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  1. Zakuro sighed as she laid her head on the bar table. Mirajane looked at her confused.

    "What's wrong Zakuro? I thought you had a mission to go on today..."

    Zakuro waved her hand as she downed another beer.

    "I did, until whoever it was decided to take another job...Leaving me in the dust...I am going tonight to reject the job offer...I have no choice..."
    "Yeah you do! That's not your fault someone cancelled on you! The Zakuro I know wouldn't give up that easily...."

    Mirajane slammed her fist on the bar table, startling the tipsy Zakuro.

    "Alright, fellow guildmates! Attention please! My friend Zakuro here had someone cancel to go with her on a job that she can't do alone. She needs some assistance. Would anybody be so kind as to go with her? You will be compensated handsomely for your trouble...Any takers?"

    Mirajane looked around the guildhall, hoping to see a hand go up. Someone had to be willing to go with her...
  2. Kira looked around the guild hall as she drank some of the green tea she had just ordered. It was both calming and soothing, making her relax and sit back in the chair. She looked around to the bar, where Zakuro was. She thought, "Well, that's not a surprise." She laughed a little bit at the thought.

    Suddenly, she heard Mirajane's fist slam onto the bar. "This can't be good..." She said. She heard Mirajane shout, "Alright, fellow guildmates! Attention please! My friend Zakuro here had someone cancel to go with her on a job that she can't do alone. She needs some assistance. Would anybody be so kind as to go with her? You will be compensated handsomely for your trouble...Any takers?"

    She almost laughed at the thought. Who would want to go with Zakuro? She then felt a number of eyes fall on her. She looked around and saw people staring at her. "What do they want?" She thought, "Hold on... They think... I... Damn it."

    She reluctantly stood up and raised her hand. "I'll go..." She tried to sound as if she wasn't interested, but was just doing it because she was being courteous. She sighed, frowned, and thought, "I am going to regret this..."
  3. Zakuro frowned at the person who offered to go. Kira...They weren't enemies, per-say, but she didn't dare call her a friend either. Not by any means. To her, Kira looked like the type who liked doing things solo, her way. Zakuro sighed, setting her beer down calmly. She looked up at Mirajane with a "thanks again friend" look. Mirajane smirked and looked over at Kira.

    "Thanks Kira...I know you don't necessarily get along with Zakuro that well, but try to on this mission...ok?"

    Zakuro waved Mirajane off.

    "If she doesn't like me, she doesn't like me...I am not gonna try to make anyone like me...In fact, I wanted to quit this mission. We don't have to go...I could just go drop it right now and have it be over with...But...Mirajane is right...I'm not a quitter. Sorry Kira. If you'll have me for this mission, then I'll do everything I can to be an asset to you on this mission..." her ears went back as she extended her hand in fellowship. Zakuro braced herself. Not everyone liked her. In fact, many in the guild thought she was annoying. However, that didn't stop her in trying to make friends.
  4. Kira looked over at Mirajane and nodded. "Yeah, yeah... Whatever."

    She thought Zakuro wasn't technically her friend, but she thought she was head-strong, which she liked. She never thought of her as an enemy. She had many of those, the reason being that people didn't exactly like her. Whether it be as a person or because of her personality. She usually just acted mean towards everyone. She liked to test people, see if they were strong enough to withstand some bullying and aggression. If they made it through her little "test", then she would be their friend. Though, many people didn't pass the test and just began to unlike her. That's the reason why she always went on missions by herself.

    She looked at Zakuro's hand. It looked like she wanted her to shake it. She casually turned around and said, "Get your crap together. We're leaving in a few hours." She smirked as she walked toward the Fairy Tail dorms. She thought to herself, "She seems strong. This should be interesting."
  5. Zakuro expected her handshake to get turned down. No matter. She would make the best of this situation. She waved her off and headed towards the door.

    "Alright, I will be ready before then. Let's meet back here when each other is done..."

    Zakuro dashed out the door, letting the wind blow through her hair and the fir on her tail and ears. It felt really nice. She really enjoyed being half wolf sometimes. It helped her feel more carefree and ready to take on anything and everything. She quickly made her way to her house, grabbing all the clothing and items she'd need for the trip and packing them into a small satchel that was easy to carry. She thought about Kira. She didn't seem very happy a lot of the time. Zakuro was going to change that. By the end of this mission, Kira and her were going to be the best of friends. She would show Kira that no amount of unkindness towards her would make her not help her fellow guild mate.

    Zakuro dashed back to the guild and sat back down at the bar an hour or so later. Mirajane looked at her confused.

    "That was fast..."

    Zakuro grinned.

    "Gotta make a good impression on Kira...Hey, can you pour me some water so I can wash the booze down before the mission?"

    Mirajane smiled, sending her a glass of water down the bar.

    "One step ahead of you my friend!"

