A Big Fat Thank You

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  1. I've not been role playing for long and although I joined this site two years ago, I have only managed to have the pleasure of actually role playing on this site for about a year. Give or take a few months. But never have I taken the chance to say thank you.

    First of all I would like to say think you to @Zen and @Kino

    I met you two as a complete idiot with little knowledge in the way of RP and you two helped turn this around for me. Thanks to you guys I feel I've been able to develop myself from what I once was into something so much more and I adore you both. They are the momma and papa of my role play experience and I can't thank them enough for raising me.

    Secondly I would like to thank @Asmodeus and @Tegan

    For creating a role play that I have grown to adore and pushing me further. I will never claim to be a good writer but these two made a setting so beautiful and so rich that I couldn't help but at least learn a little from the brief experiences I had with them and cannot thank them enough for the hard work that they put into it.

    I would like to thank @fatalrendezvous

    Because she has been the most awesome role playing partner a girl could have. I have challenged myself to try to keep up with her and I still struggle. But she has been one of the best friends a girl could have and I couldn't ask for anything else.

    And lastly I would like to thank my other roleplay partners @jagajac, @ReaperofFlame, @unanun

    For putting up with my sorry arse and making Ilium an awesome experience!

    I love you all and no matter what arises in life I hope that you all get everything you love in life. You are all really cool people and I hope that one day I will be able to be as awesome as you guys.

    Thanks again!

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  2. Your thank you is fat and should get a job.

    Just for that, I'll make the Vrein cameo in the novel slightly less stupid.
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  3. The longest bath scene ever written. *contemplative coffee slurp*

    I am just relieved you're not irreparably damaged.
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  4. omg t3h adorables

    that's such a cute message
  5. You get a job too, Razilin. I'm sick of you not having a profession.
  6. But I like being a professional hobo!
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  7. Well... So much for not having kids Kino. XDD