Nope,"Sydney said to his request as she giggled at his voice. She made her voice match the same weird tone of his, and pulled his face closer to hers as she made her face squish up like his, to make fun of him. She chuckled and let go of his face for a second, but then grabbed his wrists and put them on her cheeks. She puffed her cheeks out and then poked his cheeks, waiting for him to do the same.

    Sydney knew that Morgan hated it when she touched his face and played with it, but she loved it. She also knew that he loved her and although he didn't like it, he put up with it for her. She smiled and then let her hands drop before she tugged on his shirt."We have to go shopping before the summer is over too!"She said chuckling as she heard the doorbell ring."Will you get the pizza for me?"she asked with a huge smile as she handed him a twenty dollar bill."Pwease??"she said in a childish voice.
  9. Jeeze... this is embarrassing.

    Morgan's face was already turned red as his face felt warm as well. Maybe if he didn't get so flustered she wouldn't tease him so much over this. Sometimes he doesn't even know how he's managed to put up with it for so long. There wasn't use in trying to protest anymore so he played along with Sydney's game and played with her face. In a way, it showed exactly how close the two of them were.

    "Sure, shopping is a must too." Morgan said when Sydney mentioned it. Then he heard the doorbell ring also and decided to get the pizza like Sydney asked. Granted he didn't have much of a choice, since if he said no she'd probably spend a good while just pouting. "Okay, okay, I'll get the pizza." He took the twenty she gave him and went to the door. Morgan then took the pizza, paid the guy, and got the change before walking back inside the house with a pizza box in his right hand.

    "Ready to eat?" He asked walking into the kitchen.
  10. Sydney smiled wide as she smelt the pizza and heard Morgan's returning footsteps."Yes!"She said grabbing two plates and two glasses from the cabinets. She had to stand on her tippy toes to reach them, but she soon pulled them down and sat them on the counter while she poured them a soda. She smiled and took a bite of a piece of her pizza before sticking her tongue out at her best friend.

    "Okay, so romance, comedy, or horror tonight?"Sydney asked as they sat down in front of the couch that the pizza and soda. She flipped through the channels and bit her bottom lip as she searched for a good movie they could watch as they ate. She yawned as she picked picked a movie he suggested and took a bite of her pizza. She leaned her back against the couch and tried to decide which swimsuit she would wear for the pool, and which one for the ocean.
  11. The pizza was smelling good and it did taste as good once Morgan took a bite of it himself. It was definitely fresh out of the oven as the cheese seemed to melt in his mouth. Now on the subject of deciding a movie, Morgan figured this would be a good chance to have some fun with Sydney for teasing him earlier. "Let's do a horror movie today," He suggested knowing that those types of movies were her weakness. Granted Morgan wasn't the biggest fan of the genre himself, but he could at least stomach sitting through them without too much of an issue.
  12. Sydney groaned at his choice in movies, but didn't argue as she sat back and watched the stupid horror movie that he had pointed out. She sighed and jumped a few times before she finished eating. She figured her best choice was to quickly ditch the movie and pull him to the pool that was his better idea. She quickly ran up to her room and changed before coming back down in a bikini and Jean shorts."Okay let's go swimming. And I'm picking the movie next time,"she said.
  13. Morgan enjoyed watching her jump the couple of times that she did. Sadly his entertainment was cut short by her decision to go swimming right now. "Okay, okay. We can go swimming now. Let me change real quick," He said before going to his own room with his suitcase to change. After about five minutes, he came back to were Sydney was in his dark blue swim trunks and a towel around his neck. "Ready to go?"
  14. Sydney was already jumping towards the pool deck by the time Morgan came back down. She rolled her eyes as he asked her the small question and tossed the towel she had in her hands into a Chair before she walked towards the pool. Although it wasn't that late, it was still getting dark, and Sydney smiled as the lights turned on so they could she. She jumped into the water and swam around for a while before flipping yo her back to float.
  15. Morgan wasted no time in joining Sydney in the pool and jumped in cannonball style. The pool was at a nice temperature so it felt great to be in. He swam around and once seeing Sydney on her back got an idea. Morgan went underwater and swam under Sydney before coming up and lifting her up in the air,"Surprise!" Before giving her a playful toss towards the deeper end of the pool.
  16. Feeling the lift into the air, Sydney of course let out a childish scream and clenched ahold of whatever she could grab, which happened go be Morgan's hand. When he tossed her towards the deep in she came up from underwater and glared at Morgan. She swam up to him and gave him a playful splash before jumping on his back."Don't be a jerk, you're suppose to love me, not torture me!"
  17. Morgan couldn't help but smile with a big grin on his face hearing Sydney playfully scream before he tossed her. That was pretty much a priceless reaction from her. He expected the splash, but the her jumping onto his back caught him by surprise there. "Hey, I couldn't help it. That scream of yours is cute to hear!"
  18. "Take that back!"She gasped, turning his face to look at her from the side. Their noses were almost touching, and she smiled as she liked his cheek."Okay, so I changed my mind. We're not watching movies tonight. I want to lay out here and see how pretty this is.."Sydney said staring up towards the starry sky over to ocean.
  19. "Mmm... no, I still stand by that statement," He said chuckling looking at her up close. The offer to just watch the sky sounded pretty good, and quite relaxing. "I don't mind staring at the stars with you," Morgan answered looking up at the sky as well,"want to lay out on some chairs though?"