A Bitter Taste That's Left (w/ Jaysnarnia & Lissam

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  1. It's been thousands of years since the war for Earth. A pointless endeavor that ended with Homeworld losing and wasting valuable resources on a chunk of rock they decided the traitors could just keep since they fought so hard for those creatures, humans, that barely lasted a century, and that was when their fragile hides weren't damaged.

    Blue Sandstone in particular wished she'd never partook in it. She thought it was such an honor at the time, to be chosen to lead gems into battle for her previous successes in leading voyages to the stars. She spent so much time leading gem after gem armies. Coming back with barely less than half was considered a good day on the battlefield. Those Crystal Gems could have their Earth. They could have their humans. Fine. But they could never bring back the gems who were sacrificed for those short-lasting creatures and their vapid 'home'.

    She navigated through the vast expansion of space with her small ship, provided for a very simple mission: check on Earth. While being high-rank, Blue Sandstone knew she was never in any position to negotiate, so she did as she was told, even if the planet brought back... less than savory memories. She could see the blue and green planet coming up. She could recall nights spent stuck there, wishing she was free in space instead of planted on the battlefield. She still enjoyed going through space, but something was missing. The carefree nature of her 'youth', so to speak, was eroded in the war. So be it. It gave her a better work ethic.

    She carefully landed the ship on the specific location, near where there should have been a kindergarten that was active during the war. She stepped out of the automatic doors, and already she felt like she was trapped. She couldn't get this over with soon enough.
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  2. The wind whipping through her hair; Morganite enjoyed climbing Earth trees. From there she could scout out the surrounding location if by any chance there were enemy gems nearby. Ever since three gems feel into her life, Morganite felt that it would be for the best to uphold her promise to Rose Quartz and protect the Earth once again. Not that she wasn't just hiding from the chance of Homeworld finding and destroying her for those thousand years past, but now she had a purpose! Finding out that Homeworld wasn't actively infiltrating Earth at the moment made her more ready to risk her life for active protection. That sounded cowardly, but Morganite wasn't stupid. If she was truly the only gem left to want to save Earth, she'd have to be cautious.

    On top of her tree she noticed that she was near a shut down kindergarten that was used in the war for Earth. Dark memories started filtering into her head and she grimaced. The guilt of all the deaths of humans and gems alike made her want to "vomit". (She couldn't vomit but she had witnessed it many times from humans. Which was quite fascinating, really) Shaking her head as if to clear it, she noticed a ship descend from the sky and land close to the kindergarten. Oh no! An enemy gem? Tensing up, she jumped from the tree and sprinted toward the landing ship. It was a small ship and it probably only held one or two gems inside. Nothing she couldn't fight off.

    Cyan hair streaming behind her Morganite ran and hid in the brush, waiting for the enemy gem to exit the ship. She quietly pulled her electric spear out from her gem, setting it to the stun setting. When the stout gem stepped out, she readied herself and jumped out from the brush and ran with her spear out ready to stun the enemy.
  3. While Blue Sandstones weren't exactly meant for fighting, she had more than made up for it in battle experience, especially with her experience in the war. She could notice the little signs, and from the moment she heard slight rustling from the Earthen plants, she knew wasn't alone. Homeworld told her that most gems on Earth were either shattered or turned into gem monsters. It might not be a gem, perhaps some sort of native creature or foolish human who thought they could hurt her with their primitive weapons, but in any case she would attack. From the gem that laid on the right side of her chest, she pulled out her weapon, a jousting spear. Immediately she turned and charged towards the enemy, meeting her spear with their spear. Through her visor that she'd since worn in more recent regenerations, she was met with a familiar sight. This face, the one locked in combat with her. Someone from the war.

    "You... Morganite." It was as if she were brought back to the scene of the war itself. There could be chaos on the battlefield, but Morganite's eyes would always make her feel as if they were the only ones locked in combat as opponents who matched each other, "To think, you still here. Still defending this chunk of worthless rock?"
  4. Morganite cursed to herself as the gem blocked her attack. She wasn't the most skilled fighter; now if it were healing, she'd have it covered. And then she recognized her. Those cold eyes, that rigid face; it was Blue Sandstone. Memories of that battle flashed through her head, making Morganite's grip soften on her spear.

