A blind person!

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  1. Hello! :)

    So, I want to write a blind person! But, I don't have a plot or character in mind, because I want to brainstorm it with someone. I'm up for most genres, but my favorites atm are modern fantasy and sci-fi (without aliens). As long as there is action and drama, I'm in.

    I can do romance, but I'm very bored with fxm, so it would have to be mxm, fxf or something else.

    Little about me
    + Replies almost every day.
    + English isn’t my first language, so there will be some mistakes. Feel free to let me know about them :)
    + Write several paragraphs, but I'm not that good at describing things, yet
    + I’m not that into smut, but I can do some.
    + Gore and cursing and all that is fine with me!
    + I don't mind romance, but it have to develop naturally over time.

    What I'm looking for
    + Adults only.
    + Write at least a couple paragraphs, and I would like to see a post example.
    + Reply a few times a week.
    + Let me know if you get busy or bored, don't just disappear. If you want to quit, just say it.
    + And please be sure you actually have time for this, I'm so tired of people dropping out after one post.

    PM me if you want to brainstorm something up! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.