A Bloody Game

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  1. @Axy

    Red team:


    White Team:

    2. Jamie
    Bri Bri
    1. Carter

    Name: Bo Rodgers
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'3" big burly man, kind of on the chubby side. Tannish skin, orangey hair and freckles, dark blue eyes. Usually wearing ripped up jeans and a white wife beater.
    Personality: Soft hearted, and just overall a warm and loving personality.
    Sexuality: Bi

    Name: Roxanne "Rocky" Tyler
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: short, choppy black hair with the tips dyed dark blue/purple. Short height around 5'3" a little on the chubby side. Has brown paw print tattoos going from her hips to her neck on her left side. Soft blue eyes. She's got snake bite piercings and a septum piercing
    Personality: loud, and fun loving, a bit of a potty mouth an wise-ass. She also tends to drink a lot when she's upset about something but she can hold her liquor.
    Sexuality: Straight

    Name: Charlie Michaels
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 6'2" Thin and lanky. Has a mop of dirty-blond hair that's usually in a beanie or tied in a ponytail. Rich honey-brown colored eyes, angular face.
    Personality: Laid back, fun loving, a bit lazy. Is a calming force, a bit protective over people he cares about.
    Sexuality: Gay

    Name: Klaus Bane
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Specialty: Acrobat
    Appearance: Blood red, shaggy hair. Short for a man, roughly 5'7", a little pudgy. Bright green eyes, pale complexion.
    Personality: Quiet and reserved. A little bit of a mother hen
    Sexuality: Gay

    Name: Claudia Bane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Dreads dyed in a rainbow of colors, natural hair is like her brother's. Bright green eyes, pale complexion. 5'9" and on the boney side.
    Personality: A bit out there and wild. Acts kind of childish. But is a very caring person.
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Name: Damion "Dee" Strickland
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: The top of his hair is dyed red while the sides and back are a natural black color. He has several facial piercings, snake bites, and a left eyebrow piercing. He had multiple cartilage piercing in his right ear and 00 gauges in both ears. He's shortish 5'7", and average build. Green eyes
    Personality: Is a little skittish around others, especially Jamie, the ringleader. Tries to be nice to everyone but can still come off as a little rude sometimes. Rocky is his drinking buddy.
    Sexuality: Hella Gay

    Name: Ronny Willard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Short 5'5", boney. Rich chocolate colored hair, soft blue eyes, pale skin.
    Personality: Is quiet, has a speech impediment (stutters), well read, gentle and kind.
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Name: Jamie Ross
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Well built and muscular. Around 6'1" short blond hair and blue eyes. Broad face. Very attractive
    Personality: Controlling and a little possessive. A little mean spirited, and manipulative.
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Name: Jax Tyler
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Tall, 5'10", thin and muscular. Thin, angular face. Short, choppy black hair, bright blue eyes. Has a tongue, medusa, labret, and septum piercings, very large ear gauges. Has two noticeable tattoos, a black = sign on her right cheek and and Egyptian ankh on the right side of her neck.
    Personality: Very loud, and out there. Likes to have their opinions known. Very flirtatious.
    Sexuality: Supa Hella Gay

    Name: Nix Rebela
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Appearance: about 5'6", a little pudgy, extremely busty. Black pixie cut hair with straight across bangs. Dark brown eyes. Round face, usually serious expression.
    Personality: Smart-ass, well read and spoken.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
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  2. Name:
    Dexter Jackson
    Dexter is 6ft. His body is slim and he's rather lanky. His shoulders and hips are very narrow and there is barely a handful of fat on him.
    Artistic | Philosophical | Laid Back | Rebellious | Witty | Sarcastic |
    | Mid/High speed | Mid Strength | Deep Thinker |

    Chen Yan
    Chen is 6ft4. His body is fragile and his legs are very lanky. However, this makes him very quick. His skin is very pale, and had very dark set eyes.
    | Insecure | Anti-Social | Tense | Nervous | Pyromaniac | Kind |
    | High Speed | Quick Reflexes | Little Strength | Good with Chemicals |

    Isaac Cherkesov
    Isaac only reaches 5ft8. He's slim but has a bit of muscle on his arm. His hair is very thin.
    | Aggressive | Violent | Dependent | Idealistic | Immature |
    | [Army Cadet] Wilderness knowledge | Mid Speed | Mid Strength | Basic Weaponry knowledge |

    Jacob Dywer
    Jacob is 6ft. He's muscular and had broad shoulders. His body is very defined.
    | Tough | Passionate | Strong at Leading | Loud | Determined |
    | Boxing | Mid Speed | Leading | Good Speaker | High Strength |

    Chase Everett
    Chase is 5ft6, bulky but not muscular.
    | Closed Off | Insecure | Desperate for Affection | Emotional | Rude
    | Lying | Hiding | Mid Speed | Mid/Low Strength |

    Carter Quinn
    About 5ft3, pretty thick but somewhat athletic.
    | Violent | Tough | Independent | Ambitious | Intense
    | Street Fighting | High Speed | Determination | Mid Strength |

    Alex 'AJ Juarez
    AJ is 5ft6 and rather athletic, with a defined set of abs.
    | Tough | Tom-Boyish | Street Smart | Loud mouthed | Opinionated |
    | Basketball | Soccer | Street Fighting | Basic Weaponry knowledge | Mid/Strong Strength |

    Brian 'Bri-Bri' Hart
    BriBri is around 5ft5. She's not athletic but is in somewhat good shape.
    | Intelligent | Foul Mouthed | Work Orientated | Sharp | Independant |
    | Highly Intelligent | Problem Solving | Quick Learner | Low Speed | Low Strength |

    Abigail "Abi" Buckley
    Abi is only 5ft. She's not althetic, nor slim. She is a little busty and has thick thighs.
    | Caring | Sweet | Innocent | Nervous | Friendly |
    | Low speed | Good with others | Social skills | Basic/Mid First Aid knowledge |

    Molly Chesspeak
    Molly is around 5ft8 tall. She has wide set hips and a thick body. Yet she still has muscle to some extent.
    | Intense | Un-emotional | Opinionated | Quiet | Rude |
    | Extraordinarily Detached | Manipulative skills | Mid Strength |​
  3. In an old abandoned hospital there were twenty young men and women separated into two rooms on opposite sides of the large building. The lights flickered on in the room and some of the players started to come to. A loud and booming voice broke over the silence filling the rooms and halls of the long forgotten facility.
    "Welcome players!" it greeted them cheerfully "You have been selected to participate to win a most valuable prize!" it roared with delight "Your freedom! Twenty of you have been selected for this fabulous game, all of you have been split into two teams of ten, team red and team white. Now for the rules: Rule one! You must kill all of you opponents on the other team using either your bare hands or the items you find in the building. Rule two: Once you kill the entire team off your team will be split into two and the game shall begin again! That's it! The game keeps going until there is one survivor! That lucky person gets to be set free! Now smile and wave, at the cameras, the world is watching!" the cheerful voice cut off.
  4. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    A voice rumbled throughout Dexter's ears as he sat up, slowly then quickly. He was in a room with a couple of others. His eyes darted about, scanning the room. Nine others. They were all in red. And they seemed to be waking up too. Dexter looked down at himself. Thick heavy boots, black jeans and a bright red t-shirt. He didn't even remember how that happened. The last thing he remembered was going to his friend's house, then nothing. Somebody must of grabbed him, knocked him out. As the voice clicked off, Dexter sat up properly, his heart racing. Kill others? This was inhumane. "Oh my God..." He whispered, looking around at the others. Were these people going to kill him? The thought terrified him and the odd's were against him, heavily.

