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  1. The stripper has a normal job during the week, he could even be a dentist or a teacher if you want. But on the weekends he has a secret job, he is a stripper at a gay club downtown. Since he doesn't want to be discovered, he wears a mask or something to hide his face. The stripping is a sort of release, it's like his version of therapy if that makes sense. it helps him get through the week, but the boss becomes interested in him, hunts him down, and then blackmails him into becoming his lover. the boss i was thinking might be a bit awkward. like he doesn't know how to show affection so he just does what he knows which is using threats and blackmail.

    Name: Katakura
    Occupation: Yakuza Boss
    History: Kata was born and raised into his role as leader. he took over his father's rein and expanded the group, becoming the strongest group in the city, even taking over the other groups and expanding to the cities surrounding. Kata visits random businesses under his control periodically, making sure things are being run to his specifications. he's not strict, but he has certain rules he expects to be followed. it was during one of these checks that he found someone that finally sparked his interest. and when his interest is gained he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    Name: Haruki Ito
    Occupation: Band teacher and male stripper
    Bio: A band teacher during the week, a male stripper during the weekend, Haruki is known to his students as the teacher who doesn't take anything from anyone, but to his clients, he is known as Devil Eyes Haru for the way he has been known to seduce them while on stage. Before he had gotten his second job, he had been simply a teacher, dealing with both students and his co-workers, and hating all of it. After losing a bet, at a co-worker's bachelor party, he had auditioned for a male stripper at a local strip bar. Out of sheer luck, he had won, and was recommended for a gay strip bar downtown. He had tried it for a night, decided he liked it better than teaching any day, and took weekend shifts there.
  2. Haruki moved through the choreographed motions, letting the slow trance-like music move him when he forgot a part. This week had been crazy. His students were cramming unending practicing into the day, knowing that next week they had a performance with two other nearby schools. It was a relief to finally be on the weekend, Haruki could finally relax and let himself go.

    Hearing the sounds of the men down in front, all of them commenting on how they'd like to have them at a private appearance sometime, he took it as a moment to lean forwards, making eye contact with them, and smiling warmly, knowing that it was a surefire way to make himself appear approachable. Continuing back into his routine once more, he continues for a few minutes, occasionally taking tips when he saw them.

    When his routine finally ended, he smiled once more into the crowd, before disappearing backstage, where he would get ready for floor work. Putting on a button-up shirt, leaving it unbuttoned except for the bottom two buttons, and a tight pair of jeans, leaving those unbuttoned. In the bathrooms in the back, he wiped off the light makeup he had on. It was barely noticeable on stage, but on the floor it would be dead noticeable. It was just simple eyeliner, to make his eyes more visible.

    Ready now, he leaves the back rooms, weaving through the crowd, looking for potential clients.

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  3. Kata was on one of his regular routine checks, picking clubs at random to slip into and observe. he was going to a gay strip club this time, knowing that places like that were most prone to abusing their employees, something he absolutely would not allow. the world depended on the lowest of workers in his opinion, so they were the ones he had to protect. he stepped into the club, a fedora pulled low over his eyes, keeping his scar out of sight with the shadow from the brim. he'd pass as just another costumer like this, not even the owners would know him. his outfit was vastly different from his normal trench coat and suit. he wore crisp, dark jeans and a fitted tee shirt, one that showed off his well build torso. in his suit he looked thin and unintimidating, but in this you could count his six pack by look alone. he found a dark corner and settled back to watch the show, ordering gin as his drink of choice.

    Kata was pretty bored at first, the club was your standard strip joint. nothing exciting about it. he saw a few of his men wandering about, dressed in casual clothing, keeping an eye on everyone and everything. including him. he didn't tell them to do this, he didn't want too many of them there in case it drew attention, but they insisted. his eyes were drawn to the stage when a dark haired boy came out to dance. it wasn't anything special, typical shy boy trying to earn cash with his body, but then he flipped his hair back and Kata caught sight of his face. the world stopped and he literally couldn't breath. so beautiful. before he could register any more, the boy was gone and he stood up, looking to see where he went. they usually worked the floor after a dance...there he was! a small signal had one of his men casually drifting near him, "bring me the boy." he hissed, sitting back down and waiting, ignoring the surprised look on his man's face.

