A battle two centuries old

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I'm looking for someone who is up for a non-romance vampire rp. You can play a character within the storyline that is already mentioned below, (Except for Benjamin Finnigan [Ambrose]), Or you can create an entirely new character that is integrated into the story. Drumroll for the storyline please! (Rapidly beats upon desk)

Benjamin Finnigan or better known for his vampire name Ambrose, has been alive for two centuries and has always had run ins with his enemy, Edward (And not the sparkly one). Throught the years Ambrose and Edward have battled and each time the winner of each battle goes back and forth, Ambrose, Edward, Ambrose, Edward. However this time it's a battle to the death, and Edward had dragged Ambrose's descendant, Lucas into the battle. Ambrose must find a way to not only win the battle without dying, but save Lucas as well as the entire city.

(Dramatic dun, dun, dun) Anyways! Let me know if you are interested! Pm me, or comment below!


YES. *Applauds* A vampire roleplay with no romance, no sparkles, and many battles? COUNT ME IN.
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