    The floor was cold concrete and there was a draft. Not what Isaac had put his head down to last night. Where was he? The voice woke him up. It sounded awfully jolly. Isaac didn't feel jolly. He listened to the voice carefully, remembering everything his sergeant told him. This was obviously about survival. And if there was anything Isaac could do, it was survive. When the voice fell silent, he looked around to the others, noticing the matching shirts. "Is this some sort of sick joke?" Isaac swallowed, trying to sound tough. His eyes picked up on the strongest looking people. A man who looked burly and tall, thank god. Hopefully he was a machine and could wipe out the other team. If Isaac could find a gun, of any sort. This would be okay. But this room was empty, and full of strangers, it was hard for him to know if that was possible.

    "What the fuck?!" Chase stood up immediately as a voice began talking. Where the fuck was he? Chase fell silent as he listened to the voice. Was this revenge on him? Was this because of who he was? "God why?" He whispered as soon as he heard silence, followed by others talking. "This isn't fair!" Chase backed up, "What the fuck..." He whispered again. How could he kill people? Hopefully the other 'team' was full of mongooses and couldn't put up a fight. Either that or as soon as that door was open, he'd peg it and find a crack to hide in. Hiding was Chase's forte.

    As soon as she heard a voice, Abi opened her eyes. She heard a shout and it made her jump. Abi looked around, keeping her head firmly on the ground. If she made a sudden movement, somebody could hurt her. The voice stopped and Abi felt tears in her eyes. It hadn't begun and she already gave up. "It's okay.." She whispered. Come on, she couldn't do this to herself. Abi slowly raised her head to see discussion. "Guys it'll be okay!" She attempted to sound optimistic. The boys were tall and there were two very athletic looking females. How was she chosen to go against these people? She was in a set of long socks and a black skirt. Whoever put her in here was cruel.

    AJ groaned, assuming the voice was her mother's for a second. A screaming voice to wake her up - the definition of AJ's mom. But it wasn't. AJ slowly realized where she was and it wasn't her bed. She sat up quickly before standing just as the voice finished. Cameras? AJ looked around at the people, frowning as she noticed the red trend. Her eyes wandered up to a small security camera eyeing them from above. She frowned and stuck her middle finger up to it. Okay, keep calm, AJ began to sweat a little. Her combat boots and camo pants were a bad idea. "Woah okay. Is this for real?" She thought about it, was this fake? If it wasn't, AJ was terrified. But, if anybody came close, she'd whip a pipe from the wall and beat them to death. The streets had taught her to survive.


    Chen found himself on a concrete floor, surrounded by strangers. His worst nightmare. Chen was already shaking as the voice cut itself off. "Oh..God.." Chen choked on his words, feeling tears in his eyes. As he sat up, Chen used his legs to slide him across so he was sitting up in the very corner. If anybody tried to kill him, they'd succeed no doubt. There was no muscle on him, let alone the moral or skill to kill. This was not how he wanted to die. Secretly he always wanted a poetic death, horrifically going up in his obsession - Fire. Obviously that was a dream now. Chen bit his lip, having to hold back tears as he looked at the to-be murderers around him, all dressed in white. His hand quickly went to his ear. His piercings were gone. So were his necklaces. They left one - the crucifix. "Sick bastards...." He whispered.

    A voice sharply brought Jacob from his slumber. He rolled onto his back, the thought he was still dreaming. His blue shirt was now white, and his blue jeans were dirtied. Fuck, he wasn't dreaming. As the voice beeped off, Jacob sat up, watching the panic. If he didn't step up, nobody would. So Jacob stood up quickly, putting his arms out, "It's okay!" He said, eyeing Chen, "Look. Look, sh! We can get outta here okay!" Jacob swallowed. As football and boxing captain, this was his time to be the president. If he was going to survive, he needed the trust of others. "Look. If we're a team, we all have chance of survival if we get rid of the others..." Jacob looked around at everybody, trying to win them over.

    "Uh.." Carter made a groaning noise, being woken up by a voice. Okay, this wasn't right. She began to panic. Something awful was about to happen. She listened silently to the voice. It was quickly replaced by another, clearer voice. A tall, muscular guy was talking. Carter slowly sat up, her heart racing. Adrenaline had kicked in and she wasn't even moving yet. Sadistically, Carter always imagined battling to the death, like CoD. But she had no guns, no weapons, not even a chain to wrap her fists in. But no, she was not dying. Whoever was in the other team would be no match for her. Hopefully.

    Bri went to touch her face, confused and tired. And also terrified as soon as she sat up. Whatever was happening, apparently people were dying. Bri couldn't believe it. Was this a possible end to Bri Bri Hart? Surely not, she had things to invent, people to see, science to discover. This wasn't the end. "Okay so ten people.." Bri said to herself, sitting up as she began working out the odds of her surviving this, trying to take all things into account. She picked at her nails as she blocked out any other noise as she worked. It was possible she could survive, maybe? She looked around, making eyecontact with others before whispering numbers, odds, values to herself.

    As Molly got up, sitting up with a face of no emotion, she looked around. Blood pumped through her veins as she realized where she was. This was new. Yet, exciting? Molly hadn't left her room in two months, and now she was surrounded by nine others. Molly suddenly felt like her cursed personality suddenly became a blessing. Killing without remorse was just what you needed to fend off 10 others. But Molly realized that her murder fantasies were fantasies because, they were perfect. There was no way in hell she could take down people without a weapon. "Calm down, we don't even know eachother, how are we a team?" Molly said pessimistically. If she avoided leadership, then she'd avoid being a sleep. Then there'd be a slither of hope for her.


    Bo woke up with a start looking wildly around the room. He had just been laying in bed with Rocky, joking about her sister's attempts to rap aggressive german. He was actually surprised to see Jax lying next to him. "Jax? Jax where's Rocky?" he asked horrified. If both of them were here, it was likely that Rocky was there too. His stomach dropped, was she on the other team? He prayed to god he was wrong and that she hadn't been dragged into this at all. Bo felt like he was going to throw up.

    Charlie was coming to, he had a pounding headache, the loud voice over head didn't help. He listened to it and sat up immediately, where was he and what was going on? Looking around at the others he swallowed hard, so this was his 'team'? He realized eventually he'd have to kill everyone in here if he wanted to make it out of here alive. "Fuck me..." he muttered barely above a whisper.

    Claudia woke up half way through the transmission, her head cloudy. Like the others around her she was wondering where she was. Her eyes widened as she listened to the voice, kill the other team? Sitting up she looked around, this can't be real she thought to herself. Someone would have to find them. Klaus! Klaus her brother, he'd report her missing! The others' family and friends will report them missing too, if they just sit tight they'll be saved for sure!

    Staying as still and quiet as possible Ronny listened to the voice, his face paling. He was going to be sick, he sat up and hunched over. The small boy started retching, the contents of his stomach spilling over the floor. Ronny started to hyper ventilate and dry heave since there was nothing left in his stomach. His eyes were bulging out of his head, he wasn't a fighter! He was going to die, and there was nothing he could do about it.

    Jax was up and on her feet the moment she noticed she wasn't on her futon. Killing people, what was this sickness? Sure she liked to bash a few skulls in the ring from time to time, but killing someone? She looked over to Bo hearing her name being called, she gave out a small sigh of relief, someone she knew. Then she paled. Shit someone she knew. Would that mean she'd have to kill her sister's boyfriend? "Bo? What the fuck is going on here? Whaddya mean where's Rocky, she ain't here."


    Rocky groaned and felt around for Bo to push him off the bed for waking her up so early in the morning. Her hand only touched concrete. "Hmm?" she grumbled looking around, her eyes bulged out of her head, what was going on? He ears tuned into the voice just in time to hear the rules of the game. Then she heard another voice talking to their group. She frowned listening to the words. "You're not actually thinking about going along with this guy's plan are you?" she asked a little annoyed

    Klaus was already awake when the voice came on, he was too frightened to scream. He looked around the room at his team members, not recognizing anyone. He piped in agreement with the woman with black and purple hair on hearing the other guy speak "Yeah why do we have to kill anyways? If we all work together I'm sure we could find a way out." he said, his voice quiet and slightly shaky.