    Jared moved through the crowd easily for a man as big as himself. he stood a good foot taller than most and was about twice as wide, but it was solid muscle. he found the boy Boos had sent him after easily and smiled down at him. "you're lucky, kid. my boss wants a word with you, but he don't like being kept waiting." he knew he looked like someone ready to throw a punch at any moment, his brothers at the syndicate had told him his smile made him look it even more so. "come on, boy. don't keep the boss waiting." he put his hand on the boy's arm, encompassing half his forearm and making his grin widen. he liked being bigger than everyone, it gave him a little thrill. he walked back to the corner the boss was sitting in and let the boy go, taking a step back, "hurry up now. i'll make sure you ain't disturbed." he made a shooing motion with his hands and turn his back, standing guard like he always had.
  4. Haruki had been chatting up a shyer young man, who must have just been out of high school, getting him ready for a private session, when a mountain of a man approached him and said he was lucky. Under normal circumstances, he would have told the man's boss to wait, he was busy, but he wasn't prepared to deal with a man that size. Though he was taller than most of his students, he was relatively skinny, and would definitely lose in a fair fight with him. Still, it didn't make him feel any less upset by the monster-man's use of the word 'boy' when talking to him. Feeling slightly intimidated, he turned to the young man, flashed him a winning smile, and said, "I'll be back for you," before turning to the large man.

    Starting when the man placed a hand upon his arm, he bit his lip, deciding that his smile was scary as anything he'd ever seen. When he was finally let go, standing in front of a blonde man with a fedora on.

    Ignoring any sort of misgivings he had, figuring anyone who would bring employees here must be extensively rich, he sat down on the chair across from the man. Brushing some of his hair away from his face, he said, "So, what sort are you? We can go to a more...private room if you want. You look like the sort of man who likes strip poker. Are you?" he asks with a wink and a smile.
  5. Kata smirked and sat back, lifting an eyebrow at the first words he said. "So you are Devil Eyes Haru, hm? a most interesting nickname, i must say. may i just call you Haru?" he nodded to Jared who set out to refill his gin. "would you like something to drink? as for a private room, i think i'll stay out here for a bit longer. makes people jealous, no?" he smiled and glanced around the room, still doing his job and checking to see how it was run. "How do you like working here, Haru. i'm not a talent scout, so you don't need worry about that. i'm just interested in how you like it. do they treat you well?" best get as much information as he could while he tried to figure out what the hell to talk about with this man. so beautiful, even more so up close. it wasn't fair. why did this little slip of a man have such a strong influence on him? he was surrounded by beautiful women every day, men of all shapes and sizes and never once did he feel a thing. just a glance, one look at this boy and he suddenly wanted to know everything about him.
  6. "I can't drink on the job, so I'll have to decline. And Haru is fine," he tells the man, listening while he speaks to him. After a moment of contemplation, he says, "Of course. Jasper," he turns to gesture towards his boss, who was where he normally was, standing outside the doors to the offices, overseeing everything, "is good to us. Makes sure the guys who need the job the most are able to feed themselves and their families. If it wasn't for him, a lot of us might have ended up on the streets, 'specially when that big apartment block nearby burned down, 'cause lots of us lived there." Haruki grinned warmly, setting his elbows on the table and leaning forwards slightly, making sure to keep eye contact with the man. "Jasper also makes sure none of us have to do anything more than what we're comfortable with, which is better for the newer guys, I guess, since they're not used to everything yet..." he trails off, making sure to remain friendly and relaxed.
  7. Kata nodded, looking up at the boss and nodding. there wasn't any untruth in Haru's eyes. "very good, i am glad to hear that." he lifted his fedora and put it to the side, letting his face be seen. it wouldn't take long for him to be recognized by the owner soon enough. the scar was a dead give away. He sighed and took a look around the room, noting that the owner had already seen him and smiling, "how about that private room? maybe we'll find out just how far you comfortable going." he stood and offered his hand to Haru as Jared arrived with his refill. "thank you, tell the others to keep an eye out, but it looks like things are ok." Jared nodded and Kata waited for Haru t lead the way. "how long have you been working here, Haru?"
  8. As soon as he saw the scar and the way Jasper was looking to him, making obnoxious hand signs, Haruki thought to himself, Oh, fuck, fuck. Don't you fuck this up, Haruki. He'll kill you if you do. Almost immediately, he had recognized the man as the local crime boss. Occasionally, his picture would appear on the news, and pinning him for some crime or other that had recently happened.

