A Bloody Treaty (Midnight Justin x kimsim12)

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  1. It was a rather cold night, but Isabella didn't mind. Being a vampire made that pretty easy. Her blonde hair moved with the wind--left, right, back, forward, left again. It seemed the wind didn't want to make up its mind about the direction it wanted to take. She looked at her parents, the king and queen. They were passive and unyielding as always. Nothing could stop them.

    Isabella smelled them before she could see them. Humans had a very distinct scent. Minutes later, they came trudging in the snow bundled up and shivering. She smirked--pathetic as always. With them was Isabella's prize: the prince of the last remaining human kingdom.

    He was even more perfect than she imagined. Already she could imagine sinking her fangs and tasting the purest blood in the world. It took more than just a little willpower to stay frozen in place. If her parents could stand the temptation, so could she.
  2. Justin saw the light of day disappear into dusk. That meant his last day as a prince and normal person is gone. He would now be owned to a royal of the family, although he didn't know who. He just wore a simple jacket for the cold night, he figured the vampires didn't need anything.

    Justin went outside and there we a few guards around him to make sure he doesn't run away. He hated the vampires for saying they wanted him instead of other humans. He was soon arriving at the meeting point where he would never get to see his family again. It also seemed like his own family decided to forget about him since they no longer will be able to see them.

    Eventually after about 15 full minutes later they arrived at the meeting point. The king was looking at the vampires and he eventually spoke "I bring you the heir to our throne Justin Zanil, he bares our royal blood which is the best type of blood you like. Now every hundred or so years our kind will give up their royal heir to you vampires" he said to them with honest. Justin soon was pushed over to the vampire side of the meeting point.
  3. Isabella's father nodded. "You have signed this treaty in blood, a most sacred oath to us. Your kind will be spared from any further attacks. However, if one of your kind crosses into our borders, we reserve the right to...deal with them. Attempting to rescue your crowned prince is futile, and I will not so easily forgive it."

    With that, Justin was put in chains and forced into a wooden cage pulled by horses. Their castle was more than a day's journey away for a human on foot (hardly an hour for a vampire), and the group of vampires would not so easily let the prince out of their sight. Isabella stayed in the shadows, watching the prince in interest. The humans had already turned away; she could sense their relief mixed with anguish. It was all she could do not to laugh.

    As soon as the vampires started moving, so did the horses. They would be back by dawn thanks to the horses. And then...then the poor little prince would be all hers.
  4. They all agreed to not trespass into vampire land. Justin was left with vampires and he hated to be stuck as a slave though they didn't care. Justin knew it would take days to arrive there. He hated vampires and they just took him like nothing.

    Once they started to move he was shot backwards and out onto his rear. He was afraid to fight back because they were the strongest race ever existing. Though they haven't found the weakness for them. He was scarred for what they might do to them it was something he was afraid of.

    He soon thought of an idea of him being bitten and drained of blood. He was afraid of blood loss and this was making him afraid. He spoke to the vampires "can you please let me free I can walk on my own" he said to the vampires.

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    Isabella laughed. In the haunting darkness of the night, her laugh was like a melody. "Do you really think we'd let you out of your cage?" she said, still chuckling. Then again, the journey would go much more quickly if her parents would just let her carry the prince on her back. But no, they were forcing her to wait.

    "No, I think you can stay in there. I don't like my pets to roam freely." She said the last sentence with a terrible grin that showed her fangs. The prince would surely figure it out--he was to be her prize. And hers alone.
  6. Justin heard a new voice but the voice was laughing at his comment. He was told that they wouldn't let him out and he sighed he had no reason to be here. He might have made a treaty though he wasn't afraid to break it. Justin checked his back pocket where he kept his knife though they didn't take it.

    Then the lady spoke that he was her pet. "Well I'm not being nice if you expect me to be happy of being here" he said to her. He might have been brought up as a prince and he will stay with his status even if it kills him.
  7. "Fine by me. I love it when my pets are a little feisty," Isabella said with another melodic laugh. Her father looked at her in annoyance, and she instantly quieted. Sighing, she skipped around a little bit, wishing that they could just go home as they normally did using vampire speed.