    Dee stirred and opened his eyes to come face to face with his worst nightmare "You!" he shouted and quickly scootched away from the blond headed boy named Jamie. He thought he had gotten enough abuse in high school, he didn't need to be running into the creep again. He stopped for a moment and listened to the voice, his mouth dropped open and he looked back at Jamie. He was so fucked.

    Jamie grinned seeing his old ex-boyfriend wake up. He didn't know where he was but having his old play thing around this couldn't be too bad of a thing. "Morning princess." he grinned sadistically. His grin only got wider as the voice explained the rules. Could this day get any better he thought to himself? This was his kind of game and he was going to win it.

    Nix rolled over and looked around. Last time she checked she was chatting online with a girl she had met on a dating site at 3 in the morning. Where the hell was she now? She sat up and listened to the voice overhead her stomach twisting itself into knots. What the hell was going on, did this person talking really think that they'd be dumb enough to start killing people off just because some random voice told them to? For all they know they could be on some extreme and elaborate prank show. She crossed her arms looking around, she wasn't too thrilled with her current team either.
  6. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    As people began talking between themselves, Dexter slowly began coming to. He went to say something but a small, boney looking boy threw up in front of him, "Oh God! Hey, it's okay, sh!" Dexter slid around the mess on the floor to the boy who was now panicking, "Relax it's okay!" Dexter looked sad as he swung his arms around him tightly, "Shh..." If he was going to die, at least he knew he wasn't a monster before hand. Dexter Jackson was a good man. "Okay look, I am Dexter, who are you?" Dexter licked his lips nervously as he clung to the shaking boy, trying to calm him down. If his death was inevitable, he could at least try to protect other people who weren't as big as he was. Or at least, the boy he was clinging to didn't look like this was his forte.

    People began talking and Isaac decided to stay quiet. He cringed as one guy threw up. He was weak. If Isaac was going to kill people, he'd have to pick on the fragile. Not everybody in here looked fragile. There was a man who looked much older and tougher. The latino girl certainly looked like she could give him a black eye. Isaac was going to have to be much calmer, become camouflaged. But he bet his survival instinct could pull him through this. Even if it didn't, at least he'd go down with a fight. Isaac stood up and eyed the two people who were talking, "Hey, do you two know each other?" Isaac tilted his head, panicking if there were people he knew on the other team. Isaac may be cold-blooded, but if his boyfriend Aeron, or his mother was in the other team, there was no way Isaac would even touch them.

    "Oh that's fucking gross!" Chase whined, he didn't want to do this at all. He didn't want to die. And he was sure nobody in here did either. But he bet they weren't a stealing, lying, cheating prostitute he was. Chase felt bad everytime he thought about his criminal career. It was the only way he knew. "I need to get outta here..." Chase whined, looking around at the dimly lit room. On the opposite side was a door. Easy enough to open and not locked. He wanted to sprint to it and attempt to get out, but he was afraid he'd miss something. Maybe it was a prank? Cruel.

    When the boy threw up, Abi felt her own stomach tremble a little. But the tall asian kid quickly jumped to his aid. She also got closer to the hyperventilating guy, crying a bit now. Tears were coming from her eyes and down her cheeks as she looked them both in the eye. "Okay... I'm, I'm Abi." She smiled thinly. If they all got to know eachother, maybe they could escape? Surely? When the blond boy shouted, Abi looked up angrily, "Shut up! We're all just as terrified!" She shouted back in a shaky voice.

    "Oh Jesus.." AJ cringed as the boy threw up, but tried to keep calm. She began pacing the room. "For serious, is this a joke? Or are we in some real beef?" AJ rubbed her forehead, her brown hair brushed back in a messy ponytail. If she kept calm and played along, only killing when needed, she'd be okay. Looking around, she saw some intimidating looking faces. But they weren't from the hood she was. Back home gang crime was daily and gunshots were like birdsong. If anybody knew how to fend for themselves, it was AJ. But, she was no criminal, people would only die by her hand if she had to.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Team White.[/BCOLOR]

    Slowly, Chen began rocking himself in the corner, trying to calm down. Why did they choose him? Last thing he remembered was waiting for his friend, Dexter, to turn up and he never did. Then he woke up, here? Chen couldn't believe it. Maybe he fell asleep waiting and this was all a dream.. Obviously not. Chen looked down at his feet as he rocked himself, trying to make sense of the situation. A man tried to get himself as a leader, and not many people seemed on board with it. Maybe if Chen sat quietly here for the entire thing, nobody would even notice him. As long as he could keep his cries silent, he'd be totally fine.

    "Okay, okay." Jacob felt tension, and wanted to diffuse it quickly. "Maybe, this is a joke. Like, a reality game?" He looked around at the unimpressed faces, "Maybe we walk out that door and we've been given paintball guns." Jacob laughed a bit before looking down at himself. He was possibly the biggest man here. At least, nobody else looked like a football captain. As the small girl began talking, Jacob shushed, frowning at her ideas. He didn't know what to say. But if he continued to stand and make himself look big, he'd seem that way.

    "I agree." She looked up, "We can win y'know, if it's a game? I don't care what the rules are or if it's real or not, we can win." And by we, Carter meant herself. She wanted to survive and win. She could strive in this situation, easily. Surely she'd just do what she does on all video games. Win. Her eyes darted around, trying to make sense of the situation, but it was hard. The tall man could be right. Maybe this was just to scope out people on TV for the kicks. If it was, Carter would be both relieved and somewhat disappointed.

    "No." Bri said out loud, looking around at everybody then the guy who seemed like he considered himself a leader. "If I'm correct in saying. The voice was not joking. You see it's against the human rights act to drug and put them in an enclosed space without their permission. If this was a TV show, we would know about it." Bri said in a pessimistic tone. "I suggest we just fuckin' break our way out of here. This place has windows and doors, we can simply use basic science to break our we out of this shit." Bri said, standing up slowly, lacing her fingers in front of her chest. "I do not want to kill. Anybody." If they could break out, they would. There was no way she was going along with a plan to kill others. It wasn't logical.

    "Why not? Nobody else seen battle royale?" Molly snorted, saying it quietly. Oh well. "Do you two know each other?" She asked the two boys. Her eyes studied them both, the blond one looked awfully happy for a situation like this, and the other looked seemingly terrified of said blond. She narrowed her eyes at them, on her otherwise rock-solid face. It was unusual. It must be lucky for Molly that she didn't have any close contacts. They could throw her mother in here and Molly could break her neck. Remorse was never the problem, the problem was the actual killing.

    Bo and Jax looked over at the blond guy who had asked them a question. "Yeah we know each other." Jax said staring at the man carefully. Bo who gave him a kinder glance explained, "She's my girlfriend's sister. I'm Bo by the way, this is Jax." he said nudging the dark haired woman. She frowned at him and crossed her arms looking around at the others. She knew she could trust Bo, but all these other people set her on edge. "Ignore her, she's a bit of a paranoid freak." Bo said trying to smile. "Well I think this time I have a reason to be." Jax grumbled.

    Charlie grimaced at his team, there were a couple obvious weak links, and though he doesn't usually think this way, they'd just slow him down. He looked over at the guy who just opened the door and quirked an eyebrow "And where do you think you're going?" he asked walking over to him and shutting the door. "We in a building filled with people trying to kill us, unless you have a death wish I wouldn't be going anywhere if I was you."

    Claudia jumped up "Guy we need to think logically here," she said trying to get everyone's attention "People are going to notice we're missing, if there's a sudden spurt in missing person's reports then someone's bound to figure out something." she started then smiled a little "And it's not like they can do anything to us if we just sit around and don't kill anyone." it wasn't like Claudia to try to be the voice of logic but this was a life and death situation.

    "R-ronny" the boy choked out tears flooding his eyes to the point he could barely see. "I-I don't want t-to di-ie." he sobbed into Dexter's shoulders. He knew he was by far the youngest and one of the smallest ones there, he was an easy target and he knew it. Ronny was going to die in this horrific place and there was nothing he could do to stop it.


