INTEREST CHECK A bunch of ideas.

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  1. I've posted this in Mature (A) Forum, and Modern forum too.
    Just trying to spread the word, and putting it everywhere, since it's got a bit of everything.

    I've got quite a few ideas, please read them and let me know if you're interested in any of them~

    Idea one:

    A roleplay based in the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Kane Chronicles/The Heroes of Olympus
    Basically teenagers with Gods or Goddesses as parents, who have powers of some sort,
    and go to a camp.

    Idea two:
    A role play along the lines of the Hunger Games:
    A world ruled by one power hungry man or woman,
    poor communities living in certain districts, ect.

    Idea three:

    A Harry Potter type roleplay;
    A magical school, magic powers, ect.
    (Can be set in a fan made school, or in Hogwarts itself, with characters from the series, and OCs)

    Idea four:

    A girl is released from a mental hospital after seeing her parents brutally murdered,
    she's moved to a new town and lives with her grandparents.

    Idea five:

    A mix of horror movies such as The Grudge, Shutter, Insidious and The Woman in Black.

    A few other ideas (with less details)

    Severus Snape x OC
    Witches (like sugar sugar rune)
    Adventure Time rp ( I'd like to play a Marceline x Bubblegum )
    MLP FiM rp
    Nana ( With two girls who meet with the same name )
    Vampire rp ( Along the lines of Cirque du Freak, NO TWILIGHT. )
    Any type of forbidden love ( such as princess x peasant, ect )
    Pretty Little Liars rp ( with OCs )
    Mental hospital roleplay ( where you're a patient )

    I have some more, but if you'd like to do any of these, write a comment and let me know,
    or PM me.

    I am willing to do multiple role plays with one person, or many with different people.
    If you'd like to discuss a topic more, PM me.

  2. How about we do a Severus/OC roleplay? I assume you would be playing dear Sevvy?
  3. *bursts through the window with a SPAM team*


    This should reall be in Roleplay Talk as an interest check thread. The OOC sections are for fully formed ideas that are ready to take on character sheets.

    I can merge and move these threads to the Interest Check section for ya.
  4. I like ideas three and four. I tried idea three with someone else, because I couldn't RP about modern colleges and dorm life, but I guess she couldn't RP about 'old school.' I like Horror and gore anyway, so idea four appeals to me.

  5. Ooh, okay. If you'd like, we can PM about them, and see what one you'd like to do.
  6. I like ideas 1, and maybe 3 if it was based maybe more anime-ish or original setting, I don't really want to do a Harry Potter RP. I also wouldn't mind doing a forbidden love RP.
  7. I also wouldn't mind the "I'm a mental patient" one. But sure, I'll PM you.
  8. I'm up for ideas four or five, or the mental hospital. c: Anything gory and/or psychological. PM me if you want to plan anything~
  9. I like idea 3, does there have to be a wand though?