A Business Woman's Pleasure

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  1. Plot Idea:

    She is the youngest child and the only daughter of one of the most powerful business men in the world. She is his pride and joy, his saving grace and she is finally prepared to take over the family business, which then allows him to retire. Such a position of prestige is to be revered and even desired, one that an individual should be grateful to have. However...she never wanted it; she was not supposed to take over the family business, but thanks to the carelessness of another, she had no choice but to take her father's place or watch as her family crumbled. Years later, after she had created a somewhat intimidating shield around herself, keeping most of everyone at a distance save for her best friend and a few select family members, she has risen to be the youngest, most powerful entrepreneur the world has ever seen...and has put her romance life way on the back burner. Too bad it was not to stay that way, for soon, when she least expected it, a rather interesting, passionate, unrelenting man would come crashing into her life and remind her that she was allowed to love and live just like everyone else.

    So, that's the basic idea and I actually have a few ideas for the kind of man that could become her lover:

    • The sun of another businessman that knew her father and whom she met at a charity function. Perhaps he could be the oldest son or youngest or perhaps the middle one.
    • The temp male secretary that was hired to take the place of the usual one she had.
    • The prince from another country that had met her while attending a company ball or what have you.
    • A musician that was playing at said company ball or charity function.
    • A night janitor struggling to take care of his child and give her a good life; or maybe he doesn't have a child at all.
    • A suitor her father had chosen for her because he thinks it's time she looked into marrying and producing an heir to the company.
    • A contractor she had met when she went to visit her parents who were having their house renovated and he was overseeing the project.
    • An actor that had been smitten with her ever since she made her debut as the company's new CEO.
    The list could go on, but that's all I have for now. Also, if my partner has an idea on what kind of man would match my character, I would be happy to hear it. What will be involved in this rp is romance and drama and suspense and hurt/comfort and things like that. There will be just as much sex as there will be plot, passionate love making to rough and wild. There will probably be mentions of rape, kidnapping, beatings, death and other unfortunate things to keep the story going and interesting.

    I'm looking for a partner that can add to the story and not just wait for my cue each time. I am not going to set a schedule for when I want posts up; I am just starting to get back into this site after a small hiatus and won't promise anything myself. Nothing under three paragraphs; one-liners are my biggest pet peeves and if I see those starting up more often than not, I will end the rp and walk away.

    With that said, if there are any other questions, or if someone is interested, just shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you.
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Thread Status:
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