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  1. Hello there! I've been looking for some rps to do, but I haven't found none to my interest, so I decided to find a partner to rp with. (Why must I suck at intros...)
    Hope this go well.
    I do Fxm, and FxF. ^^


    Teacher x Student
    Vampire x Human
    Demon x Angel
    Pirate x prisoner
    Brother x Sister
    Criminal x Victim
    Master x Servant
    Yandere x Crush
    Mad!Scientist x Experiment
    Yandere!doctor x Person
    Ghoul x Human


    The love game(Fxm)(FxF):

    She was friends with the emotionless guy/girl ever since the incident with her first greeting the guy when she was new which turned out badly but after apologies they had became friends. Even though they've been best friends for months, she never liked him/her more than a best friend for she had her eyes on the Playboy. But what happens after her friends tell her about 'The love game..' where you and another person have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and if one thinks it's not a act loses. What will happen if she forces this game upon her emotionless friend just to see him smile. Will she still have feelings for her crush... Or for her best friend?

    Sweet x Bitter(Fxm/FxF)

    Different...That's what could describe them, completely different not the same at all. She was kind and so nice while he was cruel and so cold. People would always question how they got together, They use to be such enemies it was always a mystery. They weren't the perfect couple, Nor the lovelies couple. They had their share of fights and dramas, But they couldn't live without eachother.

    She's not her(FxM/FxF)

    "What a fool..." "Such a disgrace" "Should have known better!" The people spoke only truth of what had been the main topic around the town lately. A immortal dating a mortal, It was a hopeless paring but he/she still dated the mortal not knowing the horrible result of what the future hold for them, so why was he/she mad at everyone when she died?...Why was it that he/she wasn't mad at himself?..The people of the town would question. Oh...but if only the towns people could see that he/she was mad...Both angry...and twisted, for he had took matters in his own hands and decided that he would create his the one who dare died without his permission.

    And so he did, it wasn't big yet it wasn't small. He created a doll that looked just like her. He added emotions, and memories that his loved one had. He thought it was perfect until he noticed...It wasn't the same.

    (Basic summary of the plot: It's basically about a immortal(Up to partner if he/she wants to be a vampire, demon ect...) who had fallen deep in love with a mortal who had returned his/her feelings. But after the mortal dies something inside him/her snaps which causes him to create his verson of her. But once he notices that even if the doll has her appearance, and memories. It's not the same..So it leads to a sort of abusive Love-hate relationship...)

    Met Her Match

    Here in the small, friendly, so called town named "Wagon", everything is nice,and pleasant here. There's rarely any problems here everything is normal, nothing out of the ordinary... except...Here in the small, friendly, so called town named "Wagon", everything is nice,and pleasant here. There's rarely any problems here everything is normal, nothing out of the ordinary... except...
    There's a small bakery in the town that's ran by a young girl named Bittersweet, despite her odd name she is very well known around the small town for her kindness and her treats...Especially her cupcakes. Kids, teens, and adults visits her bakery, but sometimes they never return from it especially the naughty ones who cause trouble for the people.
    Hidden under that sweet facade is a sadistic young girl...who doesn't use ordinary ingredients for her cupcakes...Let's just say she use special ingredients to spice them up.
    But what happens when her bakery drops down after a young man/woman who is new to the town runs a restaurant that becomes extremely popular after just a couple if days. After a little bit of spying on the man/woman, it turns out he does the same thing to his food to spice it up.
    Has Bittersweet met her match.

    [Rainbow][/Rainbow][Rainbow][/rainbow][Rainbow]More plots to come...I guess.[/Rainbow]
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  2. Hi I'm totally interested in the Sweet xBitter story line....is it okay if I become your rp partner?
  3. I don't mind! (:
  4. Yay okayvare we going to rp on here or are you going to make a separate thread?
  5. separate thread.
  6. Okay well im actually ready now if ypou would like to start....
  7. Made it. ^^
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