    As the journey went on, the troop passed a single grave site. The stone slab was large and rather fantastic, though it only saddened Isabella. She bent down, placing a hand on the slab to pay her respects. She would not cry in front of the human, though it was incredibly hard not to. Her parents also paid their respects, but their expressions remained like stone. But Isabella knew that they missed their youngest daughter as much as she missed her younger sister.
  8. Justin just looked at her like he was trapped in a corner. She was able to make him scared of her though he doesn't tell her that. "I'm not afraid of a vampire" he said to her lying. The trip was taking too long for him. He never knew that vampires took a long route. He heard rumors that the princess had a soft heart though usually she was cold.

    Justin saw the grave and the Royals were doing and he couldn't help but pull a snicker. He wasn't afraid to fight back against the vampires if they ever wanted something.
  9. Anger flashed in Isabella's eyes when she heard the snicker. In less than the blink of an eye, she was in front of Justin. "You think death is funny, do you? Act like that again, and I will make you wish you'd never been born. That is a promise, you piece of filth. You're a slave now, so you better get damn used to it. Forget that you were ever a prince and things might just be a little easier."

    She wished more than anything to break his little neck and take all that she wanted from his veins. But that wasn't proper, now was it? Especially with her parents watching. They were only an hour away from the castle, and already she wanted to see the pompous prince burn in a special place called Hell.
  10. Soon after he snickered he saw the girl infront of him. She flipped out when he snickered at a certain death that might of been important. Though he lost everything compared to her. He lost all his nobles which were uncles and cousins. He knew when she said that was a promise that would be the last time he would snicker at her showing weakness. Though she called him a slave and a piece of filth he didn't like that name at all.

    The thing that ticked him off was to forget he was ever a prince. "I'm not gonna forget my past it keep it with me in the present. You on the other hand you might have me a 'yours' but I will find a way to escape you" he said to her. He just hoped he would have time alone to do so. Even if he escaped vampires had super speed and would find him within minutes.
  11. "Suit yourself," Isabella replied, stepping away and back into the shadows. She had expected him to bow under her will--that's what usually happened with humans. His resistance was intriguing. Unacceptable, of course...but intriguing.

    They passed more graves along the way, but Isabella paid no mind to these. They were not her kin; she cared little for their memory. Some of the guards, however, would pay their respects as Isabella had. Wordless touches on the cold stone slabs were enough, especially in the presence of a human slave.
  12. He sighed at her response she was something he feared. Including her red eyes is what made it worse. "I'm not gonna fall into being your personal slave doing whatever you want you know" he told her.

    He saw the same thing of them outing their hands on the stone though he assumed it was just a soldiers grave not like through other reasons.
  13. The rest of the journey was in silence. When they finally saw the buttresses of the castle, Isabella gave a sigh of a relief. A guard asked her what they should do with the slave.

    "Put him in my room and chain him to the floor," she said, making sure the prince could hear. She had things to do before dealing with him. In a flash, she was gone. Her parents rolled their eyes slightly before also using their vampire speed. Justin was left alone with the guards.
  14. Justin saw the castle and he was amazed. It was atleast ten times bigger than his. He felt nothing good of being her surrounded by people who want to eat him. Though he had someone of higher up who would be his protection.

    Though once the guards asked her where he was going he didn't like the orders. He was soon sent to the females room and his ankles was chained to floor.
  15. The guards left in silence, though it was obvious they were struggling to restrain themselves. Royal blood...so pure, so tempting. But to infringe upon the princess's prize would result in their immediate deaths. They'd rather not die.

    It would be two hours before Isabella walked into her room, a tired expression on her face. She forced it away instantly and adopted a mischievous smile. "Hello, Prince Justin. I don't believe we've been formally introduced. I am Princess Isabella of the Grevere Dynasty. You will call me Your Highness or Master. I'm not going to sexually abuse you, if you're afraid of that. But your blood is mine and mine alone. If someone else dares to take it from you, you shall tell me immediately. Understood?"

