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      Welcome to A Beacon in The Dark
      Hello. My name is Anatolia, and I am the Princess of Beacon. Our world known as Sygia was cast in darkness by a wicked mage named Ubel. My father, the king, is in need of courageous Sygians that will not only be apart of Sygia's history but a hero that will never leave our hearts.
      Beacon: A kingdom of light
      Beacon is the capital of Sygia. We are often known for being the only place with light, hence our name. The people whose home is Beacon are either Royals, Conflicts, Citizens, or Untouchables. The streets are many stones carved by the finest sculptors. They are lighting by torches inside glass casing upon a pole. Our houses range in size but are all Victorian style with thatch roofing.

      The Sygians
      Beacon has a range of people who are grouped in four different categories: Royals, Conflicts, Citizens, and Untouchables. These people also range in appearance. Some are hybrids (half-human, half-beast) while others have powers. Some Stygians are normal human beings who fight like our ancestors; they use items to aid in their fights. Sygians are born into their category and cannot leave said category unless they are changed by the king's wish. Then there are the magick users: Mages, Summoners, and healers.
      The Enemy
      The area around our kingdom is filled with lurking enemies that we must fight. There are shades-powerful shadow entities-monsters, other Sygians that are jealous of the light that we have, and Rouges which are Sygians that have no kingdom. We send patrols out-each patrol has four conflicts in them- in order to keep us safe.
    • The Rules
      1. No godmodding, spotlighting, or powerplaying
      2. You may have up to 2 characters
      3. Be literate. No less than three lines. Third person and grammatical.
      4. Try not to double post
      5. You must have permission to kill another's character
      6. Try to be active. If you cannot be active, please tell me so I won't take you off the list.
      7. After three days of not posting (and not being notified), I will take you off of the list.
      8. Be nice to others. This is only a sign up/OOC thread. Do not roleplay on here.
      9. Have fun!
    • Royals
      Anatolia Stark- Me
      Royal Guard:
      Royal Healer:


      Harman Metzger - @Redgrave

      Julien Grail (Summoner) - Me



      Damain Heart - @Blade runner

      Other Sygians:
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  1. Character form


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  2. Name: Damain Heart
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male ;)
    Position: Untouchables
    Power/Weapon/Class: (i don't know what to put for power)/Hookblade[​IMG]/ Thief
    Age: 27 years old
    Personality:Joking and Lax, can be Serious
    Appearance: (kinda like my avatar) Blonde scraggy hair, golden eyes, and pale white skin. He's tall at 6'3" and well muscular.
    Relationships: Though, he has a joking nature. He tries to keep to himself and stick to his fencer's.
    Other: He doesn't meet any contact face to face, trying to always keep his identity a secret. He contacts them over secret channels or through his fence's. He travels through the city on roof tops or sewers. He prefers women to men, but is attracted to both and tends to flirt.
    He's skilled with with his weapon, the Hookblade. Able to use it in other situations besides fighting. He can use it to propel himself up over the side of a building, swing from ropes, or stop himself from a bone breaking or fatal fall.
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  3. Name: Harman Metzger
    Species: Hybrid (Bear/Human)
    Gender: Male

    Position: Conflicts
    Power*/Weapon/Class: Enhanced Strength/Warhammer/Knight
    Age: 25
    Personality: Focused and ambitious
    Appearance: Harman stands at about 6'6" and has a light brown fur. His ears are a bit short and rounded. He has a brawny frame, fitting someone of his position and power. His blue eyes are normally locked in a stern gaze as he goes about his duties.
    Relationships: He maintains a cordial relationship with his fellow knights and other soldiers in the line of duty, along with some of the shopkeepers in the places he normally goes to in his downtime. He has a few brothers and sisters as well, although none of them are knights.
    Other: He hopes to one day get promoted to being a royal guard instead of just a knight. He often takes patrols or other tasks as often as he can in order to attempt to stand out among his peers. In combat he likes to use his shield as makeshift weapon as well as to defend himself. In his downtime he likes to smoke, using an old tobacco pipe.
  4. Accepted!

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  5. YES! can't wait to begin 0-0
  6. Haha I know right!? We just need a few more people. A king and a few others like blacksmiths or hunters and stuff and I'll start to make the IC Thread ^>^
  7. I could also add in a few characters, only if we desperately needed it though.
  8. It will be nice to get this started when it happens. It's been a while since I last forum roleplayed!
  9. If you want to you can, but i would still like other people to sign up so there's more excitement haha.
    Haha same. I hope we can get it started soon though.
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