    Rocky grimaced at the guy who was trying way to hard to take charge "Look man whatever bullshit you're trying to feed us ain't working just sit ya ass back down and shut up. What ever hot shot you were before you ain't it now." she said crossing her arms. She might be small but she was going to get her thoughts across, and she was not going to be controlled by this suck up. He was obviously trying to grab at the open position of power.

    Klaus just simply nodded in agreement with the short dark haired girl. Although he was feeling exposed now that he had spoken up, now he was noticed and that made him feel venerable. He noticed the boy rocking in the corner and got up walked over to him and crouched down, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Hey you okay?" he asked quietly. "Don't worry I'm sure we're going to be alright.

    Jamie looked at the girl who had asked them if they knew each other, his expression a little annoyed "Yeah we know each other," he looked back at Dee "we know each other really well." Dee's face blanked and then twisted in rage and he jumped on Jamie "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SICK FREAK!" and started to wail on him, knocking him in the cheek and jaw. Jamie roared and threw Dee off of him.

    Nix watched the arguments and fights quietly from her corner. If she stays quiet and unnoticeable no one will bother her. And if no one bothers her no one will kill her.
  8. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    As Ronny began crying, Dexter suddenly felt his heart drop. He wrapped his arms around the boy and squeezed him tightly, his cheek against Ronny's hair, "Sh, it's okay. It's okay." Dexter swayed slightly, trying to calm down Ronny. Half of him wanted to give Ronny some hope, but it would be false. Only one person was getting out of here and Ronny had just thrown up. But he didn't want to confirm it. So, if they were going to die, Dexter wanted to have human contact, "I'm here Ronny...I'm here.." Dexter whispered, focusing on the gross sobs of the boy in his arms.

    "I'm Isaac." He replied, giving them a thin smile, "It's okay, I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same way.. But she is right." Isaac said, looking over to the woman who was talking about missing persons reports, "If we sit tight, the police are easily gonna find us." He nodded at the woman. Deep inside, he was pessimistic, and he wanted to get out there and kill. It seemed like whoever put them in here thought about it. His hands went into his pockets and he looked up to the camera, "It'll be fine."

    Just as Chase got to the door, somebody stopped him. As he shut the door, Chase took two steps back, blinking in shock. "If we wait here forever, we all have a death wish!" Chase was getting agitated, worrying about everything. Why couldn't they just let him make a run for it and hide? Easy he'd fit into a cabinet or something.

    Abi watched the two guys cuddle up and she felt awkward. She finally stood up and quickly wiped away her tears shakily. By now they could all see how tiny and weak she was. "Y-Yeah.. My, dad will file one..." Abi tried to hold back tears, but she continued to whine into her hands, she didn't want to die.

    AJ quickly walked over to the talking woman, wanting it to be known she was there. "I don't got nobody to file me missing..." AJ snorted, folding her arms. "Maybe we should get out there and find the other team? We could make truce and get outta here!" AJ said, looking at the woman with a nod. She'd only kill if needed, but it seems like they had a plan.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Team White.[/BCOLOR]

    His eyes were firmly closed as he felt a hand on his shoulder. It make Chen make a meek whimper and open his red, teary eyes. He looked up at the man with sad eyes, "D-Don't kill me..." He whispered, trying to slide his shoulder away from his touch. "I'm not ready.. To die..." His voice was almost silent as he began to cry quietly again, looking away from the gaze. It was terrifying.

    It seemed like nobody was in a good mood with Jacob. The girl certainly had a big mouth for a short height. As he went to defend himself, screaming came from behind him. It looked like one kid tried to jump the taller one and the taller one went to defend himself, "Hey!" Jacob shouted, going to stand between them, "Apparently we're a team, don't start shit now!" He growled, putting his hands out to show he merely wanted to break things up.

    Nobody was listening to her and she was getting agitated. If they were going to fight between themselves, they may as well give up. She folded her arms and watched the conflict, smirking as he watched Jacob try and break it up. Idiot, she thought. Her eyes went to the girl who tried to put him down too. She seemed just like him, if they weren't going to kill eachother, she would. Carter wanted to kill them all.

    "Excuse me, my plan is a fuckin' good one, listen!" Bri Bri frowned as she looked around. Great, she was landed in a team of what seemed like a crazy couple, a footballer, a brash woman and a nervous wreck. Fools. If she wanted to get out alive, she'd make that call, "Listen or I'll leave right now and do it by myself!"

    Molly watched the two suddenly attack eachother. She stayed on the floor, smirking subtly. She was causing the team to fall apart. Perfect. Her eyes wandered to a quiet, short female who didn't look like she said a thing. Molly stared at her with a blank expression. It was weird, she didn't even look panicked.​

    Jax bit her lip "The only person I have that could report me missing is my older sister, our parents were killed when I was 10, and if both Bo and I are here I have a feeling she might be too." Bo nodded with her "My family stopped talking to me a while ago, they won't notice I'm missing either." he said nervously. Ever since he came out as bisexual to his family they outed him (pun intended) from the family completely. He didn't have any co-workers to report him missing either since he and Rocky both worked from home. Their jobs were a little unconventional, but it was better than driving trucks all over the country like they used to, never getting to see each other. Bo shook his head, focus, now was not the time to be thinking about the past. This was the present and they need to work on getting through it now.

    Charlie looked at Chase blankly and opened the door "Fine go out there and get yourself killed then, one less person I have to worry about." he said slightly annoyed. What was with this guy, it's not like they were going to get killed if the stuck around and did nothing. The other team is probably doing the exact same thing.

    "Okay it really doesn't matter if some of us don't have anyone to report them, some of us do and that's enough. The police will eventually find us, how many places are there that can hold twenty people hostages? Wait a few days and I'm sure someone will find us." she said. She knew her brother would file a report for her, they make sure to call each other everyday, they were extremely close. He might not approve of some of her life choices, but they were family goddammit.

    Ronny slowly started to calm down, the soothing rocking motion helped a lot. Soon he was just sniffling a little bit, snot and tears staining his face. "I-I'm sorry." he whispered wiping at his face. He was still pretty shaken up, a hiccup escaping from him every now and then.


    Rocky was taken aback with the fighting started but then she walked over and picked the smaller man up and started to carry him away. For a short little thing Rocky was stronger than she looked. "Ya'll need to calm you shit, we're supposed to be a team, we're not supposed to start killing each other yet. She dropped Dee on his ass and crouched in front of him "So what's the deal man? Why you slugging at this dude?"

    Klaus ignored the fight going on and sat down next the Chen "I'm not going to kill you, I'm not going to kill anybody. This thing just has to be a stupid trick. I doubt people are actually going to be that excited to kill each other-" he looked over at the fighting men "Well except for those to, something is going on between them obviously. But we're going to need to work together to get out of here."

    Dee screamed at the top of his lungs as he was pushed away and picked up "YOU FUCKIN RAPIST! YOU SICK SADISTIC SON OF BITCH I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!" Dee shouted, tears welling up in his eyes. How dare that man who abused him talk to him like that, call him princess, acting like he knew him. "I'll fuckin kill you!' he said barely above a whisper as he started to sob. He looked up at Rocky when she set him down oh so "lovingly". "He fucking raped me and prostituted me out to fuckin animals!" his voice choked up and croaky.

    Jamie stood up growling and cracking his knuckles " Sorry princess but this time you don't have you're little gang to protect you, you pathetic piece of trash." he sneered. "And you? Kill me? Damien Ivan Strickland don't you dare make me laugh. Dee you're nothing but a spineless little worm!" his face grew wicked "And it's not rape if when you're making such sweet noises, pleading for more."

