A Bundle of Plots

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  1. So, it's been a while since I've started a new role-play (school was busy and I simply didn't have the time) but I've racked up quite a few ideas for plots during the time when I wasn't able to start up new role-plays. I'll list them all here briefly and if you're interested in one, just let me know so we can discuss it in more detail. Most of them are vampire plots but the last two (5&6) are not.

    1. A hospice nurse is hired by a handsome young man to take care of his dying great-grandmother whom he cannot bear to put in a home. After making friends with the nurse, the old woman confides that she is not the young man's grandmother, but his wife and that he is actually a centuries old vampire. (I would prefer to be the vampire.)

    2. A hundred years ago, vampires were discovered and a war to eradicate them began. Now the world is torn, split into the vampire controlled regions, human controlled regions, and the neutral zones. Within a vampire controlled region, a human rebel group is fighting hard for survival when they find a hibernating vampire in a sealed tomb. A brave young volunteer is sent to make the perilous journey to the human capital where scientists might be able to use the vampire to make the ultimate vampire slaying weapon. But what happens when the vampire wakes up partway through the journey? (This can be either straight or slash. I'd prefer to be the vampire.)

    3. Out in the middle of nowhere is a small town that cropped up about a mile away from the most gorgeous haunted mansion, haunted by a ghost, a vampire, and an ancient sorcerer. Now, the town wants to expand but the land and the mansion have been passed down the generations to some ridiculously distant relation to the original owners but the child of the new owners, a young mortal in its 20s, has decided to move into the old mansion rather than allow it to be torn down. (This can be straight or slash. I'd prefer to play the denizens who haunt the mansion.)

    4. There was once an old vampire who had convinced himself that he had no heart until one day he met a human girl who reminded him that he did. They fell in love and were happy and she even became a vampire to be with him forever but there was a vampire hunter who was hunting the vampire and he killed the girl when he found her rather than the vampire. Meanwhile, the girl's friend and neighbor, went home after coming out to his parents and being dumped by his boyfriend to swallow every pill in his medicine cabinet. The ghosts of the two meet and talk and, when it becomes clear that the paramedics will be able to save the boy, he offers to let the girl take his place so that she can find her lover. Things go horribly wrong and both the boy and the girl end up in the poor boy's body. Now, what's a vampire supposed to do when a deranged human boy shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his dead girlfriend? (I'd rather be the boy/girl human.)

    5. In steampunk London, inventors hold a special role in society--some are born wealthy and tinker around for fun, some are born poor and die in the gutter trying to invent things to make life easier for those who can barely afford to survive, and some, those lucky few, are recognized and officially supported by the government. One of those lucky inventors was known as the Clockwork Master and the only thing he loved more than his work was his wife. When she died in childbirth with their daughter, who looked exactly like her, he threw himself into his work and could barely bring himself to even look at his daughter, however, the little girl didn't understand why her papa couldn't bear to look at her and she constantly strove for his attention, even sneaking down to his lab one day and getting torn to shreds by one of his inventions. She did not die but she only survived because her father created special clockworks to replace the body parts that she lost, since then her father stopped inventing. A young inventor, who always admired the Clockwork Master's work, goes to London to learn from the Master but will he fall in love with the daughter instead? (I'd prefer to play the clockwork girl.)

    6. They were childhood best friends but, ever since she started liking boys, she liked him. She never said anything because she didn't want to ruin their friendship and there was nothing to pressure her into it because he wasn't popular and he never had a girlfriend and they were always together. Then they went to college, different colleges far, far away from each other. When they come home for summer break, he says that he has something important to tell her, he wanted her to be the first to know, he's gay. Enter the other him, the him who is smart, funny, charming, whom she never gets to meet but who is making a big impression on the first him, who is stealing his heart. What if the other him is actually her other personality? (I want to be her.)

    Let me know if you see anything you like.

  2. I'm interested in doing plot 6 with you, it sounds interesting. I'm fine being the boy. PM me if you'd like to do this with me. ^^
  3. I've been on a long break from roleplaying but am missing it terribly. Plot 1 sounds really interesting, but I think I would like to talk about the possibilities of what happens after the nurse finds out he is a vampire. That is, if you planned to extend it that far >.<
  4. Celestialis - Well, I intended to have the old woman request that the nurse look after the vampire once she dies because she's afraid of what might happen to the vampire if he's left alone. Most of the plot after that revolves around her trying to decide what to do and his personality pushing her towards one decision or another. I like to keep my plots open ended so we can take the story as far as we want to. I do love plot twists.
  5. I'm interested in plot 4. I'll pm you! :)
  6. Im really interested in number 6 :)