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  1. It's been fourteen years since the Zombie Apocalypse began.
    There was once a time humanity could live without fear. This is not that time. It's been fourteen year since the Day of Reckoning began, fourteen years since the world ended as it was known. There are very few humans left in the world and they are continuing to drop off like flies. However, there are the few that have survived and grown in small community-like groups. This is one of those such groups. and they call themselves the Eternals. Currently, the Arizona Desert is where the Eternals have made their home, in a Nuke Town that was forgotten about after the Cold War.
    It has been barricaded and is currently considered "safe", seeing as it's been four years since the Eternals' move to the town. Of course, no one has ever been safe since the Day of Reckoning. Aside from the small internal conflicts, there's the issue that the closest town is quickly being depleted of supplies. Soon, there will be nothing left for them to live off of.
    They are planning on leaving the Nuke Town behind in two days time, gathering the last of their supplies and sowing the last of their crops. They are going to load up all of their cars and transport everyone somewhere else. Somewhere "safer" for the time being.

    {Realistic Image Here}
    {I would like a bit of diversity. 1-55}
    Role in the Group:
    {Are they a hunter, a gatherer, a sharpshooter, a farmer, a doctor, a teacher, a strategist, a mechanic, a cook, or other... If it's other, just run it by me first. Anyone under the age of ten is not required to work, they begin training for their role when they're twelve.}
    Personality: {A list of at least six traits will suffice}

    History: {At least one paragraph please. If they're younger than fourteen, they were most likely born into the group or it is all they remember. Otherwise, a small little bit about before the Day of Reckoning and how they found the Eternals. Don't worry about all of the in betweens.}
    Equipment/Skills: {What do they use to defend themselves? Guns have limited ammo, but they are still in use. Any skills non-combat related?}
    Other: {Anything else I forgot? Spouses? Crushes? Any kind of relationships?}
    There is no limit on the amount of characters you can have, but keep it to where you can manage it. You cannot be your own spouse, crush, and or partner. Siblings and friends are fine, but anything outside of that can not be considered RPing. I also don't want a bunch of people between sixteen and twenty-two running around. Remember that they would have been very young when the Day of Reckoning came and probably wouldn't have survived very easily... Also, please remember that your character can die. If you don't want them to ever die, please state that in your CS.
    What an ugly word. To be honest, I just want you to use that wonderful thing called spell check and I don't want any one-liners. Three or four liners are fine, but I will not stand for one-liners. I think that's about it. Oh, and please follow my CS. It doesn't have to be to a tee, but at least include that basic information. Swearing is allowed as long as people avoid using it around the children unless it goes with their personality to do so.

    They are absolutely allowed, but I don't want a crap ton of them either. Cats are more or less useless, unfortunately. Unless they're mice-catching cats, in which case they can be transported with the others. Dogs are obviously used, seeing as they can be good for hunting and warning when a zombie is nearby. Anything else is fairly useless or livestock, so be careful.