    Trying to keep his face straight even as his heart pounded in his chest, he stood up, turning quickly to give Jasper an O.K. sign with his hands. Taking the outstretched hand, his long, spindly fingers wrapping over Kata's, he started walking towards the back, where his own private room was. At his question, he answered, "Almost three years."

    Leading him to his room, he opened the door, revealing a nice, carpeted room with a good sofa and a closet in the back. The only thing to differentiate the nice room was a cheap keyboard in the corner, only used for special occasions. "Here we are," he told Kata, shutting the door behind the two.
  9. Kata looked around the room, taking everything in. The couch that was nice and plush, deceptively innocent, though he noticed it was quite wide, good for more than just lap dances. the thing that caught his interest, however, was the keyboard in the corner. it was easily the cheapest thing there, but it also looked like it was the best taken care of. "i assume you play, else this wouldn't be here." he walked to the keyboard and turned it on, playing a few notes. "So you've been here three years, and you seem happy with this, but i can't help but feel that this isn't what you do." he looked Haru up and down, "I pride myself in reading people, Haru, and you don't read stripper. well, not wholly. you seem someone who does this part time, has a different source of income." he moved to stand in from of Haru and slowly, as if afraid to touch him, cupped the other's cheek, "tell me about yourself, Haru."
  10. Haruki looked away guiltily. Given that, and the fact that he couldn't trust himself to lie properly and would probably be called out on it, he decided to tell the truth. "I...I'm also a teacher..." Noticing that Kata had cold fingers, his touch brought goosebumps to rise on his arms, sending a chill up his spine. "I teach a band class at a high school in the suburbs." Swallowing hard, he bit his tongue, hard, wondering what else this man could possibly ask for. A lot, he realized, given his status. And that mountain of a man, he recalled, resisting the urge to jerk his face away from Kata's touch, knowing that his life could potentially be on the line.

    Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes for a moment slightly longer than that of a blink, trying to swallow his fear of this man. Completely dumbstruck on what to do, having never been in any situation like this, he bit his tongue, waiting to do anything more than talk about him. That, he knew about, that was what he did, but this went against everything he'd learned over the years. Talk about the client, was one of the most important rules he had made for himself, and instead here he was spilling nearly everything about himself. Don't give out your address, don't tell him what school, Haruki told himself, not wanting big men with guns to come to either.
  11. "A teacher? now that's amusing, i assume your students don't know about your weekend job." Haru closed his eyes and Kata couldn't help himself, he leaned down and gave the little teacher a soft kiss. it was short, he didn't want to linger, not here. "hmmm, it was nice to meet you, mr. school teacher. maybe i'll be seeing you around." the were a knock on the door and Kata stepped back before Jared poked his head in, "what is it?"

    "Sir, the owner wished to speak with you." and make sure you are killing his employees, Jared's eyes added.

