A Battle of the Gods!

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  1. So I got to witness an discussion the other day, and neither side could really come to a verdict. So tell me yer thoughts Iwaku:

    Who wins in a fight?


    Both Are Gods of Thunder.

    Both command the elements.

    Both have saved the world Countless times.

    Both have cast away aspects of their immortality to protect Earth.

    Both wield hammers

    Both can fly

    Both have played in two movies

    And Both have awesome tastes in hats.


    Place yer bets.

    *Starts the music*

  2. I first want to give you a message from my boyfriend: "Well done." I showed him this thread and he said he's impressed with this discission. xD (He's a comic book and video game geek like a lot of us.) It's good to see one that's not Batman vs. Captain America or Superman vs. Goku for once, too...

    This is a damn good comparison to make because they're so evenly matched. There are the ways you've listed. Plus, they both can level up to an even better fighter. Thor with the Odin Force, and Raiden can become an Elder God.

    So I don't really know where I'd put my money. o__o It would be a close call. I have undying loyalty to Thor, though... So that's probably the side I'd take. Heh.
  3. Objection. You need to get beyond thunderdome.
  4. I've got my bet on Thor. While they are somewhat evenly matched, Thor seems to be more battle-seasoned than Raiden. Seeing as there has been countless Thor-centric comics, and 10 games of Mortal Kombat that keep cannon and have Raiden.
  5. Ah but keep in mind. Mortal Kombat ALSO had countless comics, books, cross overs, two TV series, an animated prequel, and even a live theatrical tour group.

    Thor was created in 1961 where Mortal Kombat didn't debuit until 1991. It is probably safe to say though that due to the nature of the genre, Raiden probably got more face time during that decade to make up for the gap. Raiden has crossed over into the DC universe, kicked both superman and Brainiac's ass and as fluffy mentioned he does have a number of canon plots where he ends up becoming an elder God.

    I ended up going with Raiden, but only based on his infinitely better taste in hats.
  6. I beat Raiden every time as Scorpion. So yeah, Thor would own him.
  7. As awesome Thor is with his huge hammer and lightning powers, not to mention with the entirety of the Norse mythology backing him up, I was never much of a comic book person. Mortal Kombat, however, is a fun game that I remember playing and Raiden was one of my favourite characters in it for some reason that I do not remember, so he gets my vote.