A bit about me and a quick hello!

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  1. So, to start with, you may call me Vanya, Eccaia, or Rachel. I'm twenty years old, live in Kentucky and as you may have guessed, love to role play! The genres I play are Magical, Fantasy, Gifted, D.N.A, Animal and um, I think that's it. I am open to doing new things, I've never done a mature Role Play so I'm a bit iffy about those. Um, my favorite color is blue, with red a close second and of course combine the two and you get purple! My Rp reply rate is at least once a day,more if need be. So, That's about it, me in a nutshell! If you want to know more, then you have to ask.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Vayna~! ^__^
  3. Roxa! Which is Purple! I seriously love you! Eeep! My favorite color = w= Oh well oh well.

    Welcome to the Community Vany! I am Doxa, nice to meet you! And, well, if you need anything just ask c: We are all so friendly and insane xD
  4. Vanya! Hello Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Seems like you're into a lot of interesting genres. Pretty cool!

    If you have anything to ask, don't be afraid to ask someone!
    Hope to see you about!
  5. Pleased to meet you don't hesitate to contact me if you need a friend!
  6. Holy shit, love your profile pic ^__^
  7. :) Thanks for the warm welcome! I just got back from watching a sheepdog competition...very boring if you don't know what's going on...Anywho, any recommendations as to what I should first do?
  8. Well there's a lot to find here on Iwaku lots of groups and lots of roleplays, I suggest looking around and seeing what might interest you and checking out some examples and maybe message some of the other users.
  9. Something to do..Let's see..
    If you're wanting to jump right into RP..Head over to the Jump-In section and get right into it!

    You could also drop by the CBox and chat with other members.

    But possibilities are endless.
  10. So I'm beginning to see...So much to do and so little time to do it!
  11. Oh Oh Oh Oh Vanya! Welcome welcome to Iwaku!

    Selenite- Pleased to meet you.
    It's easy to get lost first here, so, please, check out this link! The Roleplay 101 guide thing!

    And as you do, munch on some cookies!


    I was iffy about smut roleplay at first, too. Then I happened to like it a lot!

    I wish you find some awesome roleplays to join in!
    Have fuuun!
  12. Ooooh...Cookies....yummy...I want some now.... *Smacks self* Oh! Nice to meet you too Selenite! Shouldn't have put cookies in your post....very distracting....What type are they anyways? They look tasty.
  13. Hello hello! Nice to meet you, hope to see u around soon :)