    "Thanks Mira..." sipping the water, she waited for Kira to return to the guild.
  6. Kira walked into the dorms and then found her room. She had a number of clothes that she always had ready for travel. She actually had a suitcase that was already fully packed at all times. She was ready for anything and made sure that she never skimped on anything. Whether it be food, clothing, or games. She actually enjoyed playing games quite a lot. Though, she usually played games that she could only do by herself because she didn't have many friends. For the most part, she enjoyed puzzles and riddles. She loved puzzles and riddles because they required logic, which she thought that she had a lot of.

    She grabbed the suitcase and opened it on her bed, making sure that she had everything that she had packed. She actually had a checklist, which she went through a total of four times. After she was sure that she had everything, she walked over to her desk and picked out a locket that her mother had given her. She smiled as she slipped it on her neck. It was in the shape of a heart and it was golden, it was somewhat small, but it was special to her. That was all that mattered to her.

    After putting on the locket, she closed the suitcase and walked back toward the guild hall. She kept a straight face as she walked. She wasn't sure what the job that Zakuro had picked was, but knowing Zakuro, it was probably something exciting and something that had a lot of action. She was excited for it, but she didn't want to show weakness by smiling or freaking out.

    She finally made her way into the actual guild and saw Zakuro sitting at the bar. Which didn't surprise her at all. She was sure that Zakuro was trying to impress her. She walked over to Zakuro and said, "So... Are we leaving or are you just gonna sit there drinking water?"
  7. Zakuro drank the last of the water and set her cup down.

    "Thanks again Mira. Looks like we're off! We'll be back as soon as we kick some tail!"

    Mira waved and Zakuro turned to Kira.

    "Oh, I'm ready. Let's go! I'll tell you the details of the mission on our way to see our client"

    Making their way to a carriage stop, they hopped in the one heading out of town to Hargeon. Zakuro laid back.

    "Ok...So the details of the mission. First off, this job is worth 1,000,000 jewel. Pretty high a price for it not being an S ranked mission. It gets even wierd-er though...The only details given on the paper is that the client wants us to hunt down and destroy the "spawn of satan..." meaning this thing...or person...or whatever it is is not going to be easy to destroy. So it is going to take really good teamwork. Oh and get this, the client says that there is not just one, but two "spawn of Satan" so this thing has a friend or something working with it. But that's all it says. It's super vague so I thought we could go see the client. They live in Hargeon so we are headed there first to get the details..."

    Zakuro reached out, offering the paper that covered the details of the mission to Kira.

    "If you want to look at it, be my guest...I kinda suck at explaining things..."
  8. Kira walked with Zakuro towards the carriage stop. She looked around as she heard Zakuro describe the mission. It seemed very weird to her. It was a lot different than most missions that were listed. Her first question was why it wasn't ranked as S Class. It would've been much easier for an S-Class mage to take them out than a team of amateur mages. She was very interested in the client. She wondered what motive they might have for calling them, "the spawn of satan". She wondered what motive they might have for killing them also. She knew that she wasn't going to kill them anyway. That wasn't something she did. That wasn't what Fairy Tail was know for. That's what the dark guilds were known for.

    After Zakuro finished her explanation and offered her the poster. She simply said, "Yeah... You do suck at explanations. Give me that." She sighed as she examined the poster. It didn't seem like anything was out of the ordinary. Almost like it was too normal. She was a little afraid of what kind of client they're going to face.
  9. Zakuro smiled sheepishly.

    "Sorry about that..." looking around, her ears perked up. Turning her head, she looked to the horizon. On the horizon was a salty smell. She smirked.
    "This carriage is a good one. They got us here in no time! We should be in Hargeon in about 10 or so minutes..." Zakuro stretched and layed down in the back of the cart.
    "So, Kira...Are you not excited about this mission? I am so excited! The spawn of satan? I wonder what that really means! I can't wait to come into contact with them and find out what they truly are! The suspense is killing me!" Zakuro sat up suddenly, her tail swishing back in forth to indicate her happy mood. However, that didn't last long. Sniffing the air, she stood up suddenly. Jumping out of the cart, Zakuro stopped the carriage driver.
    "Hold on. We have thieves surrounding us...I don't know what kind of magic they use, but I can sense that they are magic using thieves...Hey Kira, can you take care of the thieves on the west and north side of the carriage and I'll take care of the east and south sides?"

    Walking forward, shadows began to surround her. Thrusting her hands forward, the shadows shot in all directions, taking hold of their targets and dragging them out. They struggled to free themselves with their various forms of magic such as fire and water magic, but to no avail. Dark had only one weakness and they didn't have a mage that could use it by the looks of it. Having her magic drag them to her, she proceeded to tie them up with a rope the carriage driver had.

    She grabbed one of the men's shirts, growling.

    "Who sent you? What do you want with us?"

    "We were sent to test your ability....by Mr. Simeon..."