    She stepped closer to him, not waiting for an answer before forcing his neck into the open and sinking her fangs into it. She drank greedily and hungrily--the taste was almost unbelievable. It was all she could do to pull away before she caused any damage.

    Clearing her throat, she gave another smile before taking out a knife and slicing her own hand open. Before her skin could heal itself, she placed her hand on his neck, using her blood to heal his wound. "That's how this will work. Be thankful that I'm letting you use my blood for healing. Most vampires don't."

    With that, she disappeared into a large closet-like room, shutting the door and locking it for good measure.
  16. Justin was forced to do nothing since the girl forced him into her room. He just looked at her room it happen to be slightly feminine though he doesn't know what's in style for vampires. He was gonna hope that he wasn't gonna be hurt.

    Soon she walked in he sighed "and I'm Justin of the Zanil dynasty. I know you wouldn't sexual abuse me anyways. Though I don't care for what you think I will call you my mistress (female version of master so I said that). Last of all I guess I will tell you if someone else try's to eat me" he told her.

    Suddenly she bit into him and he couldn't help but wince of pain. She was draining a lot of blood and it felt like years before she released. Then quickly after she out her blood on his neck which healed him. She was slightly nicer than what he thought. Though she was still a scary person.

    Quickly after she walked away to her closet and she closed and locked the door. "Will I ever be unchained?" He asked the vampire girl. He was just hoping that she wasn't gonna keep him until he dies.
  17. "I don't know. That's up to you," the vampire called out from the closet. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, illuminated by a large window. The closet was simplistic but filled with extravagant clothes. Tonight, the vampires were holding a celebration for the peace treaty.

    The humans had managed to kill a lot of her kind, so it was a relief that the war was finally over. She looked over the clothes, tapping her chin in thought. Finally, she brought out a long black dress with lace arms and a slightly scandalous bodice. For the prince, she brought out a simple black formal wear with coattails and the like. Leaving the dress in the closet, she opened the door and handed the clothing to the prince. "Put this on." She unchained him quickly, making sure the room was secure before returning to the closet.

    Not that he would even have the time to escape because only seconds later she exited, wearing the dress and a smile. "Be honest. How do I look?" she asked, her eyes glinting red.

  18. Justin looked at her closet as she said it was up to him though he didn't believe that. Though he was preparing for what seemed like he was apart of a party that won't help him.

    She seemed like she was having a fun time looking for what to wear. Though he soon smiled once he was free. "Your going to make me put on this?" He asked but then continued "where will I be changing" he didn't want her to see his body so that's why he asked.

    Next she came out with a beautiful dress though it didn't go so good with her complexion "Everything's fine besides your complexion" he told her honestly hoping she won't be mad at him.
  19. "Change in the closet when I'm done," Isabella said simply, frowning when he was actually honest. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she disappeared back into the closet and went for a similar dress that was a deep red color. It looked far better with her complexion...she hoped.

    When she came back out, she didn't ask for the prince's opinion this time. Isabella didn't want to hear criticism; no one ever criticized her, not even her parents. "Go get changed. You have ninety seconds." she said simply, turning away and looking out the window. The sunlight shone on her face and actually made her look a little less pale. Contrary to human belief, the sun did not cause her to shrivel and burn up. She just couldn't walk in it for more than a few minutes before weakening and eventually passing out.
  20. Justin saw her frown and he sighed he was unknown that he shouldn't have criticized her. Though it was something he had to start learning if she asked him a question to say a complement though he didn't expect it.

    Justin saw her walk out and he saw the red dress and that mad her more beautiful "That's perfect for you it even matches those frightful eyes of yours" he said to her though he tried no to be rude. He was soon only given nintey seconds to change and he sighed as he soon started to change and he got out quickly. She was wise to give him a time limit where he couldn't just snatch something to help him escape.