    Having enough of this Nix sighed and walked up to Jamie and faster than anyone expected upper cut him in the groin. Jamie doubled over and Nix kneed him in the face "You're despicable she said and walked away from Jamie, whose nose was profusely bleeding.
  10. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    "Shh, It's okay. I'm here with you." Dexter's thumb stroked the exposed flesh of Ronny's arm as he cuddled him. It was pleasant to think his last moments would be comforting somebody. "Hey Ron?" Dexter whispered as he looked up around him at the people, "We're going to get outta here... It's okay.." Dexter pressed his cheek against the top of Ronny's head, feeling tears well in his own eyelined-eyes.

    "My boyfriend will notice.. I was meant to be going to his place tonight." Isaac swallowed. His boyfriend was his best friend and everything in-between. Without him, Isaac probably would of committed a lot more crimes. His heart dropped when he considered he'd never see Aeron again, "God, someone will get us out of here." Isaac swallowed a lump in his throat, thinking about Aeron.

    Chase looked at the open door, before looking back at the man. That was it. He was getting out of here. With tears in his eyes, Chase pushed past the man and into the dimly lit corridor. Suddenly, the terror hit him as he began to run, going no where in particular. His heart was pounding as he got further and further away. Soon, the signs and equipment made it clear, this was a hospital. Chase found himself in what looked like a ward. He was both terrified and confused. On a tray next to a bed was a pair of scissors, which Chase lunged for before he began hunting for a hiding spot, crying as he did so.

    "Daddy will..." Before Abi could even finish her sentence, she began crying again, "Oh Gosh, I really don't want to die! Please no!" She whined, looking around pleadingly at anybody who would look at her. What set her off was the blond boy who ran off. Nobody even knew his name, and he was gone. The room smelt like vomit and tears, it must be death.

    "Hey, stop!" AJ looked confused as the boy ran off. "The fuck does he think he's playing at?" Obviously this felt a lot more real now as AJ could see through the door, "Oh fucking Christ." AJ recognized the signs that were occasionally lit up by the flickering light, "This is a fucking hospital. We're in the middle of nowhere!" AJ knew that the only empty hospital was miles away from everywhere. They were fucked if nobody filed a report soon.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]White Team. [/BCOLOR]

    Chen wanted to shift away from the man, but he was being soothing. As he looked at him, Chen began worrying this was the last face he would see. Tears began streaming down his face as his lip quivered. He couldn't do this at all. Chen began shaking as he placed his forehead against the man's shoulder, shaking. This was all too much, at least Chen was a silent crier.

    As they began shouting, Jacob tried to shout them down, but they wouldn't have any of it, "A rapist?" Jacob almost gagged at the word. He was far too frequented by the kind when he was younger. A short woman came in and did was Jacob was about to do. He gave her a nod, like 'Thank fuck you did that' sort of way. As the man ended up on the floor, Jacob gritted his teeth as he flung his foot into the mans stomach, "We may become murderers... But raping another... You disgust me." Jacob whispered as he stared down at the guy.

    Carter put her hand to her mouth as she watched the girl take down the man, then the other kick him. Jesus that was unexpected. But called for. She wanted to hurt somebody now, she was pumped. Carter eagerly walked over and kicked his already bleeding face, "Asshole!" She shouted angrily.

    "Excuse me I have a plan - Hello? Oh fucking fuck!" Bri took a step back and widened her eyes. Everybody was getting a crack at this guy. She didn't say anything now. Bri just took steps back until she stood far away from the mess that was going on. Obviously these people were too violent and couldn't save themselves.

    Molly laughed sadistically as she watched the man get beaten. Violence got her excited and she finally stood up to watch. She wasn't going to join in this one. She wanted her own kill, "Wow, you're one psycho bitch!" She said crudely over to the girl who originally put him onto the floor. But Molly was now interested in her. So quiet at first...​
  11. RED TEAM

    Jax perked up looking at Isaac and Bo "Wait everyone quiet!" she listened carefully and she could hear the echoes of screaming coming from the hall. It eventually stopped and she looked around pale as a ghost "You don't think that was the kid that just left do you?" she asked. Charlie shook his head "I don't think so, the voice sounded different, the kid that just left, his voice was higher pitched. It must be someone from the other team." Claudia sighed shakily"Hopefully they're all going nuts and killing themselves off and not us." she suddenly looked horrified at what she said "God that just sounded awful of me to say. But dammit I'm sorry better someone else than me that's all I can think."
    Ronny looked terrified "Oh my g-god it's already s-started." he whimpered, it was starting to seem his stuttering was a speech impediment instead of him just being upset. "What do we do now?" said looking around at everyone. " Bo went over to the door and shut it, luckily there was a lock on the door and he locked them in. "We aren't going anywhere. Obviously the other team is breaking under the stress and is dangerous. From now on we don't let anyone in or out. We wait here until the police comes."


    Rocky started to try and console Dee wrapping her arms around him and rocking him slowly, keeping sure that Jamie was kept away from him. Klaus wrapped an arm around Chen and rubbed his back, he hated seeing anyone cry "It's going to be alright, we're gonna get through this." he said quietly trying to shield Chen from the violent nature of the scene in front of them.
    Jamie suddenly snapped inside, he grabbed a hold of Carter's leg and pulling it hard knocking her balance off. Quickly he swept his leg under her still standing one and knocked her to the ground. He quickly grabbed her by her hair and proceeded to bang her head into the concrete floor, once he was sure she was at the very least unconscious, or dead he didn't care he stood up. Cracking his neck and knuckles he looked around the room at the others grinning "Anyone else want a go?" He reached over and grabbed Jacob by the neck "What about you Mr. Leader." and gave it a hard squeeze. He turned his eyes to Nix and grinned "You're gonna be next after him you little cunt."
  12. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    As screams echoed, Dexter took a look around with fear. His hands instinctively wrapped around Ronny's head, trying to cover his ears. It had been less than an hour and people sounded like they were killing eachother. Dexter thanked God he was in this team, nobody looked like they were going to go crazy like the other team, "It's okay, nobody's getting in..." Dexter whispered to Ronny, beginning to rock them slowly.

    "No, I get you." Isaac nodded as the woman spoke, "I mean, if they're dangerous, it's better they kill eachother than us, right?" He looked around. That was right at least, everybody was thinking it, the woman just was the one to get it. When Bo closed the door, Isaac bit his lip nervously, the killer instinct in him calming down a bit. "Okay good, Nobody in... Nobody out..." Isaac whispered, pacing around a little.

    Chase walked around sniffling to himself, looking around the dimly lit hospital, trying to find a way out or something. When screams ringed through his ears, Chase panicked. They sounded close, did the other team decide to kill their own? It made Chase urge back to the way he came. Tears strained down his face as he retraced his steps, running down the long corridor to the end room, the one he came out of minutes ago. As he went to open it, he realized they locked him out, "Hey! Hey! Let me in! It's Chase let me in!" Chase screamed at the door, getting irrational and fear-driven.

    Just as Abi began whimpering, the others made her feel better as they closed the door. The screams made Abi shudder but the closed door made her feel more secure. At least, she was sure these people weren't going to get at eachother like the others. When she heard screaming at the door, Abi looked around wildly, "Let him back in!" She screamed, feeling bad for the boy outside.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]White Team.[/BCOLOR]

    As the guy began comforting Chen he began crying a little more softly, trying to calm himself down. But as the screams began bouncing around the concrete walls, Chen began to shake violently. He grabbed onto the man's shirt and held onto it as he began crying. If somebody was killing, Chen was going to die soon, and he didn't want to at all.

    Horror filled Jacob's eyes as he watched the young girl get violently dragged to her knees. Jacob took steps back and watched in shock as her head smashed against the floor, blood ceeping onto the grey concrete. Her screams suddenly stopped ans Jacob could feel an unbelievable rage inside of him. They were meant to be a team. Before he could react, he felt a hand around his throat. It made him so mad. As soon as the man turned to the short woman, cussing at her, Jacob threw his first around, brutally hitting the mans cheek, knocking him off of him. Jacob didn't control himself as he threw another punch, hearing a crack as the man collapsed to the floor.