    "Blue Sandstone...why am I not surprised to see you here again? And of course I am, I left our toxic society to protect this beautiful world. I'm not a civilization destroyer." Her voice was soft, but pointed, gaze icy. Did this mean another invasion from Homeworld. Well...this time she wouldn't abandon the fight. Her grip tightened again as she held her spear to the ready.

    "If you're here to take over Earth, you'll have to go through me!"
  5. Blue Sandstone didn't let up, and the memories of war only seemed to intensify her gaze and made her push harder against Morganite's spear, "Of course, I shouldn't be surprised to see a traitor here either. So, does it justify all the gems that were lost? Corrupted? Shattered? You love primitive, fleshy beings more than your own kind."

    She glowered as Morganite mentioned taking over Earth. It wasn't her mission, but Blue Sandstone wasn't about to mention just what she came here for. She wouldn't let her mission be compromised, "So be it! I'll take your life for this worthless planet." She lifted her spear, and then thrust it forward at her in an attempt to hit her.
  6. Quickly dodging her thrust, Morganite parried her spear, backing away from Blue Sandstone.

    "How dare you say that, these beings though fleshy, are wonderful creatures! They're not cold and ruthless like the rest of Homeworld. They do not wish to harm other civilizations for their own gain! Gem kind turned on me when they let savage behavior govern their "diplomatic" actions. I am someone of peace and love, not of hate and violence! They chose to lose their lives following the Diamonds. They chose the wrong side!

    She squared her shoulders and pursed her lips, studying Blue Sandstone. "You can't even touch me. I don't let malice govern my moves. You will not hurt this planet, and I will make sure of it."

    Thrusting down her spear she cast a large barrier around the enemy gem, trapping her in an electric force field.
  7. Blue Sandstone quickly backed away as well as soon as the thrust didn't work, and looked for where there might be an opening. Morganite, as sickening as her love for this planet was, was still someone who could match her. Blue Sandstone focused on attack, but knew that Morganite's defensive moves could make her hard to hit, "They are foolish and weak beings is what they are." she readied her position, "Humans are the savage ones! Do you not see how primitive they are? To be unable to defend their own planet... they are truly the definition of weak... More importantly, those..." Her voice, having maintained a cold and threatening tone, gave way to some emotion. Her free hand became a fist, "... Crystal Gems, they attacked first. If anyone chose the wrong side, it was the side who decided to turn on the gems they once called allies with the flick of a hand."

    "Lets see if you stay true to that claim, Morganite. Just how many of your Crystal TRAITORS are left after I'm done with you? It's about time we settled these petty fights." Suddenly a wave of electricity surrounded them from the electric force-field generated from Morganite's spear. Making sure she doesn't run away? Fine. Perhaps Morganite wouldn't run away from the fight either this time, "Lets spar, traitor!" she yelled, holding her spear up before charging towards Morganite. A closed space might not give her much space to charge forward, but she was still experienced with close combat.
  8. The electric dome crackled above her head while Morganite squared her shoulders. Blue Sandstone charged at her and she put her weight into leaning forward to block the strike. Since she was good at defensive moves, close combat in tight spaces were her specialty. Even though Blue Sandstone was stronger and probably heavier than Morganite, it wasn't like she was a wimp. It was the key to use her opponent's weight against them. "Even though humans aren't as technologically advanced or as tough as us doesn't mean we can harm them! I regret hurting other wonderful civilizations when I was sheltered and naive. Now I can make those mistakes up with saving this planet, not hurting it! The Earth is worth saving!" Her voice was filled with angry passion as she took the hit straight on, blocking it easily.

    "It'd be my pleasure to show you your place Blue Sandstone. You may think you're all that with that general rank, but I know what you truly are. The General of BS!" She giggled to herself and made space between her and her opponent. Morganite was quite flexible and she did a quick maneuver towards Blue Sandstone, avoiding her spear and slipping hers through Blue Sandstone's defenses. The Spear was now set to shock mode, but the magic of keeping up the force field was starting to wear her down. She probably wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer.
  9. "You are still so sheltered and naive. You don't like harming other races, yet..." Blue Sandstone shook her head, trying to push against Morganite as she blocked her strike, "... It's foolish of me to think that I can get any traitor to ever think otherwise. Have your Earth as you like, you are forever disgraced."

