A bitchslap in Super slow motion

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  1. [video=youtube;3BRw_ihZRJI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BRw_ihZRJI[/video]

  2. ​I am amused.
  3. Urrrrrrraaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh was the sound he made.
  4. O_O Never thought any one would look so ugly as they were being smacked...
  5. It is quite impossible to look gorgeous with force coming at your face in the form of a slap. 8D
  6. -grins- I guess so, but still, look at that mans face! Ewww
  7. Oh my god I can't breathe!
    I have to watch it again...
  8. I love all of the videos they do, there are quite a few x3
  9. I laughed.
  10. Hahahha xD *watches again*
  11. For that matter it's quite impossible to look good if anything hits you in the face.
  12. Hehe I laughed at the comment above me and though "Penis" but then again , if it were to slap your face ,it would not be pretty
  13. That was actually amazing. o__o Was not expecting that.
  14. Ace Ventura Pet Detective: "Let's see that......in instant replay."
  15. I think the guy doing the slapping had it in for the guy getting slapped. He seemed waaaay happy about it.
  16. D: I love him <3 Jimm Carey , oh yeah
  17. Nobody better be talking about slapping mai waifu in the face with their penis, unless they're tired of having it.