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  1. Hi there,

    I know, I know! High school, university and private school settings are the most common ones you can find on any rp thread. However, they are so easy to work with and you can modify them whenever you like, even during the game. So I decided to base one of my games on such a great platform.

    Here is what I have on my mind:

    1. This game is going to be for 5 players with pre-designed characters (that means I know what type of character I want and you'll need to work with it)
    2. There is not going to be any double character playing
    3. It is going to have twists, romance, adventure and little bit of mature content within

    Now I should say a little bit more about the game itself; moreover, about the story-line:

    The game will take place in a private school not far from some city (a bit like in Gakuen Heaven ; NO IT'S NOT GOING TO BE YAOI). A transfer student who is GIRL (a bit of a naive one) comes to this school into second year. Then there are people called Guides (those are good students in terms of behaviour) who take care of new students from year 1 and transfer students. There is going to be a BOY Guide assigned to this transfer girl. However, it is a private school and those schools always have bad things within like drugs etc. However, things that happen here are even worse. Bad guys (they are not called in a specific way) take new students and transfer students to a club to make them drunk and then make them sign a contract an on its basis those who sign have to do strip dancing or be a courtesan. They should be pretty obvious huh? No, they are not. They work secretly and no-one really knows who is the bad guy. Guides also work as some sort of school police. They are trying to eliminate what's happening.

    Characters I will need:

    1x transfer student (naive girl->TAKEN)
    2x good students (1 Guide->TAKEN, 1 assistant)
    2x bad students (1 leader->TAKEN, 1 assistant->TAKEN)

    People I need for this RP:

    1. someone creative who writes at least 2 paragraphs
    2. I am not that bossy about grammar and spelling but obvious mistakes which will repeat themselves are not welcomed in this game
    3. you don't need to be active 24/7 but you shouldn't slow down the group

  2. Interested in being leader for bad students.
  3. Awesome. Thanks for your interest. Actually, if you know about any of your friends currently seaking a rp or you know that any of your friends might like it, could you please tell them?
  4. Sweeeeet! ^_^ I think it'd be fun to play the newcomer girl~ :'3 If not, I'd probably play one of the assistants. xD
  5. The newcomer is yours Rayn! ;)

    I am gonna play the Guide then :)

  6. I'll take assistant bad kid.
  7. Great :) You're in :)
  8. Ok guys. Listen! Rayn agreed to play the good assistant too so we got all the players! Yay! I am going to make OOC thread for our characters and when we're all done there I am gonna do IC. So check here later for link for OOC ;)
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