A blood slave & her master

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  1. Her automatic clock told her it was time. She sighed and made her way through his mansion, going through the all to familiar huge doors to her master's study. Lilian knew what he was. Lilian knew he was a pushy old vampire who like to boss her around. She was the only blood slave, though he did have others working in his house. She never really got used to him feeding from her, though you'd think she would be used to it by now after two years. She was always slightly pale from him taking her blood and a bit more fragile then the others. She found him in his study, where he usually was during feeding time. She walked up to him.
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    He was sitting in his office waiting for her the blood slave whom he drank off because it was feeding time and he enjoyed it. His alarm went off for her to come to him and be feed. At least she was being able to be a vampire for a chance to be with him, the true was he fancied the knickers of her and that's why he choose her to be his blood slave because she was the most gorgeous creature he had ever laid eyes on and he enjoyed his time with her. Then he turned round to where she was standing , he said," Welcome my blood slave down on your knees now,"he commanded her because she was his and he owned her.
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    She did as he comanded, getting down on her knees, her back straight. She looked up at him as she waited for him to do with her what he wanted, as he always did for the past couple of years now. She never really could get used to him being a vampire. Something that wasn't human. Something that could move faster then the eye could see. She tried to hide her shaking hands, as she was always gittery around him, never knowing what he was going to do. Her long wavy brown hair tumbled down her back and her nervous brown eyes watched him.
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    He stared at her at first and as she sat down she gave her a cheeky grin, then he swung his chair round and stood up. He was going to try something knew instead of biting her he was going give her a small bite, stare and then kiss her. He walked round to where she was sitting and he sat infront of her and went straight for the neck and gave her a gentle bite tugging on her, then he let go and stared at her then he instantly kissed her hard on the lips and grasped his hands on her neck and kept kissing her.
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    Lilian gasped in surprise, her brown eyes growing wide. She struggled a little, trying to push him off even though she knew it was useless. When he finally pulled away, she glared at him, not quite sure what to think about what he had just tried. "Master what are you doing?" She asked, still on her knees.
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    "Trying something knew,"he said and wiped his mouth on a hankiechief and put it to one side he stared at her. Then he stood up and walked back to his chair and said to her,"You make leave now,"he commanded her immediately and wanted to be alone to discuss his thoughts and write in his journal day by day.
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    She nodded and stood, smoothing out her clothes and she left, quietly closing the door to his office, going to her room. She knew what the other slaves thought of her. That he would kill her one of these days or curse her like he was cursed. They often left charms or crosses and bottles of holy water outside her door and offering her their blessings. She sighed as she opened her door and closed it behind her, wiping the blood from her neck.
  8. He sat down in his desk again and as she left, he smiled to himself, he had done it, he had kissed the women he loved though she probably didn't know it yet. He wrote in his journal.

    Dear Journal,
    I've done finally I have kissed my blood slave and that my friend is a big achievement for me. She tasted good but her lips were great for kissing on and I enjoyed it. I hope she would like my back if not going to put a spell or curse on her to do what I like like rape or making love because if you don't do what I command you will either be cursed or die but her she will be cursed, I would not think about killing her because she is the most beautful creature I have laid eyes on.

    Bye bye journal until tommorrow master
  9. She laid on her bed and grabbed her latest reading material. She tried to read but was too shocked and soon put her book down and just laid on her bed, starring at the ceiling of her bedroom but then got up and walked over to her window, leaning against the wall and starring out into the sky, wondering if her master would allow her some time outside instead of being cooped up in here all the time.
  10. He went into his room and commanded his slaves to undress him and put his pjs on, then he got into bed turned off the light and fell asleep. He dreamed about her being in bed with him doing what he fancied and he enjoyed it and loved it, his dreams were the best.
  11. Lilian woke the next night and roamed around the mansion, eventually finding her master, knowing he would be thirsty for her soon. She knocked on the door to let him know of her presence before walking up to him.
  12. He said to the girl at the door, he smiled secretly knowing it was his blood slave and he shouted," It's open to you."He was glad she had come.
  13. She walked over to him and waited for him to feed from her.
  14. "I've decided not to feed on you tonight but to ask you a question,"he said with an growl on his face.
  15. She looked at him curiously. "Question Master?" She asked, also a bit surprised that he wasn't going to feed from her.
  16. "Yes come and sit,"he commanded her.
  17. She went over to a chair and sat across from him, waiting for him to ask his question. "What is it Master?" She wondered.
  18. "When I kissed you, you seemed worried what ever for? I was trying something,"he asked her staring at her big brown eyes.
  19. She looked down. "I'm sorry Master. I...just wasn't expecting it and it..." She sighed. "It kind of caught me by surprise." She looked up at him again.
  20. "Oh Ok Im sorry if i scared you the truth is....,"he said without saying the last bit.