    Just as Carter went to throw another kick, a hand wrapped around her ankle. She didn't have a chance to respond as she was dragged to the ground. Carter screamed a dreadful scream. It wasn't feminine, it was angry and full of terror. Her hands clawed at his chest before her head was brought down to the ground. An unbelievable amount of pain ran through her as she felt her hands flop. Another crack. Carter's eyes rolled back in pain, but she could no longer scream. That was it. Carter couldn't see or feel anything more. Sounds of crying and anger filled her ears as tears rolled down her cheeks. As she slowly slipped away from unconsciousness to nothing, her mind was filled with her memories, flooding back to her to comfort her, protecting her last bit of life by masking the horror happening around her body.

    Bri shook her head as she watched the violence. Her eyes ran to the woman's body that just got attacked. "What was her name?" She asked loudly in her chance of silence. "Hm? What was it?" Brian asked as she felt her eyes swell. How could she not cry after witnessing a cold-blooded murder. Bri took another step before she felt her back hit the wall. If that was how she was going to die, she didn't want anybody to come near her.

    "Woah!" Molly said before trying to sound shocked. She just watched murder, a real murder. Molly had watched all the horror movies, watched all the online videos of torture, but nothing compared to the real thing. A mix of emotions ran through her, making her feel confused. "Shit.." she shook her head, sitting back down as she eyed the corpse with wide eyes.​
  13. RED TEAM

    Charlie sighed and stared at the door. "Nobody in, nobody out. I just hate to leave him out there but he didn't seem right to me. Leaving him out is the safest bet." Jax's stomach twisted listening to the guy bang and scream at the door "Yeah blondie here is right, something seemed off about him." she agreed. Charlie shot her a glare for calling him 'blondie' but he let it slide. Bo looked nervously at the door. "Guys this doesn't seem right." he said quietly. Claudia spoke up "I gotta say keep him out, he left us, he's on his own." she said crossing her arms. "Okay how about this guys," Bo spoke up "We take a vote, if the majority of us wants to keep him out we keep the door closed, if the majority wants to let him in we open the door. We're going to be civil about this. Raise your arm if you think he should stay out," Jax, Charlie, Claudia, and surprisingly Ronny raised their hands. "All wanting to let him in?" Bo raised his hand a looked around tallying up the votes.

    WHITE TEAM (warning really gory and descriptive)

    Rocky instinctively curled up in a ball and hid her face from the horrendous scene. She started to wretch, bent over on her hands and knees, bile spilling from her mouth. That's when it hit her that this was real. This wasn't a game, this wasn't some prank. This was real and it scared her to death.
    Klaus looked away and clung to Chen, again trying to shield the other. "Oh my god, oh my god," he began chanting. His mind blanked out. This wasn't happening. This wasn't real. This couldn't be real. But there it was, the sounds of a young girl whose name he never even knew being smacked repeatedly into the floor. He could almost feel the vibrations through the concrete. He felt sick, and by the sounds someone already beat him to it.
    Dee's face went blank and he stood up, walking over and grabbed Jacob's shoulder, trying to stop him from doing anymore. "I want to do this," he said quietly his eyes cold and stoney "I need something sharp. The small busty woman who had given Jamie a bloody nose walked up to him and handed him a pocket knife "I found it in my pocket, I think whoever is in charge left it there, I've never seen it before." Dee nodded a thank you then looked back at Jamie's unconscious body. "You guys might want to look away and cover your ears." he said calmly and bent down next to Jamie "I'm gonna give this son of a bitch what he deserves." he started to undo Jamie's belt buckle, ripping his pants down to his knees. Grabbing a hold of Jamie's flaccid penis in one quick movement he sliced it free from Jamie's body. He then proceeded with a blank face to shove the knife up to the hilt up Jamie's ass. Straddling Jamie's chest Dee started to pat his face, slowly waking him up. Jamie let out a groan of pain wondering what was going on. He saw Dee sitting on top of him, holding something bloody in his hands. He felt a shooting pain in his groin, his face twisted in horror and he screamed. It was not a manly scream, it was a scream of someone who had just looked into the eyes of death. And Death had snake bite piercings. Dee let out a roar and shoved the bloody dick in Jamie's gaping jaw. "FUCK YOU!" he yelled tears starting to stream down both his and Jamie's faces. "I fuckin trusted you! Now how does it feel! How does it feel to be the little dick sucking bitch now!" Jamie started choking and gagging on the piece of mutilated flesh. Dee shoved it deeper down the other's throat "You knew how much Deryn meant to me! And you used me! You're not going to charm and bully your way to getting what you want anymore! Fuck you Jamie Ross. FUCK YOU!" Dee was nearly shoving his fist in Jamie's mouth at this point. Jamie's eyes rolled into the into the back of his head and he sputtered out one last breath before passing out from lack of air. Dee pulled the knife out of Jamie's ass, slicing the bastard's throat. Dee dropped the knife and stood up, kicking Jamie's body once before walking over towards the corner and sitting down, facing away from everyone, his clothes and face splattered with the blood of his abuser.

    (Now that is how you deal with an abuser/rapist)
  14. Red Team.

    As they all stood around, looking at the door upsettingly, they began to vote. All for leaving him, AJ shook her head as she raised her hand. It felt bad, but he went out there himself. Dexter also raised his hand reluctantly, feeling if he did any different he'd be put in the same position Chase was right now. He kept his other arm firmly around Ronny, somewhat shocked he had put his hand up. Isaac waited til the last second before raising his hand, feeling bad as he did so. But that kid left willingly, they didn't force him out there, it was entirely his decision.

    As they all raised their hands, Abi looked around in horror. "You... You can't leave him!" She wiped away her tears again. If that was her out there, screaming and begging for help, she'd want people to have empathy, "Where is your sympathy?! He's only a young boy!" She tried to plead. It felt uncharacteristic of her to talk so good, but in the circumstances, a lot of things change. Abi looked at the eyes of anybody who would make contact with her, "He's a human being!"

    Chase didn't stop banging on the door as he began to get hysterical, "It's me God damn it! Please!" Chase screamed. This was a nightmare and he was on his own. Why couldn't he of just thought things through? "Please!" He kept crying as he slid to his knees, hitting his head against the door, "Please, Please, Please! Oh God don't let me die!" He kept throwing his fists and body at the door, crying for somebody to take pity on him.

    White Team.

    Screaming, shouting and crying all filled Chen's ears as he gripped onto the man. Chen heard sounds of more murder and he was practically on top of Klaus. His knees were pushed up against his comforters chest and his lanky arms clung onto his white t-shirt for life. He was shaking violently and couldn't stop. It felt like somebody was trying to send him to hell, and he ended up here.

    Jacob took steps back as he watched the torture in front of him. Of course, the man deserved it. But suddenly, Jacob felt threat in the room. Hell, if that kid could do that to another man? Plus, he had a knife. Jacob retched as he turned away, masking his face with his hands from the massacre. Bri did the same, she turned to push her head into the corner. "Fuck!" She screamed as the man screamed too. It was terrifying and Bri couldn't deal with it. She was going to get out of this room as soon as she possibly could, because this wasn't going to be the end of the murder.