    That name....It sounded familiar. She then remembered. That was the name of the man who sent out the request. Zakuro was getting even more excited. It was such strong mission that they needed to be tested before they even met the client for the mission? She was all pumped up. She looked to Kira.

    "You done on your end?
  10. Kira wondered what kind of person their client was. Obviously, they weren’t someone who liked to be noticed too much. They also obviously didn’t like to deal with things themselves. They enjoyed hiring people to do their dirty work. They obviously were an evil person and she didn’t like the idea of taking someone out.

    "So, Kira...Are you not excited about this mission? I am so excited! The spawn of satan? I wonder what that really means! I can't wait to come into contact with them and find out what they truly are! The suspense is killing me!"

    “Not really… I guess I-“ She saw Zakuro stop the carriage driver. Something was wrong. Zakuro started to explain the situation and it started to sound quite fishy. Bandits that use magic? That’s definitely not normal.

    When Zakuro asked her to to take care of the west and northern side, she automatically took off in the direction of the attackers that she needed to take care of. She jumped into the air and called on one of her many dragon souls. She decided to transform into a red dragon humanoid, making her grow wings and have patches of scales on her body. She called forth some fire to scorch some of them, but it was immediately wiped out by some water users. Shoot. They have water users. Guess I’ll just have to use wind to my advantage. Instead of using her own powers, she used the wings that she grew in order to call forth a tornado and took the majority of them out. The other ones she just flew into and punched. She always liked to add a little bit of dramatic effect.
  11. Zakuro smirked. Kira was quite the capable mage. She was glad that Kira volunteered. She knew that she could count on her completely. Zakuro turned to the thief and smirked.

    "I guess we'll take you back to Mr. Simeon." Zakuro used her darkness magic to throw the thieves into the carriage. She looked to the carriage driver.
    "Take these jokers back to Hargeon. Me and Kira will book it the rest of the way!" She looked back at Kira and started to laugh.

    "Let's go Kira! We're almost there! If you don't start running, I'll leave you behind!" Zakuro used her wolf like speed to dash off the rest of the way to Hargeon.

    Zakuro was having the time of her life already and the mission hadn't even begun yet. She couldn't wait till this mission actually started.
  12. Kira smiled at the work that she had done. It wasn't the cleanest work she's ever done, but it would do.

    Zakuro put the thieves in the wagon using her darkness magic. She was actually pleasantly surprised by how capable she was. Though, her power had a major weakness, which Kira wasn't looking forward to. But then again... I have a large weakness myself... She looked over at Zakuro after she was done and she saw her start running.

    "Let's go Kira! We're almost there! If you don't start running, I'll leave you behind!"

    She smiled as she saw Zakuro running towards Hargeon. She couldn't let her win of course, so she flew into the air and sped towards Hargeon with Zakuro running underneath her. She decided to taunt Zakuro, so she flew down to Zakuro while she was running and said, "You're way too slow! You need to learn how to get faster!" She smirked and winked at her. That was the only time in this entire mission that she would allow her to see her having some fun. She flew back up to the sky and smiled as she saw the port town of Hargeon and the sparkling blue ocean.
  13. Zakuro laughed. It looked like Kira was warming up to her, even if it was only a little. She used her singing magic to howl a song which increased her speed immensely, helping her keep up with Kira. They were in the port town of Hargeon in no time. Zakuro used the paper from the poster for the job to sniff out the hideout of this client. His awful scent was all over that. She stopped at a certain house, motioning for Kira to follow her. Zakuro went inside the shabby looking place.

    "I found you. You can't hide from my nose. Come out before my darkness magic pulls you out...Oh and by the way, that trap you had waiting for us, way too easy to get through. Next time maybe send some light users and make it more challenging for me and Kira!"

    A man who was just a little bit taller than Zakuro stepped out of the shadows. Of course, he didn't look like a man. His ears came to a point, not to mention his choice of attire was a little too flashy for her taste.

    "Excuse me for being cautious young lady. The persons who are to catch the spawn of satan need to be strong and required a test of strength, or in this case, for this strange world, a test of one's magic. You see, let me explain. I am from a different world, and I am very lost. I came with 2 other young gents, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Unfortunately, they are the spawn of satan, so trying to find them and convince them to come back might be a bit of a challenge. One is a bit too smart for his own good and the other, well, he's not too bright nor is he ready to listen to authority, so I had to hire some 'muscle' in order to convince them to come home. You see?"

    Zakuro shook her head.

    "I really don't get it, but I will help you. I took this job with full intent to finish it and a Fairy Tail Mage never backs down on their word. I'm Zakuro...nice to meet you and this is Kira. She came to help as well"

    The man bowed.

    "I suppose I should tell you my real name. I'm Mephisto Phelus. Thanks for your help on this mission" he extended a hand to Zakuro who gladly took it.

    He then extended it towards Kira.

    "It's a pleasure to be working with you Ms. Kira"
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