    Blue Sandstone readied her position again, but Morganite easily out sped her and she soon found herself close to the other gem's spear. She wouldn't poof that easily. What Blue Sandstone lacked in speed she made up for in endurance, and she could take one of Morganite's shocks, "Of course I am! I am THE general of BS!" Not familiar with Earth language, she didn't know that her initials happened to stand for something else. She turned her spear against Morganite as well, taking advantage of the opening she had from attacking her. The combat they did in the closed space was almost like an intricate dance, Blue Sandstone's moves flowing with Morganite's unintentionally.
  10. Morganite let out a frustrated noise when she saw that her shock did nothing. Blue Sandstone really was a problem...much stronger than their last fight at least. A slash from Blue Sandstone's spear caught one of Morganite's tutu frills, flaying it off. She tried weaving around Blue Sandstone, grabbing onto to her arm and spinning herself around to face her, spear ready to strike and shock again. The electric dome started to short circuit; her magic energy starting to run out. Morganite exerted every last ounce of magic into the dome and her electric rippling spear and lunged forward, facing down Blue Sandstone with one last attack. Hopefully.

    What she didn't expect was the blinding light and sudden power surge as she felt herself become part of something more. Morganite remembered forming Unakite with Aventurtine long ago, back when they were happily together on Homeworld. But now she was something different...something new. She had fused with Blue Sandstone. They were...fused.
  11. The electric barrier that laid around them was beginning to fade. Blue Sandstone had no ability to produce magic and no desire to. Depending on something that could fizz out so easily was useless to her, and she was sure she would get the upper-hand over Morganite this time. Blue Sandstone glared at Morganite, almost daring her to try and shatter her gem. Lifting her spear, she arched her arm, ready to charge into the fight again. In the heat of their battle, she didn't notice that both of their gems were glowing until it was too late, and her body turned into light, forming with Morganite. She could feel the love that Morganite felt for this planet... and Morganite could feel the hate that Blue Sandstone felt for it. Their shared passion in the battle, combined with the unintentional dance, cause a fusion to slowly emerge. Blue Sandstone was too stunned to resist. She'd never fused with anyone before.... even Goldstone, the regret of having never never fused with her laid deep in her heart.

    Together, the two formed... Purple Turquoise. Their figure stood tall, the very form of a prima ballerina, but dark surrounded their attire... a black swan, a graceful, yet bitter beauty. Large, light blue hair was behind them, flowing downward to their waist, and sprawling out of the massive hair were two, black wings formed of two different passions, Earth and space. If they so desired, they could easily fly to the heavens, but Purple Turquoise was too involved in the very wonder of their creation to think about such things. Their two pair of eyes, each standing for the separate gems gazed at their four limbs, and on the tips of their toes twirled as they tried to get a good look at their form. The fusion wasn't meant for long, and as quick as they went into existence they went out of it as Blue Sandstone split from Morganite.

    Blue Sandstone fell to the ground before looking at Morganite and herself. The ire she'd felt to want to battle Morganite was gone and... she didn't know what she was feeling now. She didn't want to know what she was feeling now. How could she even face someone of whom she just fused with? How did that even happen? Fuse with someone of whom you were locked in combat with? All there could be between them was enmity, she didn't want to believe that any other feelings could have possibly slipped through.
  12. Purple Turquoise. She was beautiful, a being made of polar harmony. A passionate fusion formed between the enemy and now Morganite was sprawled on the ground confused. Tears welled in her eyes at the fusion that they had just created. She hadn't felt that power...that wonder in years! Even though the malice of Blue Sandstone came through, it also showed Morganite her passions. The mystery and solitude of space, the warmth of a passed love. Goldstone...was it? The emotion and wonder coursed through Morganite and she openly wept. It's always hard to fight someone you know or understand. It's even harder to fight someone you fused with.

    Finally letting the shock and emotion leave her body, Morganite couldn't face Blue Sandstone. She felt confused and unwillingly to continue their heated battle. They were opposites; two sides of the same coin, but yet they were similar. They both lost someone they loved. (Morganite losing her faith in Aventurine...and with Blue Sandstone, she lost Goldstone quite literally.) They both were passionate with their cause. Glancing over at her former enemy, Morganite thought Blue Sandstone didn't look as brutish and mean, but as weary and focused. She could feel that difference hang in the air, thick like smog. The formed something beautiful and strong, and though lacking foresight, Morganite had an inkling they would fuse again soon.