    Kata chuckled, "very well. we'll continue this another time, school teacher. until then." he stroked his cheek before leaving, humming softly to himself. he was going to have fun with that one.
  12. As soon as Kata had left, Haruki felt like he could breath again. Sinking down onto the couch, not feeling at all up to getting to work again, he plucked nervously at loose strings on it, resting his head back. He could still feel his lips on his own, a lingering ghost of feeling left there, even though the real thing had lasted only a second. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed heavily, wishing the Kata had just been a normal client, someone he could just give a private session with and be done with it. But nooo, he thought to himself, making a displeased noise, luck wouldn't give me that luxury. He hadn't much liked the way Kata had spoken down to him, as if being a teacher was some sort of lower-class job or something a child would want to be, like an astronaut or police officer, or even if he was a child pretending to be a teacher. Covering his face with his hands, he tried to get his heartbeat under control, grumbling to himself.
  13. Jared stepped into the private room and grinned at how the boy was sitting. "yeah, he has that effect on people. look, let's make this easy on both of us. Boss wants to know if he can see you again, somewhere not here." he lifted an eyebrow and looked the guy over, yeah he was good to look at, but his chest was about a DD too small for his tastes. "so how about we set you up a little rendezvous and we all can go home happy, hmm?"

    Kata spoke with the boss and made sure the man knew he wasn't in any kind of trouble. Kata was pleased with the results he found, even given the man a discount on his next month's protection fees. they talked for a long while, Kata growing impatient, knowing the boss was stalling to give Haru time to get out or find someone else so he had an excuse when Kata left. that was fine, this wasn['t goodbye. he had Jared taking care of that
  14. "I'm not a prostitute," Haruki immediately stated, frowning, taking his hands away from his face. He knew saying that could potentially put him in danger, but he wasn't about to start selling himself out. "I work here...only here. Unfortunately for your boss, no matter who he is, this is the only place he will be able to see me." With that, he stood up, and said, "Excuse me," in that type of stern politeness he reserved for when he was annoyed or angry at something.


    Is Haru out yet? I haven't seen him leave yet... Jasper snapped back to attention, realizing he had just let himself ramble on for a few minutes, trying to see if Haru had gotten out. Fuck. Trying to stall Kata for another few minutes, he changed the subject to, "Would you like me to show you some of the back rooms?" Though Jasper was known for his charisma, he found it difficult to even keep up a conversation with Kata, even if it was just trying to give his employee enough time to bolt. Brushing back his reddish hair, he makes sure that he maintains eye contact and check for Haru getting out at the same time.
  15. Jared shrugged, "hard way, then. fine with me, it's more fun that way." he watched Haru go before heading to the office his boss was in, letting the man know that Haru was gone.

    Kata was amused by this man, he seemed so calm and collected, but it was easy to see he was sweating bullets. was getting Haru out that important? probably. Jared returned and gave him a tiny nod, meaning Haru was gone but had not given the information he'd wanted. "that's kind of you, Jasp, but i don't think that the back rooms will contain what i want." he sat down on a plush couch that was in every damned strip club boss's office, he was sure. "see, i saw what your club had to offer and i'm sure it's wonderful for others. your business seems to be doing well and as i recall from your quarterly, it is earning you a healthy living. there was only one thing that caught my interest and that was little Haru. seems he's gone now, and without the information i desired i have to find it from other sources." he lit a cigarette and breathed in deeply, letting the smoke out in one long stream. "now, how about you tell me dear Haru's address so i can get out of your hair, hm?"

    ((Thank you))
  16. Catching sight of Haru quickly striding for the back rooms, so he could probably change and leave by the back exits, Jasper felt like he could breathe again. As long as he wasn't harmed, it was okay. Relaxing slightly in his desk chair, he is able to give Kata his full attention, making sure to keep eye contact and watch for social cues.

    However, as soon as Kata finished talking, Jasper had to take pause. Fuck, they're going for Haru, he thought, hiding his hands beneath his desk in order to hide his shaking hands. He liked Haru. He was a good worker, always showed up on time, sometimes even early, and he seemed to be a hit every time he danced or was on the floor. If he lost him, he'd probably lose a quarter of his regular clients. However, if he didn't give them what they wanted, they might go for him or simply stop protecting the building.

    Caught between a rock and a hard place, Jasper knew it was apparent on his face. Licking his lips, he said, "You promise you won't hurt him? I can't let an employee be injured, even if he only works the weekends."


