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  1. Okay I've had a few ideas lately...

    Here are my Rules:

    1. Don't bring me miracles. I know most people will ask for someone that's very active, and can contribute lively, interesting posts every day, but I can honestly say I'm not one of those people and I don't want my partner to be that way either. I post a unique, quality post, every other day, and there are days where I'm lucky, and have enough time to post a couple times throughout the day, but for the most part, I'm satisfied with one, long, solid post every couple of days. If you ask for more, there is a very real chance of me ending the rp because my schedule is hectic, and I don't have the time to focus all of my energy into one rp every day.

    2. Lazy is my username, don't be me. I understand things can get in the way of rp-ing but if that's the case let me know you need a break, do not send me a half arsed post that's only a couple of lines long. That makes me want to put very little effort into my posts because I'm not receiving enough in return. Typically I can post anywhere from 4 paragraphs to several pages. I can adjust my writing to style to match yours, so we are both contributing the same amount to the rp.

    3. Don't touch what isn't yours. My characters are mine. Do not take control of my character. >.> That is no bueno, and I won't tolerate it for long.

    4. Communicate. I know it kind of seems like common sense that you're going to be communicating with me, but this is a very critical point. If you are losing interest, say something because usually that happens when rp's aren't planned out very well, or when they are straying from the original plot because they've been going on for a long time...Or for maybe your muse just isn't cooperating with you anymore. Either way, if you disappear on me, I'm going to assume you died, and move on. And we won't be communicating again.

    5. Preferences. I can play the male or female but I lean towards playing male characters. If you're more comfortable playing male characters, I will take the female role though xD

    And now that the rules are out of the way here are my ideas~

    Pair bond Rp:

    This is a mage/familiar rp. The idea I had in mind is that in an alternate universe where magic reigns supreme, and dark creatures roam the land causing chaos a special task force is created that is made to hunt and destroy these creatures. However the basis of this task force lies in the mage/familiar bond. Which will operate as a symbiotic relationship where the human feeds magical energy to their partner which serves as food for their familiar, and in return the familiar operates as a conductor that channels and amplifies the human's magic, and protects them from harm. The problem comes in finding a familiar one is compatible with because if a pair is incompatible they can't grow. And once the bond becomes official, a familiar is a reflection of their human's strength. So if the human is weak the familiar is weak. And if the human is strong so is the familiar but they have to work together. Naturally that means, in this rp, the human and familiar would both be at each other throats all the time. And since they are starting at an entry level position in the mage order none of their peers think they will advance. But the tension between them can turn into something else later. (Also I was thinking the familiar would have some sort of shifting ability....While the human had had a strong magic ability.) This is an M x F pairing.

    Useless Cadavers:

    This is one of those rps where two people who have history are put in a situation where they have to put aside their personal feelings and do their duty. Two teenagers, who have been friends since childhood, are torn apart by circumstances out of their control. One boy is sold to greedy merchants to settle a debt. The other boy follows his dream and becomes a paladin, whose sole purpose is to protect the king and his interests. Years later, when the paladin in training is on the cusp of adulthood and being inducted into the king's service, his childhood friend returns. But he's not the same. He bears an unimaginable burden,and his only focus is dismantling the monarchy and sending the kingdom into chaos. In order to do that, he must kill the king, but the plan is disrupted when the boys are reunited, and their past threatens to destroy their future. They can rekindle the bond between them, or they can achieve their goals. But they cannot do both, and the journey they embark on will test the boys they were against the men they have become. ( This is an M x M. It also reeks of Stockholme syndrome because the Paladin is captured, and kept a prisoner so he doesn't get in the way of the rebel troupe)

    Cold Blooded:

    In a wild wolf pack there has always been a hierarchy. It's an Alpha's job to protect the omegas, and the less dominant wolves, and it's also an Alpha's job to preserve the health and dignity of the pack. In the mountains to the North, where it snows 9 months out of the year, and the sun is blotted out for most of that time. There is one supreme Alpha that governs over all the wolf packs in his territory. And adjacent to him, to the South, West, and East, there are 3 other Alphas that do the same. These four wolves, are terrifying in their own right, but they are also solitary creatures. They govern over all the wolves in their respective territories, but they are separate from the packs. They hunt alone. They fight alone. When they die, another wolf rises to replace them. Because they are not bound to one pack, they are forbidden to linger in one place. They are forbidden to pick a mate, or have pups. Because those are anchors. And distractions. This rp would follow the Northern Alpha, and his decision to pointedly ignore all the rules of the wild. Because that one female wolf ended up being more important than any unspoken law.

    Art at it's finest:

    In an alternate universe where magic, has a long, rich history. And science is scorned as a forbidden practice, because of it's roots in war, and violence. Two girls are accepted into a prestigious academy for the gifted. Both girls are hiding a secret. One wants to find the mage responsible for killing her family. And she leaves the dorms every night to scour the streets for answers. The other is a genetically engineered, cyborg, who has to hide her true nature, and all she wants to do is be friends with her roommate who is never home at night. They both end up breaking every rule imaginable in order to protect each other. And when the killer surfaces, every secret they have comes to light. And they are both in very grave danger from the law, the killer, and the school.

    Fandom Rps:

    Hunter x Hunter: (Gon x Killua) Re-telling of Hunter x Hunter, but the boys don't meet when they are 12. Killua becomes the head of the Zoldyck family. And Gon becomes a hunter. They don't cross paths till Gon "buys" Killua's services, as an assassin, but he refuses to name a target for him to kill. Instead he insists that Killua travels with him, until the day his target reveals himself. Eventually, it becomes Apparent that Gon is the target, and he's dying from an exceedingly rare disease. And he wants someone to hang out with in his final days. And the more Killua spends time with him, the more he wants to keep him alive.

    (Killua x Oc) Gon dies, and Killua ends up traveling down a dark path. Until he meets another person who brings light into his life. (M x F)

    Kingdom hearts: (Sora x Riku) Some kind of original idea I can iron out with a partner...
    (Riku x Oc) Same answer as above... (M x F)
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