A bunch of RP ideas? (Mostly Pokemon-themed and Remakes of Remakes)

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  1. Basically, I will express a good deal of ideas here. Of course, until interest is taken, I will not expand on them.

    1. Seelie Town [Pokemon RP]
    This roleplay will revolve around a town fully inhabited by Fairy Tale Girls and Hex Maniacs, as well as the Pokemon associated with them. To all other people of Kalos, it is an obscure urban legend. It has been said that outsiders who enter this town never return. Maybe they do, just not in the way you know them. It's not meant to be a full-on horror so I'll avoid that path.

    2. Pokemon: Atlantis Ascension [Pokemon RP]
    This will be in the Libertine Section much like it's counterpart, Eden Awakening.
    Basically, the World of Pokemon is now a Desert Planet and a certain tribe of nomads stumble upon a giant oasis dubbed by them as 'Atlantis', capable of supplying them for the next mellenia. However, they will soon discover secrets about this mysterious place.... and how it is able to sustain life that the rest of the planet would otherwise fail to...

    3. Drako-ration <ACADEMIA>
    A remake of a remake. Read please.

    4. Drako-ration <ZERO=WEST>
    A medieval RP depicting the ancient wars between humans and Dragon Shifters. Prequel to the above RP.

    5. Drako-ration <ZERO=EAST>
    Basically Option 4 in an Oriental Setting.

    6. Drako-ration <RECORDS>
    A sequel to option 3. The primary goal is to learn about the Dragons of the World, both old and new, as well as to protect the peace between dragon shifters and humans.

    7. Kamen Rider Hawk
    A group of Kaijin known as the Noirweiss intend to rid the world of colour, as they did with many other planets. However, one day, a young scientist invents the Chrome Drivers, a series of seven Drivers, to be wielded. This allows users to transform into Chromes, which are said to be the only ones capable of defeating the Noirweiss.
    Much like in Wizard, Kamen Riders will not be called Kamen Riders. They will be called Chromes.

    8. THE iDOLM@STER: Voc@l, D@nce, Visu@l!
    This roleplay revolves around 189 Production, a rising company that hosts male and female idols alike, and makes their dreams come true. Well, most of the time. They have all kinds of idols, and today, three newcomers are arriving.
    This Roleplay will feature various events that may or may not involve actual idol stuff.

    9. Temporal Witch Michelle
    A revived RP. About the adventures of a time magician and her friends spanning through eras.
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  2. I really like 1, 2, and 8.
    I haven't done any role-playing with pokemon elements in a long while and idol role-plays I've never done before.

    Frankly they all sound interesting, but the three that I have listed I have muse for.
    However, #2 is probably something that I can't have a poke at if it encompasses any sexual interactions even if it's fade to black.
    I'm kind of...uncomfortable about those sorts of things.
  3. Very well then.

    I kind of want to keep the experience of its counterpart minus the cool technology, but since I'm considering an all-ages version of Eden Awakening, I'll release an all-ages version of Atlantis Ascension along with it.
  4. 4, 2
    ^^ i really like the dragon shifters and human idea
  5. 7 - you don't know how I've waited for a Tokusatsu RP to be on roll

    8- I think I've been interested in this for a long time with similar back story...
  6. Let's boot this baby up, maybe add a few more ideas...
  7. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/pokemon-atlantis-ascension.123159/

    Alright, the Mature Pokemon - Atlantis Ascension is now up! As I am handling quite a number of RPs right now, alongside trying to revamp and revive old ones, a family-friendly version may not be an option, for the time being at least. I will try my best however!

    Also, added one more to the list.
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