    It was quiet; only the rustling from wind in the trees made noise in the forest. "Do you want to talk about this?" Morganite's voice cut through that silence, quiet and unsure.
  13. Blue Sandstone hugged herself, trying to get her mind off of the fusion, but she couldn't. What she felt with Morganite... She could feel the sense of purpose she had in defending earth, much like Blue Sandstone had with still aligning with Homeworld. She looked at Morganite, sobbing. Had she done this before? Fused? ... With someone she loved, perhaps? She'd felt the love Morganite once had for a Homeworld gem, Adventurine... She thought that they could only match each other in combat, and that Morganite could never understand what she felt, but she came to reluctantly realize just how similar each of their pain was. Morganite wasn't only a despised enemy, a Crystal Gem... but also someone fighting, clinging to what she had left. It scared her how their feelings matched... If she had fused with Goldstone all those years ago, how would it have went? Would it have felt more wonderful? What could they have made, if she only accepted? She felt herself shaking as the regret cut deeper.

    She got herself up, finally looking away from Morganite. The battle certainly hadn't ended like she wanted, and the only thing damaged of Blue Sandstone's was her pride and ego. Homeworld had always affirmed that fusion was only a cheap tactic, something unnatural between gems... yet what they just made... She felt a deep moral clash within her, and despite knowing that she was likely the only Homeworld gem in the vicinity feared what sort of punishment might await should Homeworld ever find out the treason she just did against them. She shivered, and Morganite's voice shook her out of her hazy thoughts, "No." Blue Sandstone turned away. She was attempting to keep her emotions in check, as she always did, always look professional and stand tall as a leader. She was bordering on tears and wouldn't let her emotions out in the open like Morganite had. She didn't walk away, though, and stayed still. She felt frozen in place, and her deeper understanding of her enemy held her until she finally spoke again, "... I mean... Morganite..." Her voice was soft, losing the bitter anger it had before. She sounded tired, "... What is there to talk about? We're enemies, you and I... it's our destined path." She craned her head to see Morganite, "Is there any changing that?"
  14. "If we were still enemies, we would fight. Wouldn't we? Yet here we are, not trying to shatter each other's gems." Morganite whispered, her eyes followed Blue Sandstone, gazing at the supposed enemy. She stepped closer to Blue Sandstone. Couldn't she understand what had happened? Was Morganite the only one who had felt...something? It had been a long time since Morganite had felt something that deep, and still yet the scars and spilled tears over Aventurine's betrayal still stung her til this minute. But this was new and wonderful. A volatile passion that had ached wonderfully when they had fused. Purple Turquoise was powerful and driven with that passion and Morganite couldn't get enough. Didn't Blue Sandstone understand that feeling? Didn't she want it too?

    "Fusion changed that. Fusion with you changed everything. Don't you see Blue Sandstone? Don't you see your desires as well as mine? How similar we are? And yet you don't think it has changed." Her voice started to get more passionate with every word. She found herself closer to the Homeworld gem, her deep blue skin freckled with lighter blues, only centimeters from Morganite's now outstretched hand. Blue Sandstone was beautiful in a way. Her passion toward Homeworld was inspiring, her loss understandable. Morganite yearned to be with her again. She knew her pain. Lightly placing a hand on Blue Sandstones shoulder she spoke quietly.

    "Don't you want it to change? To fuse. To be Purple Turquoise."
  15. "..." Blue Sandstone was quiet as Morganite said this. What she said was true. She was scared to admit that she could even feel such things for an enemy, that the overwhelming feeling she'd felt when fused with Morganite... wasn't bad. It wasn't horrible. As quickly as they had split, the feelings still lingered for much longer. If Blue Sandstone refused her, right here and now, and got back to her mission for Homeworld, she knew in her heart that what she had felt would still be there. Would she regret not taking this chance, as she did with Goldstone? Homeworld had certain, exact answers. Every plan was already laid out, and there was no choice but to follow it. After the loss of her love, she found comfort in just doing her job, asserting what she thought was the only value she had left. But now, another gem saw worth in her.

