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  1. Hey, I'm KillerNinjaKitty!. First off, if you're looking for a super detailed partner, I suggest you leave now. I can do one to two paragraphs at the most but if you feel like challenging me to do better, do it. I have pairings and plots on here as well, so feel free to take a gander at those. If you're eyes haven't started bleeding, that's great!

    1. I fricking hate rules. I learned there has got to be a few or a lot.
    2. If you ever lose interest in our RP and wanna ditch it, tell me.
    3. DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF MARY, GIVE ME A ONE LINER. I can't work with it and generally lose interest with the RP if it's one liners after one liners.
    4. Be an open minded person, mostly in dominant RPs for MxM and FxF. I can be either dominant or submissive within the actual RP therefore would like a partner that's the same way.
    5. Omg, I'm lazy. I'm not going to write out every pairing for fandoms. It's better if you just tell me what you want and I will reject or love it. It all depends.
    6. I tried mixing up cliche pairings if I didn't do it good, fricking bite me.

    Harry Potter
    (Huge shipper of Steve Rogers/ Tony Stark. I will love you for life if you do with me.)
    Wolf's Rain

    Druggie x Dealer
    Jock x Bully
    Cheerleader x Cheating Girl
    Lowlife x Rich/Upper Class men ( I WANT TO THIS SO BADLY.)
    Ex x Cheating Ex

    Plots ideas:
    Monster Drama: Our characters are monsters that go to school together, they known each other since they little. However they finally come to realize they have feelings for each other and end up together. The problem is their friends keep trying to pull them apart, other people who are interested in them. ( It's not that great.)

    So, um, hit me up then? Send me a PM.
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  2. Dude... You're so awesome XD

    Okie dokies, now that is out of my system~
    I like the:
    Jock x Bully
    Lowlife x Rich/Upper Classmen
    And Tony Stark x Steve Roger (though I'm not the best at fandoms so I am so sorry if I can't do a character justice v~v)

    Also, I'm typically a submissive/passive roleplayer
  3. Aw, infinite sighs of sadness. Do you think you could try to be flexible and be dominant every once in a great while? (Sorry if I sound like an asshole.)
    PRETTY PLEASE! I will be so submissive to you that it wouldn't be funny and if you attempt it, I would love you for life. That's all I'm asking, is for you to try. :)
  4. I can try, but I won't promise it'll be the best ^^"
    I've been dominate before, I just don't think I'm good with it
    Yes, I can try ^~^
  5. *Showers you with flowers* Okay, thank you so much! I'm going to send you a PM.
  6. Okie dokes~
    *dances in shower of flowers*
  7. Would you be interested in doing a druggie x drug dealer pairing with me? What genders do you usually like to RP with?
  8. Yes, I would. I usually RP with MxM but it doesn't matter to me.
  9. Do you do fxf, per chance? If not, sorry for bothering you. ^^
  10. Yes I do. Do you want to send me a PM and we can work out the details further?
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