    The brutality happening in front of her eyes did the exact opposite to Molly than everybody else. Her eyes moved from one corpse to the next, in a shocked way. It made her feel sick, and he gagged a couple of times. But she never stopped watching. This was real time murder. If nobody was looking, she'd go over and touch the bodies curiously. She wanted to know what a unbeating heart felt like. She sat in the floor, the blood oozing her way. Nobody seemed to be looking as she quickly stuck her hand into it. Retching at the smell but getting curiously excited by it.​
  15. RED TEAM

    Bo took a deep breath and looked back at the door "Alright it's settled we keep him out." Jax looked annoyed at Abi "Would you shut the fuck up you yappy little lapdog?" she said angrily "We voted, the kid is on his own. If you haven't noticed we're in a life or death situation, we can't just do whatever." she huffed "stupid bitch." she muttered. Bo looked at Jax curtly and then gave an apologetic glance to Abi.
    "Okay we all just need to calm down a little," Claudia piped up "We're all a little high strung, if we just keep calm and collected, we'll get through this." Charlie scoffed "Even if the other team kills each other off, there's still going to be one left, they'll likely be the toughest and we'll have to take them down," he said and continued "Then we'll just get split up and made to do it all over again. We're stuck." Claudia shot him a glare "The police will find us!" Charlie rolled his eyes in response and stayed quiet. Klaus clung to Dexter trying to block out the screams and arguing.


    Rocky looked horrified, for the first time the loud mouthed woman was speechless. After witnessing Dee cut the penis off of Jamie she had to look away. But even her hands over her ears couldn't block out the screams and shouting. When it stopped she looked over at Dee, trying not to look at Jamie's mangled body.
    Once Dee had sat down in the corner he broke down and started sobbing. Realization hit him in a giant wave. What came over him? He started to choke, vomiting his stomach contents. He continued to sob, he felt someone come up behind him and start rubbing his back. He glanced to the side and saw it was the woman who gave him the knife. "Shhh, it's okay," she said, "You did the right thing, that monster deserved it," she sat down next to him "To be honest I would have done it myself if you hadn't."
    Klaus clamped his eyes shut, continuing to cling to Chen, he was starting to need the comfort just as much as he did. Now they were down to eight.
  16. [BCOLOR=#000000]Team Red.[/BCOLOR]

    Dexter's hand moved back down and began to lightly stroke Ronny's hair, slowly calming down and getting used to the screaming outside. Poor kid, he thought. But that guy seemed weird, off. Dexter felt safer inside than he did outside. "Hey Ron it's okay.." He whispered, watching the argument.

    "Sorry man, it was your call!" Isaac said loudly, shouting to the guy outside. He looked around at everybody and tried to stay calm. Now that there was more hope of getting out of here, Isaac felt himself more and more conservative. AJ also felt the same. She was worried and anxious, totally prepared to beat some ass, but there was no need. "Guys, what about food n' all?" She bit her lip anxiously, worrying about the other things besides getting murdered.

    Abi quickly retreated, sinking back from the woman's shout, "monsters..." She whispered, slowly shying away into the corner. As she touched the wall, Abi slid down it and sat on the floor, crying into her hands. This was useless, nobody was human now.

    "Please!" Chase screamed for the last time before giving up. He cried standing up, "If you ever open this door..." He shouted, going to threaten them all, but he was too much of a coward. Chase began to walk backwards then slowly walking back through the corridor. As Chase kept on walking around the hospital hopelessly, he stumbled upon another ward of beds. Chase sniffled as he climbed onto the bed that was strung out in the middle of the corridor and closed his eyes, not really caring. Unknowingly, he had settled right next to the white team. He couldn't hear anything but his own wails and whines.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]White Team.[/BCOLOR]

    "I-I don't want to die..." Chen whispered, his shaking slowing down as the screaming stopped. He clung onto Klaus like he was clinging on for his life. Which was entirely applicable. He pulled his head out for a second, not daring to look at the mutilated bodies. Chen finally got a proper look at the man who was the only thing stopping him from going into meltdown. His eyes were teary but he saw Klaus's face, "I don't want to..."

    Jacob couldn't hold it in anymore, he started retching, ending up throwing up in the corner. But he turned to Dee after, looking at him as he walked over. Jacob had a way of looking intimidating, but it made sense in the context, "I'm glad you got rid of him..." Jacob sat down near the two sitting on the floor. His face was pale but he looked at them with deep brown eyes, "All rapists deserve that... I wish mine did..." Jacob choked out. It may as well not be a secret anymore, nobody was going to survive this to go and tell.

    After the screaming stopped, Brian turned around, staring down at the two corpses. She turned to see the three discussing and a shaky pair of men in the corner. Her eyes were then drawn back to the girl who looked unresponsive to the whole ordeal, "W-What's your problem?" She looked at the girl in disgust. The look on her face told Bri she was unsafe, and Brian wanted anymore dangerous people away from her.

    Molly was busy swirling her hand in the blood in awe, before she looked up, "It trickled towards me." Her voice was blank and she retreated quickly before looking back to the woman she was interested in before. "Why did you have a knife?" She asked bluntly.​
  17. RED TEAM

    "Yeah, yeah monsters, inhuman, whatever, we don't really have a choice now do we princess? It's not all kittens shitting rainbows and butterflies anymore." Jax said rolling her eyes at Abi "Fucking drama queens." Bo put a warning hand on Jax's shoulder. "Jax calm down." he said softly. "I am calm! It's little miss glitter princess over here that won't just calm down and accept reality."
    "Why don't we talk about something else?" Claudia suggested "Why don't we go around and say our names and what we do job wise?" She suggested. Charlie shrugged "We might as well, nothing better to do." Claudia grinned "I'll start!" she says happily "I'm Claudia Bane, I work as a tour guide at a modern art museum and work as a commissioned artist on the side." She grins. Charlie sighs leaning against the wall "I'm Charlie Michaels and I work as an acrobat for a traveling circus (he's just always been a circus performer even before the other rp)." Jax chuckles "You got to be joking." Charlie glares at her "I'm not joking, I said I was an acrobat not a clown." he pouts. "I'm Ronny Willard," spoke up the small quiet boy "I just graduated high school, I was still on the look for a job." Jax sighed and spoke up "I'm Jax Tyler, I'm do MMA fights for money." Bo looked a little nervous "I'm Bo Rodgers me and my girlfriend, Rocky Tyler, work as um, well we," his face flushed a little bit "We-" "They're porn stars." Jax said bluntly. Bo's face flushed a deep red and he looked down at the ground.


    Nix looked back at Molly and shrugged "Like I said found it in my pocket. It's not mine. The guy who put it here must have planted it on me." She shrugged."I'm sure it's still lodged in that man's jugular if your that interested in it." Dee looks over at Jacob "So you know what it's like then?" he sniffled, tears were streaming down his face still. Nix turned back to Dee and continued rubbing his back trying to comfort him.
    "Shhh, it's gonna be okay, everything is going to be okay." Klaus said quietly. Holding the other tightly. "It's all over. The real threat is gone. We're fine now."
  18. [BCOLOR=#000000]Red Team.[/BCOLOR]

    Dexter frowned at the girl shouting at the blond one. Everybody in this room seemed so good, but she seemed so... Aggressive. Her job confirmed it. Dexter sighed as Ronny spoke, quickly looking up to get himself in, "I'm Dexter Jackson, just finished high-school, bar tending at the moment.." He shrugged and gave everybody a attempt of a smile. Jax's job confirmed his suspicions, she is aggressive and rather intimidating. Dexter kept a hold on Ronny, but loosened up as he shuffled them back a bit so he could lean against the wall.

    "Hey, just let her mope in the corner, aight?" Isaac took to stand near Bo, trying to keep Jax calm. Of course Abi wasn't wrong, but Jax wasn't either. He just wished she would just let the group be tension free. When it got quiet, Isaac looked around before sighing, "I'm Isaac Cherkesov." He put his hands in his pockets "I'm a cadet, I'm supposed to join the army this month." Isaac sighed, that seemed far away now.

    "Leave me alone!" Abi wailed, putting her head down into her arms as the people talked between themselves. Fuck them, she thought. She didn't want to be part of this, so she listened silently, staring down at the floor between her legs, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

    AJ waited until everybody spoke before shrugging, "I'm AJ. I'm a mechanic." She said simply, "Pornstars? Wow, lucky man." AJ laughed, smiling and trying to get everyone to relax. There was no need for violence between a team, "Nothin' to be ashamed of." AJ gave him a playful smirk. Being a pornstar was something AJ could definitely do.