    To not hide behind affiliations, and just see each other as... actual beings. Emotions were discouraged with Homeworld because of how they would get in the way of getting the job complete, but Blue Sandstone couldn't go back to feeling numb. Not when she hadn't felt anything like this in so long. Blue Sandstone finally turned around, looking at Morganite. She had a graceful air to her, and her skin was fair and light. There was something admirable in how every movement of hers was distinguished and elegant, even in battle. She didn't resist Morganite's touch, and she lifted her own hand, hovering over Morganite's. Did she want to feel like that again? Right now it was like she was being pulled apart from the inside, but Purple Turquoise pulled them together to form... a strong and beautiful being. Blue Sandstone couldn't deny that, "... Purple Turquoise did change everything." she said, never thinking that she would ever utter the name of a fusion she did with another gem, "We understand so much of each other now... It's frightening." she admitted some weakness and already she felt like she revealed to much of herself. The steely, cold leader persona was crumbling, and it was Morganite who was pulling it apart, "... Have you done this before? ... I have never felt anything like this... Fusing to make Purple Turquoise would pull us further from our ideals." Blue Sandstone was still reluctant. She felt guilty, a traitor.
  16. Grasping Blue Sandstone's hand, Morganite pulled it toward her chest, a small smile on her face. With each passing moment the cold gem before her grew soft, touchable instead of a million miles away in space. "I had someone back on Homeworld...we used to fuse when we alone. It made us feel special and close. I never felt alone then when I was fused with her. We were one, we were strong and united. But she decided I wasn't worth following." Morganite's voice cracked, a sudden burst of emotion rolling through her. Composing herself, she managed to smile again back at Blue Sandstone. She wasn't Aventurine. Aventurine could be selfish and cold and never had passion like Blue Sandstone. It was quite laughable how different they were comparing what Blue Sandstone and she had just shared. To think that she thought the whole universe of Aventurine, when she had only seen Homeworld at the time. But Blue Sandstone could call the stars her friends; she had a vast knowledge of so much more.

    "I haven't felt this way in thousands of years. Not about Earth and not about anyone else. Being Purple Turquoise might pull us apart from our own worlds but we can make a new world together. One that's our own and one that won't hurt us. Please, fuse with me."
  17. She didn't pull back when her hand was held by Morganite. Her hands were delicate, and they felt warm. In a way, Morganite was braver than her... she allowed herself to show the heartbreak over her past lover, "I... had someone as well. Goldstone." She still didn't let herself cry over her death. Even when she saw her shattered in front of her very eyes, she didn't let herself cry. She turned her grief into rage that allowed her to fight with vengeance, there was a war going on, there were missions to do... never was there any time to grieve, "She always offered to fuse with me. She begged to fuse with me... Seeing as how Homeworld did not approve of fusion, so did I, and I always turned down her requests... It was during the war that..." Her voice wavered. She tightened her hand, but loosened when she remembered that Morganite's was still in it, "... That a Crystal Gem shattered her in front of me. I've always wondered what might have happened if, even just once, I had just accepted. I never had this experience with Goldstone..."

    Her eyes took on a different look that seemed almost unlike her usual persona. They gently looked over Morganite's face, she reminded her so much of Goldstone. She too was a contrast, a kind soul compared to Blue Sandstone's desire to please her superiors, but back then, Goldstone had fallen in love with Blue Sandstone when she was more carefree, and didn't have the lives of hundreds of gems on her back. She didn't have the love Morganite had for this planet, but she was very gentle and reassuring, much like Morganite was being right now. She could still remember her smile... she found her other hand caressing Morganite's face. She didn't want to betray Goldstone's love, but... it had been so long since she had felt anything like this. She was tired of being numb. Just this once, she wanted to be loved.

    "... Yes." she lifted her hand from Morganite's face and put it in her other hand, "I... I want to fuse with you again." she paused, thinking about what she just said. To think, that she never said this with Goldstone. She put such thoughts aside, however. She was in the moment. She couldn't forget the passion she shared with Morganite, and desperately wanted to feel that again, "You and I, let's become... Purple Turquoise." She lifted Morganite's hand up, wanting to spin her to begin the dance.

    Please, just let her forget Homeworld. Let her forget the Crystal Gems. Let her forget what it's like to be lonely.
  18. "I understand, Blue Sadstone. Fusion is so intimate and wonderful and when I did it with Aventurine it was perfect. I felt perfect. And with you I feel that perfect again. With you I feel strong and happy. Thank you for believing in me." Her voice was warm as she was twirled into a dance. Their steps were graceful yet intimate. A dance of passion and wits. Morganite felt a warm glow in her gem and saw that Blue Sadstone's gem was reacting as well. They continued the dance until finally a blinding and binding light appeared; the fusion had taken affect. They were now one. Purple Turquoise.

