A Brush with Death

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  1. Chandra pulled her coat tighter around her body. Though she was underground in the subway and out of the Autumn elements, it was still pretty cold down there. The time was sometime after eight. She lost track of the time an hour ago, not that it mattered much. Everyday was the same. The same schedule, the same patterns. The food vendor that was home down here had already closed up his shop. The homeless guy that slept in the tunnels already shambled by and disappeared around the corner. The other people that took this subway were milling about waiting for the train. People trying to get home from work, or just starting the night shift.

    She was leaving for home herself. An derelict apartment on the shitty side of town. The funny part, is that she might've afforded a better place even with school loans and expenses. But that was before a terrible roommate and a crappy exboyfriend happened. Now she was too broke to move out and dreading going home.

    Staring at the electrified rails of the subway train, Chandra wondered if she should even bother going back. There wasn't a family or friends to miss her. She wasn't close to anyone at the college or at work. Life was wake up, go to school, go to work, go home. Rinse and repeat.

    How fast would someone die if they stepped in front of the train? The thought hadn't come out of nowhere. It wasn't the first time she had thought something like that. This time, though... the urge was really strong. A little desperate part of her would do almost anything to not go back home. It would probably be quick. You never heard news stories about people surviving trains.

    She could hear the train coming down the tunnel. Slowly, she stepped up to the very edge of the console. All she would have to do was step forward at the right moment and BAM. Done. Everything would be over.
  2. [​IMG]

    William Beck Mecer was a name everyone knew around the world. He was one of the best model that making a splash in the mags but now he up a big role in a top movie. His life was something everyone wish they could have. Only if there knew about his past. In High School he was picked on and everything but there was always this one person. This one person that made him feel good to be himself. It was Chandra. She had become his light at the end of the tunnel he wish he could have told her goodbye but after the death of his mother. His father want to get out of the town real fast too many memories of his mother his father just couldn't take no more. Now thought life would be perfect but he want Chandra back in his life. He want to make all those promises he told he would do for her to come true. He loved the fact he could just get on the train at times because he easy fit in with the people. He was on the platform waiting for the train as he turn his head to the right. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Chandra. He felt he was dreaming maybe it was head playing games with his. Once he notice those eyes. Those eyes he knew right then it was her but could tell she wasn't herself. He watch as she was stepping forward to jump in front of the train. At full stream he ran towards her and grab her by the arm as he pull her into his arms tightly. She could feel his heart was beating real fast as he looked down at her.

    "It not the way .... don't do it.... "
  3. Don't do what...? It took a moment it to register what happened. Her melancholy had gotten so strong, she was going to step in front of that train. Now she was staring at a stranger's chest and wrapped tightly in his arms. It was weird and awkward, even when her emotions were so wound up.

    When she glanced up, recognition hit immediately. Everyone knew who William Beck Mecer was. And Chandra Johal knew especially well. The man's whose face was plastered on magazines all over the country was the same boy she would hide with under the bleachers during lunch. The only person she ever talked to when her world was falling apart.

    Ironic that here he was again, out of the blue like a guardian angel.

    Chandra didn't trust that to be true, though.

    She untangled herself from his grip and took a step backwards. "Will?" she muttered his name in confusion. "It's not what it looks like." she lied.
  4. William knew when she was lying to him. Even back them he would have to make her tell him the truth about things. As he took her by the hand as he brought her over to a bench. People was wondering if they should call someone for help but he told them it was ok. Once the people would stop asking them question he made her look at him as he spoke.

    "Don't lie to me. I know... I might have been a good friend since I just disappear out of the blue back then. It not just out of the blue we ran into each other today. Just like back then I am here again for you. So tell me what happen."
  5. "You're not trying to call it destiny, are you, Will?" That was almost laughable. Almost enough to make her smile. Chandra shifted uncomfortably on the bench seat, Watching as people's curiosity in them abated and they wandered away. Leaving her alone with her old friend, as the subway train stopped and picked up it's passengers.

    Chandra couldn't look him in the face. Her eyes were focused on his hand that still held hers. She gently brushing her fingertips over his knuckles. Her shoulders shrugged softly as she shook her head.

