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  1. Many roleplay plots heavily involve a corporation or organization of some kind, whether they're an elite force of assassins for hire, a corrupt military force, or a laboratory experimenting on werewolves, there's usually some kind of organization at work.

    In this expansion, you're going to lend some clarity to this element of your roleplay's world! Answer the following questions as best you can, and don't be afraid to go into detail, or even add extra questions if you feel you need to expand on it!

    Company Name: (What's it called? Does it have any shorthandles or nicknames for the general public? (ie; Bank of Montreal is often shorted to "BMO" and pronounced "bee-mo"))
    Purpose: (What does this company DO? produce a product or provide a service? Is its aim to discover or refine something? Is this purpose a front for something else?)
    Company Head: (Who's at the top? Does this person own AND run the company? Is management divided into tiers?)
    Logo/colours: (What kind of visual branding does this company have?)
    Location: (Where is the main office/branch? Are there multiple locations?)
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