    As soon as Haruki was able to get out of his room, he nearly ran for the back, feeling paranoid. Pushing past some of his co-workers, he went to his locker, taking out his regular clothes, and heading for the bathrooms. Quickly changing, he left, heading for his car, deciding that he might take the weekend off.

    Cursing when he went to push up his glasses, remembering he hadn't taken out his contacts, he stopped, turning around and heading back inside. Finding both his glasses and his contacts cases, he returned to the bathroom, quickly changing out his contacts for his glasses. Deciding it wouldn't be amiss to tie his hair back, he did just so, hoping his looser clothing, glasses, and change of hairstyle might be a good enough disguise to get out okay.

    Leaving for real now, he turns his key in the ignition, massaging his shoulder with one hand before he started driving. He must have pulled something when he'd been dancing, and he was definitely feeling it now.
  17. Kata was glad to see that Jasper knew what was best for him and his business. "of course not, i wouldn't harm a little flower like that. no, not even someone like me would hurt him. i might offer him a better, oh, shall we call it 'living situation' that he's currently in, but no more. he can even still work here, if he wishes." thought Kata was going to have guards hidden in the crowd if he did. there is no way he'd chance someone else taking his little school teacher. "now, that address, Jasper, and we'll be out of your hair." Haru was gone and Kata had lost all interest in this little club now. to him it was only a place where Haru worked, the place at which they had met, nothing more. Without Haru here it was boring again. "you do know he has a week job, don't you? what an interesting place for someone like him to work, don't you think? most interesting, and intriguing. i wonder what would push him to work as a stripper. times are hard, but his trained profession pays wells. most interesting indeed." he was rambling, thinking out loud while he waited for Jasper to give Jared the address so theu could be on their way. Haru thought he'd escaped him, how wrong he was.
  18. Jasper didn't answer the man, instead checking Haru's address on the laptop he had, trying to remember it by himself but not wanting to get it wrong. Finding it, he took out a sheet of paper, tearing it from a notebook, and writing the address down before speaking it. "2703 Sangaree Road, out in Cripple Creek. It's in a gated community, I wouldn't know the code for the gate," he said. He felt bad that he was giving out Haru's address like this, but prayed that he would forgive him.

    "Is...is that all?" he asked, glancing out his window to see that Haru was gone. He was, but Jasper wasn't sure how good of a thing that was. His gaze flitting towards his cellphone, wondering what would happen if he called Haru beforehand and told him to get a hotel room for the night. Probably something bad, he thought to himself, returning his gaze to Kata.
  19. Jared got the address and Kata was done for the night. "that will be all, Jasper. and relax," he stood and walked to stand over the man, grinning, "you've been a big help to me tonight, i'll be sure to keep a special eye on your place here." he turned, Jared hurrying to open the door for him. "Oh, and Jasper?" he turned to glare at the man, "don't tell anyone of what's happened here tonight. i am pleased with you right now, but it doesn't take much to change that to anger. don't make me angry, Jasper. it never ends well." he left then, taking the address from Jared and memorizing it. "have one of our boys at the gates before Haru gets there. i want that code. no contact, not yet. just keep an eye on him, make sure he stays home when he gets there. if he leaves i want to know immediately, and i want to know where he goes." Jared was already on his phone, giving out orders. Kata got into his car, allowing himself to be driven away this time. he didn't want to be late, after all. he had a date with a teacher tonight.
  20. Haruki felt like he was speeding, but he couldn't be sure. Every moment he spent on the major roads was either keeping his eyes on the road or glancing in the mirrors to see if he was being followed. He couldn't tell, and every time he thought he saw a car the same shade as another he had saw, he felt his heart skip a beat in fear, paranoia washing over him.

    Feeling like he could breathe properly again when he finally got onto a smaller road leading to the gates, he stops at the gatehouse, forcing a smile for the guard, and punching in his number, 28361, into the box, waiting for the gates to open. As soon as they were wide enough to let his small car through, he went inside, navigating the streets so he could get to his house quicker.