    Johnny Klebitz|35|Security/Mechanic|Jamie64

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  2. Hello. I love this idea "The Eternals". Epic name. I'll make a character quickly just give me half an hour. Hour at the most xD
  3. images-8.jpeg
    Name: Johnny Klebitz
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Security/Peacekeeper: Basically he keeps everyone in line and makes sure no one has any problems with anyone else.
    Rudimentary Mechanic: Before the apocalypse he worked in a chop shop so he knows a bit about engines but he's not the best since he was mostly called upon to pull the things apart.
    Pump-action Shotgun: only used in extreme situations, kept around him.
    Machete: Go to weapon, always kept strapped to his belt.
    Mechanics: Again, not the best but he has some skill.
    Intimidation: He knows how to act tough and win a fight before it starts.
    General Combat: Though not specifically skilled in any one area he does have extensive experience in fighting. In hand-to-hand, melee weapon based, and firearms.
    Standoff-ish: Generally sizes anyone up at first glance.
    "Tough": Obviously he is tough overall but he has the character to go along with it. Think, your stereotypical viking praising honor and insulting people for showing cowardice (or klingon for those familiar with the star trek universe) though less extreme.
    Apathetic: He doesn't really care much for others problems (this way of thinking doesn't extend to the Eternals who he has grown to consider family.
    Loyal: He'd rather die than betray and/or harm the ones he cares about.
    Dutiful: He's driven by a sense of duty to those he is responsible to.
    Content: He is perfectly happy setting up shop anywhere that has a place to sleep, with a roof over his head, in relative safety, and a good supply of food.
    History: Johnny Klebitz was a member of a small motorcycle gang in California and worked regularly at taking apart stolen cars when he wasn't busting heads with the rest of them. They were just as ruthless as any other motorcycle gang and he had a very extensive rap sheet by the age of 21 when the day of reckoning wiped out everyone else. Assault and battery, drug trafficking, etc. If it wasn't for the gang's extensive knowledge of most of the judges and district attorneys more shadowy habits he would have been in prison.
    After the day of reckoning he did a bit of traveling around the mid-west but never strayed far from home. Fast forward seven years he comes across the nuke town and meets up with the few citizens living there. He takes a few looks around and decides to stay. He's been living in the town ever since.
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  4. I want to make one more character (adhering to your rules of course). But before I do I want to make sure there's no problems with this one first.
  5. @Jamie64 He's accepted. You can go ahead and make another character. ^.^
  6. images-9.jpeg
    (He has regular clothes too)
    Name: Donny "Doc" Jenkins
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Role: Doctor/Medic
    Medic bag: complete with your basic medical tools, stethoscope, syringes, tiny pen flashlight, etc. A bit low on medicine but he does carry some painkillers.
    "The books": He still has his old medical textbooks from school which he differs to when he doesn't know what's going on. They're heavy and not exactly the best cargo to move with but they are essential to his profession.
    Beretta Pistol: Standard issue police pistol he lifted off a zombie officer in the first days of the apocalypse.
    Doctor: Technically he never graduated medical school, but an apocalypse is a very good excuse. He knows how to deal with most common ailments, injuries, and infections.
    Coach: He took an extracurricular class on helping terminal patients deal with their own mortality. Though he mostly did it cause it would look good on his resume it did give him the ability to deal with situations dealing with death, of himself and other people. Basically he knows how to walk people through it.
    Friendly: Always happy to listen to someone's problems.
    Joker: Despite all that's going on he maintains a sense of humor and tries to make others laugh as well.
    Diplomatic: Doesn't use violence except as a last resort. Prefers bargaining over blood shed.
    Stubborn: Once he sets his mind to something it's very hard for others to change it which he usually channels to treating people.
    Daring: He's not afraid to put himself in dangerous situations if there's a chance of getting the job done.
    Dutiful: I know I used this before but both are driven by a sense of responsibility to the ones around them.
    History: There's not really that much of note in Donny history. He had middle class upbringing and was born with a drive to succeed in life. Thanks to a combination of student loans, scholarships, and his own grades he made it into college and later, medical school. He was in his second year when the apocalypse broke out. When it happened he left, hoping to find his loving parents but they were gone, most probably dead or turned. So on the doorsteps of his childhood home he recited the oath all doctors made to help others. He set off in no particular direction, but doctors were in high demand and he usually had a bed and some hot food waiting for him every night. He got word that there was a community starting up in a nuke town and decided that he'd try to make his home there. A week or two later he approached the town and was welcomed in with open arms thanks to his medical expertise. The rest is history. Well.. it's all history but you know xD
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Bo Rodgers
    Age: 32

    Gender: Male
    Role in the Group: Hunter/Cook

    Personality: Soft-hearted, Kind, Warm, Loves to laugh, Trusting, Caring
    History: Was 18 when the Day of Reckoning happened, just started college, wasn't decided on what he was going to study yet. Was working part time at a local burger joint. Was picked on from being from southern Ohio, and for having a thick accent. Also harassed for being openly bisexual and overweight. Lived in an apartment with his then boyfriend, Trevor, who was killed on the Day of Reckoning. Traveled towards the west hearing a rumor about a safe camp run by the government, turned out to be a false rumor and ran into the Eternals on a hunting run.
    Equipment/Skills: He's learned how to use random items as weapons, examples being an old pipe, stray 2x4, bricks, etc. Just uses whatever he can find. Currently he has an old, dented, aluminum baseball bat and a club shaped piece of wood. Also knows his way around guns but currently doesn't have possession of one or ammo. Also has some skills with cooking from his days working at the burger place.
    Other: N/A
  8. While I'm in no positron to say that he's accepted I do say I'd accept him if I could. Very nice.
  9. Thank you ^-^
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