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    Character Name: Gina Rivera
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Birthplace/World: Laude, Texas
    Occupation/School/Grade: Full-time waitress at Bill-Dee Restaurant, Laude University, Junior


    General Appearance: She is 5'4, has long brown hair, hazel green eyes, button nose, medium sized pouty lips, tan skin, athletic, toned and curvy body, large 40D breasts, perfectly big round bottom, athletic legs
    Strengths: Funny, Compassionate, Outgoing, the ability to hold a conversation, hardworking, learns very quickly, intelligent, great cook, charmer, helpful, sweet
    Weaknesses: Boys that are intelligent, disrespectful and hurtful people, turned down by people she likes, such as, artists, writers, athletes... people who are negative, low self-esteem in her appearance, unconfident


    Current Goal/Purpose: Her goal is to graduate college and become a successful psychiatrist.
    Talents: She is a great violinist and plays flag football. She knows how to sew clothes and accessories. She has the talent of cooking very delicious meals.
    Inabilities: She has the habit of not keeping track of time and unable to sort her "own" problems out. She has inability to express herself freely with someone else and avoids getting too close to people she doesn't trust.
    Fears: She fears that she will loose herself and never finish school. Loosing respect from her friends and her family. Fears to tell her parents about what she wants to do and end up getting kicked out. Fears that she has to change everything she knows and does. Fear that she is not mentally prepared for what might happen in the future.

    General Personality: She is a very intelligent, sophisticated, prompt for deadlines, she is compassionate for those that are unhappy, homeless, and those who are hurting. She is the nicest girl to be around and she loves to learn new things. She is very adventurous and likes to discover. She is laid back and smokes weed sometimes. She likes to be invited to places...house parties and bars.
    Inner Personality: She is mentally hurting, depressed about her life and never wants to be in a serious relationship. She hates when her friends and roommates try to set her up with guys she doesn't like and is often ignored by the ones she does. Nothing makes her happier than to be in her bed, sketching the outdoors and people. She'd rather be left alone and forgotten about then to be recognized as the "smart girl".
    Secret: She wants to be a sex symbol and to be a lingerie model. She's thinking of changing her entire life and becoming something she thought she never could be.


    General History: Gina is a hardworking student at Laude University and a waitress at Bill-Dee Family Restaurant. She has a high grade point average and is very intelligent in and outside school. She wasn't always the pretty girl at school... more like the average type. She would more hours studying and sketching and maybe go to a few parties here and there. Her parents were very strict and weren't as compassionate and understanding. They never approved of a "laid back" attitude and if she was even just a little bit lazy then the arguing begins... Being controlled and forced to do everything she was told took a toll on her mental state. She felt she was never good enough, unattractive, and was always the good girl. Until one day, she made some friends in the beginning of her sophomore year that introduced her to modeling. Her friend Rain and Vana encouraged her to be different, to be comfortable in her skin and to be happy with herself. In doing so, she met and dated a guy named Travis that used her, manipulated her and ruined her life in future dating forever... but still wants her secretly.

    Present Life: Now a junior in college, still working as a waitress, Gina is still not confident but has found many things to distracted her mind. Becoming a great violinist, working with people less fortunate than herself, and maintaining good grades; she feels that there is something else more to her life and raise her self-esteem. Lives in a 4 bedroom townhouse, 5 blocks away rom the University Joining in her townhouse is her school roommates Chris and Niko, along with her best friends Rain and Vana. All together going through the life of a college student and learning about each other in the case of Gina falling in love with Chris, her ex seeing her somewhere unexpected, fights, makeup, and new beginnings.
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  2. Open spots for story

    Chris- crush, classmate (M)

    Niko - classmate (M) «Taken»

    Rain - Gina's best friend (F)

    Vana - Gina' s best friend (F)

    Travis - Gina's ex-boyfriend (M)

    Gina <3
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