    "Why..." Chase whined again to himself, watching the pair of scissors, which he was snapping in front of his face. His team were a bag of dicks, they'd have his blood on their hands. Chase went to close his eyes as a glimpse of light hit his eyes. He quickly opened them up as he heard a door shut. Was that somebody? "Hello..?" He called quietly.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]White Team.[/BCOLOR]

    "I'm still scared..." Chen said with a shaky voice. He put his head back down onto his shoulder, trying to keep his eyes away from the corpses. But he managed to get a look and cringed, tears falling. "I- I don't want to end up like that..." Chen whispered. It felt much better to have somebody there for him, even if he didn't know him, at least he wasn't alone in the corner.

    "Yeah.." Jacob sighed, gritting his teeth as he spoke. It still felt shameful as he spoke about it, "I was 19. My coach.. He said the biggest ones are the quietest..." Jacob cringed, looking away, "Fuckin' rapist got away with it." He sniffed. It was so unfair, and he felt real empathy towards Dee right now, since they had similar experiences.

    Bri wrinkled her face in dismay, everyone seemed to be so much calmer after murder just happened. "I'm sorry but I want to see where we are." Brian said in the most monotone way. She swiftly walked to the door and opened it. As she did her eyes caught glimpse of a body. Her eyes widened and she quickly slammed it, "It seems like there is another person out there. I think they're from the other team." She stood against the door worried.

    "Okay." Molly tilted her head, not quite believing her. But she did as she implied and leaned over, pulling the knife from the mans neck, causing more blood to spurt out. She held the knife and watched it, tempted to lick the blood.​
  19. RED TEAM (waring some gross stuff)

    Jax just rolled her eyes and kept quiet, she could feel the nervous stares at her. Great now that they knew she fought for a living that she was going to be a threat. Way to go Claudia. Just because she fought to make money didn't make her a naturally violent person, it was how she made a living. It wasn't like she ever killed anyone on her job. There were only two times where she ever sent someone to a hospital. "Army, cool. I was considering joining, because of my record," she stopped herself, great now she was seen even more as threat. My fat mouth she thought "before you go thinking something awful about me, I was a juvenile. I don't regret what I did because I had to do it." she said crossing her arms and looking at the ground.

    Bo knew Jax wasn't a threat to the group, she could be opinionated and loud mouthed, but she had her morals. He blushed a little darker at AJ's compliment. He could tell he also probably posed as a threat due to his size, but he hoped it was pretty obvious he wasn't that harsh or violent. He was a lover not a fighter. Pun intended.

    Charlie looked at Jax curiously "Well do share, if you don't want to seem threatening then please share with us what you did." Jax glared at him "It's personal." she growled. Charlie raised an eyebrow "How do we know you didn't shank someone in middle school?" he asked. Jax sighed and mumbled something under her breath. "Hmm?" Charlie asked "Didn't quite hear you." Jax looked at him coldly "Prostitution." she repeated herself loud enough to be heard "Happy? I whored myself out to help pay for my girlfriend's medical bills after her father had beaten and raped her. He didn't get in trouble because she didn't report it and she was eighteen and like hell her dad was going to pay the bills. You fucking happy?" she nearly yelled, face red. Charlie's face paled, he kept his mouth shut and looked down at the floor.

    Claudia wanted to ease the tension that was growing but wasn't sure what to say at this point. "My parents sold me and my brother to a man who performed experiments on us." she blurted out. She'd never had told anyone and she didn't want to die holding on to her only secret. "My hair isn't dyed, it's grows like this naturally now because of him," gesturing to her multicolored dreads "He also sold off a few of our organs and switched others out for the other person's. I have one of Klaus's kidneys and his small intestines. I didn't get to see daylight for years, we were finally let go when he decided we were too old. He threatened to find us and lock us up, and-" her face paled "see how long we could live with all our organs except for out hearts and lungs removed."

    Ronny's eyes widened as he listened to the other's stories. His life seemed so softy and easy now. He leaned against Dexter, listening to Claudia's story was like listening to the plot of the horror movie.


    Rocky's head shot up towards Bri, "Someone's out there?" she asked and walks over to the door and opens it a crack. She spots Chase and quickly shuts and locks the door "Shit, she's right. He must be from the other team. They must have found us with all the noise we were making. What do we do?"

    Nix looked over at them with a neutral expression "Isn't it obvious?" she asked raising an eyebrow "We kill him." she dead pans "The more of the other team that dies the bigger chance you have a surviving. I'd rather not resort to violence but if this is our only chance out we go to take it." she said.

    "I'm sorry," Dee said quietly "The number of those monsters out there sickens me," Dee looked at Nix "I say we should only fight if they attack us first. They could have sent someone to try to negotiate with us." he suggested he knew it was unlikely

    "Guys could we focus on something besides all of this, we just need to clear our heads. Let's uh," Klaus thought for a moment "Say our names and what we do for a living. I want to know everyone's name, I don't want us to end up like her," he said glancing over at Carter "Nameless." like sister like brother. "I'm Klaus Bane, I was working full-time at a library while I studied online to get a degree in physics."
  20. [BCOLOR=#000000]Red Team.[/BCOLOR]

    Dexter now felt bad for making the assumption about Jax being violent. Well, she still was, but she had been through some heavy shit. He cuddled Ronny and relaxed, realizing everybody was having a pre-death confession, like it was judgement day. Dexter hoped there was a God, if he was going to die, at least let there be something to make his short life worth while, "What music do you like Ronnie?" Dexter asked quietly, trying to make conversation with his new friend.

    "Woah.." Isaac frowned, leaning over to sort of pat Jax, "I'm sorry.." was all he was going to say. Isaac didn't want to patronize a wrestler. He looked around and sort of gave Claudia a sympathetic look. Even though it might be his last chance to confess, Isaac wasn't going to mention the shooting, or the hospital. They would deem him violent.

    Now that she learnt Jax and Claudia went through some shit, Abi felt bad. Her life had seemed all sparkles and butterflies, even if her brother was a little scary. But he seemed like the dream family after hearing about both of them. She looked up and frowned, feeling bad for both of them now.

    "Oh fuck me..." AJ gasped, her hands on her hips as she listened to both of them. She felt sort of empathy towards Jax, "Hey, I've been to juvi' too." She never kept that a secret. In fact, where she was from, it was normal. "On the streets, you gotta protect yourself from the dealers and feelers." AJ shrugged, "Sure, I got in some fights to defend myself and yeah, I whored myself out once or twice for some extra dough for my family, but it don't make you a bad person, y'know?" AJ talked to everyone, but directed her words to Jax, understanding her pain.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]White team. [/BCOLOR]

    As Dee comforted him for a second, he gave the boy a thin smile before standing up quickly, "Surely we've got to do something? I bet they're up to no good..." He frowned, trying to ignore the bodies on the floor, trying to avoid being ill again. "We could talk to him?" Jacob looked down to Dee and nodded before looking at everybody else.

    "It would increase our chances of being killed if we let the red team know where we are." Bri looked around, beginning to favour killing him, "He was sleeping, or lying down at least. If we break his neck before he see's, he can have a quick and much less terrifying death than her.." Bri nodded at Carter, not wanting to put anybody in that position.

    "Okay, Klaus. We'll have our coffee morning after we decide what to do with this guy." Molly said in a rather sarcastic tone. She subtly put the knife on the floor, "Anybody willing to kill?" Molly stood up, wiping her slightly bloody hands on her black pants. "What about you? You seem like you could." She said to Nix, since she suggested it, "Or tough guy.." Molly looked at Jacob, who shook his head out right.

    When everybody began to discuss what they were going to do with the person outside, Chen looked up and sighed. He felt bad a lot of the team weren't listening to him, "I'm Chen." He whispered, clearing his throat, giving Klaus a thin smile. He loosened up a little, still leaning against him, with his knees up, but he was gripping and sobbing. ​
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