    It was unreal to be together like this. At first their thoughts felt jumbled and forced together, but finally the passions balanced themselves and they were ok. Purple Turquoise was the epitome of grace and power. As she looked at all four of her hands she smiled. Four was better than two. They could do anything together like this, they could do what they want! They--She, it was her. They were one. She was one. No more loneliness. She was made up of pure passion and power. She had to show everyone what she was capable of. Protecting what she loved? Of course! Exploring where she wanted? Even better! She could crush anything in her way. She was Purple Turquoise after all. But, the graceful side of her calmed her power hungry thoughts into something more reasonable. Dancing through the forest was a good compromise.
  19. Blue Sandstone looked into Morganite's eyes as they danced, something that she was unused to, but soon came to dance as they did in their fight... but now, it wasn't as enemies. She danced with Morganite as a partner, and with Purple Turquoise, they could truly become equal.

    It was a smoother transition than the first time, and though it was still only Blue Sandstone's second time fusing, she was quickly reminded of what made them fuse in the first place-- their passions. Purple Turquoise took a deep breath, reveling in the majesty of themselves. It was a feeling that neither of them had felt in so long, both nostalgia and a new, magnificent experience they never had the chance at. They could do anything they wanted, no barriers holding them down. The only thing they needed was the reassurance of themselves. They flowed through the forest, as if they were dancing on the very air itself, and the wings on their back could take them anywhere, whether it be on earth or space.

    They had lost love, yet here, they found it. Lost love... remembering their old loves, they stopped. Adventurine... and Goldstone... They held their hands to their chest, before choking out a sob. The emotions they felt were overwhelming, but not something that would pull them apart. No, rather, it brought them closer. It was all the emotions Morganite still held, and the ones Blue Sandstone never let out.

    They were complete. No one could stand against them, they were sure of that.

    A forest wasn't Pyrite's 'usual' environment, but she had to admit that it had it's charms compared to the desert that she was used to. Namely, comfy tree branches that she could take naps in. She'd balanced her body on the tree branch, hat over her face with a few fallen leaves that landed on it.

    Usually Pyrite wasn't the type to stick around any sort of company. Humans didn't live for long when it came to the lifespan that gems had, and her own kind... well, she was of the policy that most of 'um weren't to be trusted. But the gems she'd met managed to prove her wrong on her little theory. She thought that Morganite couldn't possibly be any good, but with their shared dislike of Homeworld, Pyrite had warmed up to her... she didn't exactly get along with Adventurine, the stuck up Homeworld-loving gem. But one gem that she disliked wasn't that bad when she compared them to who she had for company. She wouldn't say that she was getting lonely, but... well, it was nice having pals that lasted longer than mayflies.

    Something startled her from her sleep, and she woke up, throwing her hat and her balance off. Try as she might to stay on, she was thrown off the branch, her nap disturbed. She stood up, putting her hat back on and listened to what sounded like... sobbing? Who was sobbing in the middle of this forest? She went to investigate, figuring that there wasn't much else she could be doing right now. Wouldn't hurt to help someone that might need it. In any case, she wanted to see what woke her up, good or bad.

    Wiping the tears from their eyes, Purple Turquoise continued their dance. It had felt wonderful to get that out. They were a miracle made from a confrontation neither of them would have thought would end up like this. Every moment of their being was wonderful! They were able understand both of the feelings of the two gems that had made them, connected.

    That was when they heard the rustle of the wild grass and realized that the forest wasn't their own stage anymore. They turned around, and that was when Purple Turquoise and Pyrite met eyes. The two pairs of Purple Turquoise saw Pyrite completely differently, and this was what split the being into two. In a burst of light, it was all over. Purple Turquoise was no more, and in their place were Morganite and Blue Sandstone.

    Blue Sandstone was thrown to the ground. Seeing the gem, she recognized what she was with years of experience, "You!" She stood up, her mind still jumbled from the sudden split from Purple Turquoise, but fusion was still something disavowed from Homeworld. If she was caught, the punishment for treason would be demoted to a lowly position at best, possibly shattered at worst. It was also disgrace she felt from what she could tell was a kindergarten Pyrite coming up to them with no respect in mind. Not even a bow! "How dare you come up to us! State your business! And, what are those garbs you've chosen to make a mockery of yourself with!"