    "There isn't anything to talk about. I am just a little tired and I wasn't watching where I was walking. I would rather know what happened to you." she finally glanced up at him then, examining his face. High school was the last time she saw him. That was years ago. How much had he changed since then? Chandra knew she must have changed a lot...
  6. In his eyes she didn't. She was till the same girl from high school. He watch her closely as he could tell she wasn't going to open to him right now. He understood since it has been awhile since they even have saw each other. He wasn't liking how people was looking at her he pull out his cellphone and send a text out to someone. He stood up and took her by the hand softly.

    "We can talk more over some dinner. Come on I take you to your favor place... yes I still remember. I remember everything about you Chan.. Chan..."

    He smiled as he called her by the nickname he have given her back then. Once she place her hand into his as he squeeze it softly to let her know everything is ok. He took her right outside as a limo car pull up.
  7. Chandra wasn't getting much choice in the matter of being whisked away, and deep down she was kind of grateful. Se didn't want to think about what she was doing or where she was going anymore. Her head was still fuzzy and her emotions still numb. Will was providing a temporary escape.

    The limo outside came as a surprise, though she didn't know why it did. Maybe she was still seeing him as that boy under the bleachers instead of the famous man of today. She didn't say a word as he helped her climb inside. Chandra settled in her seat glancing at the vehicle curiously before she set her warm brown-eyed gaze back on Will.

    "Are you sure you don't need to be somewhere else right now? You've got to be so busy..."
  8. "As of right now I am on vacation. I was just going to go on a ride in the train. I don't get the chance to do that anymore. "

    He smiled over at her as he lean back and could sense something was going on with her. As he reaches over and place his hand over her as he squeeze it gently.

    "I remember I promise you some of the best pizza back then. I want to make it up. Do you mind if we go somewhere to eat? Are you hungry?"
  9. "Does anyone ever really remember promises made that long ago?" she asked, giving a half grin and a shrug of her shoulders. Chandra wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but going out for dinner would keep her from having to go home for a little while longer. Getting a chance to talk and hang out with Will again was also irresistible, even if at that moment she didn't feel like herself.

    His hand over hers was warm and sent a quick blush to her cheeks. Her fingers curled around his and gave a small tug. "So your life is so crazy now, a ride in the subway is like a vacation? That's pretty sad for someone so rich and famous now, hmm?"
  10. As William felt her fingers curled with us as he smiled softly. He looked over at her as he could tell something was stressing her but he wasn't going to push her. He kept his fingers locker with her as he look down into her talking with her.

    "I know but I miss the small things like that at times. That why I can't wait to have pizza with you. "

    The car came to this stop as a place as he got out with her. As he took her by the hand and lead her inside of the place.
  11. The entered the building and immediately the smell hit her. Scents of basil and tomato, fresh bread and Parmesan. Her stomach was likely dancing with glee as Chandra tried to remember the last time she had a real meal. Money was tight. The pizzeria was a small one. A Mom N Pop establishment with the cheeky and homey style to go with it. It couldn't have been a well known place either, as most of the tables and booths were empty. Chandra supposed it was lucky the place was open this late at all.

    Chandra slipped in to a chair across the table from Will. The entire time she hadn't let go of his hand, and she looked a bit surprised to still have it. Guilt was telling her to let go, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. It was irrational and weird, but it was the only thing that didn't feel all wrong.

    "I miss small things like that too. I don't get out much anymore with work and school."
  12. Will notice she hasn't let go of his hand. It felt so right right to him as he just gently would run his thumb across the top of her hand. As he nods softly listening to her softly.

    "What are you taking up in school?"

    One of the guy from behind the counter walked over to the small table as he grin down at Will with a soft smile.

    "It great to see you man... the usually?"

    William looked down over at him as he nods.

    "For me but ladies first..."

    The young man smiled as he looked over as he took his hat and bow towards her.

    "Sorry for that. Where is manners! He is right what would you like?"

    William looked over at her.

    "Get whatever you want."
  13. Chandra laughed softly. It was a half hearted sort of sound, but at least better than the weird melancholy mood she had been giving off before. The grin she cast the waiter was barely there, but she ordered the house pasta and made sure to ask for lots of extra Parmesan cheese. Along with ice water instead of soda.

    She rest her arms on the table and leaned on them, gently tapping her nails against her elbows. "I'm studying business management and a bunch of other classes that come with the course. I don't even know why, it's not like I want to own a business or that I'm up for management at work. You're just expected to go to college, right?"

    "It's not all that interesting. Nothing about my life is all that interesting." she confessed.
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