    Pyrite wished she'd never woken up. She wished she wasn't in this forest at all. She knew the symbol of the blue gem all too well, Homeworld. She quickly realized that Morganite had fused with this Homeworld gem. Without a second thought she pulled out her gun, clicking it and ready to shoot. She aimed at the Homeworld gem, refusing to back down, "Well, ah don't take too kindly to your kind 'round these parts..." she looked at Morganite, a look of pure betrayal in her eyes, "... An' usually you wouldn't either." she pointed her gun at Morganite. Would she shoot? Well, she wanted to, but... she felt torn inside, "Just what were ya' doin', fusin' with this gem here?!" she didn't give much pause for an answer, because she immediately followed with, "Actually, no, I don't want to know your reasons... Just be with Homeworld if you're so damn happy with 'um." She should have known so much better. Once a Homeworld gem, always a Homeworld gem.

    Her gun disappeared, and she just ran. She wasn't a very fast gem, but she ran as quick as she could take herself. Eventually she just hid behind a tree, replaying what she just saw. Morganite. With a Homeworld gem. A Homeworld gem. Why was she with a Homeworld gem?! She thought they were friends! Didn't she care about her, or the rest of her 'friends', at all?! She was hugging herself, her hands gripping into her arms, as if she wanted to tear them off from the intense emotions she felt. She gathered herself. She had to tell someone. Who could she tell. Tell Ven. She remembered Ven used to fancy Morganite, and apparently she still did. She couldn't keep these feelings to herself... in a warped sense of comfort, she wanted someone feel the same betrayal she was feeling at this moment. Looking back to make sure that the blue gem or Morganite weren't on her tail, she stalked off through the forest carefully, intending to find the green, Homeworld loving gem.

    "No- DO NOT RUN! Come back here, or you'll only make this worse for yourself!" Blue Sandstone commanded, watching as Pyrite left. The audacity of a Kindergarten gem to do this to who was her superior! She would be lucky if she didn't have her gem cracked, no, shattered to reprimand her! She grabbed Morganite's arm, "I apologize for how that Kindergarten gem just acted before us, but I know that if we go now we can catch them and teach them not to do it again." It never occurred to Blue Sandstone that Morganite would disapprove, or even be upset by what she said. Kindergarten gems were just tools, and they should rightly know their place. It was a bias hammered in by Homeworld that showed itself clearly.
  20. Aventurine, of course, was in her room.

    She had no reason to be anywhere near the forest, such lush greenery was disgusting to her. All she wanted to do was to get back home--And at this rate, she didn't care if Morganite came with her or not. Bits of scrap metal were on the floor, the green gem herself on one of these human sofas, fiddling with a bit of technology she had stolen.

    She wanted to go home, but first, she had a job to do. Specifically, to undo a gem cluster, to defuse a monster; a beast of Larimar, Stichtite, Sard, and...Goldstone. That last one most specifically. This was not an easy task by any sort of the means, but if anyone was equipped for the job, it was Aventurine. She, after all, was obscenely lucky. Currently she was having very little progress with the stolen bit of technology, but...How long had she been away from homeworld, exactly? Ven knew that homeworld technology could change and progress rather quickly, but she hadn't been gone that long. Had she? She most certainly needed to get home, and right now, preferably.

    Now, despite not liking lush earthen greenery, her room (and by extension the rooms of her, ahem, 'companions') was't dramatically far. Actually, if you were running, or even jogging at a particularly brisk pace, you could make it there in the span of a good handful of minutes. Aventurine couldn't have known that Pyrite was coming to her door, how could she? She didn't know what was happening out there, she was far too preoccupied with her own job, with her own duties to attend to, with the knowledge that if she revived Goldstone and remade her perfectly then Blue Sandstone would finally take her home, the place she'd always wanted to be.

    There was a knock, a good heaping handful of moments later. The green gem rolled her one eye (her gem being embedded in the other one) before she got up, setting the technology down, and opening the door.


    "Hello, Pyrite. And what sort of pleasure is it what you've come to talk to me about, hmm?"
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