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    Almost a year ago now Kiari had lost her mother. There was a huge dispute within her family when her mother had died. She had never known his father, he had died just before she was born. After a while her grandfather had grown tired of the anger and decided to take her in. He told her she had to pay her own tuition and for her own groceries and then he died, nobody cared about her anymore so when her grandfather went from his retirement home to live with his other daughter and her children there were some renovations to be done. Her grandfather told her to go stay with a friend while the construction was happening so she left, took her things and a tent and left. She struggled for a while but now, after about two weeks, she was working three part time jobs and going to school.

    It was early in the morning, dawn had just broken and Kiari was on her way to school when she stumbled upon a house? Japaneese style with a little display case set up. Small figurines of the 12 different zodiac animals sitting within the glass. She admired them with a bright smile, her dazzling navy blue eyes turning lighter as they caught the light reflected in the sunlight.

    A tall man in a kimono, looked almost 30 years old walked up to her unnoticed till he smiled and said,"I never would have thought a teenager would like my figurines" he said with a light chuckle.

    She smiled,"Oh I do, they are very wonderful, but why didn't you add the at sir, not to be rude it's just sad he was left out" Kiari said with her bright smile still on her face.
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    Ziekonry grew up in his family, the Sohma family, with the dumb curse. He was always ignored and scoffed at, being the cat. He grew up by himself up in the mountains, every once in a while dropping by to attend school with the Rat and Dog, who were actually two of the few in the family who acknowledged him. This particular morning, Ziekonry had once again fallen asleep on the roof, curled up. He was shivering a little, as he was only wearing shorts and sneakers and it had been cold that night. A young man with blonde hair and green eyes, about 18, climbed up on the roof. He sighed. "Stupid Cat..." he said softly, nudging the sleeping man. "Zy, wake up." He said.
    Ziekonry shuddered and yawned, stretching. He rubbed his eyes. "What? What do you want?"
    "You fell asleep on the roof again." The 18 year old said, taking his jacket off and tossing it around Ziekonry. "You've got 30 minutes before we have to get to school." The 18 year old said before heading back down to his window to go inside.
    "Damn rat..." Ziekonry mumbled, dropping through the skylight in his room and tossing the other male's jacket on his bed before grabbing a black jacket changing into a pair of dark green shorts. He'd get a shirt from the dryer. He ruffled his hair a little and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of milk...that's when he heard talking outside. He walked over to the door and pushed it open, noticing a girl. He leaned against the door a little and sipped on his milk. "Who's this?"
  3. The man looked surprised but chuckled lightly, and before the Zy had spoken he laughed,"so you like the cat eh? The ones from the stories" he laughed before turning to Zy and smirking, "this young lady wandered into our yard, she says she wishes the cat was included" he said.

    Kiari smiled, wearing the same school uniform as the girls at his school. She gazed up at him and blushed, her hair parted into two messy braids, her bangs hanging to the side, grazing just barely over the edge of her eye lashes. She nodded,"yes, and I'm sorry for intruding but I really should be going, I have school" she said, pointing in the direction of the road. Kiari's dazzling blue eyes glimmered in the early sunlight as she moved her gaze from the 30 year old to the teen who looked her age.

    Shigure, the dog, walked toward Zy in his kimono and took the glass of milk, "you two should get going too, why don't you and your cousin walk her there," he suggested with a happy smile.

    She giggled,"No it's fine, I hope to see you all again" she said before beginning to walk away, holding her school bag. She hummed to herself, always optimistic about her life and what would happen at school.
  4. Ziekonry was struck with silence. He didn't say anything, but frowned a little as Shigure took his milk. "See ya..." he said to the girl before glaring at Shigure. "Give me my milk back!" He said, reaching for the glass to take it from the dog.

    Yuri Sohma, the rat, walked down the stairs. He had retrieved his jacket from Ziekonry's room and had gotten the cat a shirt, knowing that the cat wouldn't have one on. He threw it at Ziekonry. "C'mon Zy, we've got to get going." He said, grabbing his backpack.

    "Damn rat, I was trying to get my milk!" He groaned as his vision was blocked by a shirt. He took his jacket off, slid the blue shirt on, then pulled the jacket back on. He hated the uniform and got in more trouble for not wearing it than missing school.
  5. Shigure giggled and kept his milk out of reach, sticking his tongue out at him playfully he pushed them out the door and waved before shutting it brutally.

    Kiari had only gotten about a mile away, walking among the trees, gazing up at the leaves that had begun to turn orange and red. She closed her eyes after a little bit and walked into a pole just as they began to catch up. She stumbled back and rubbed her forehead, laughing at herself and rubbing her forehead, one eye open as she gazed at the pole in front of her. Without noticing them she stood up and began walking again, still rubbing her forehead. She was clumsy And tended to get into situations where she seemed pretty silly or stupid, but she always smiled, no matter what happened to her, like bullying or death, she was very good at hiding her emotions.
  6. Yuri noticed someone ahead, a girl, bump into a pole. "Did you see that? I hope she's okay!" he said, speeding up a little.
    "Wait- uuuuuugghh." Ziekonry groaned, then jogged to catch up with his cousin.
    Yuri caught up fairly easily, tilting his head slightly. "Are you alright?" He asked gently, smiling. His green eyes scanned quickly over her face for any sign of injury. He ignored his cousin as Ziekonry gently punched his shoulder.
    "Hey..." Zie said quietly as he realized that was the same girl from earlier. The cat girl... He thought to himself, looking down. Little did he know he'd slowed down and fallen a little behind.
    "ZY!" Yuri waved and snapped Ziekonry from his trance. He caught up again and rubbed the back of his neck.
  7. She giggled happily,"yeah I'm fine thanks" she said with a happy smile. Kiari looked back at Zy and smiled, waving for him to join them as well. She kept a bright smile on her face and walked beside the two happily. Kiari spoke of many things like school and conversed with the rat, Zy hadn't said anything to her yet. "I was surprised, I didn't know anyone lived over there, I'm just staying...at a friends house she lives just down the road" she giggled, assuming that if there was one house there must be two right?

    She looked over at Zy, hoping he would speak to her, maybe she annoyed him, oh how she hopef she didn't, she smiled at him, hoping it would lighten his thoughts of her and help him spak to her. She wondered, Yuki, the princeof their school, but who was this other boy with white hair, he was so attractive and kind, he seemed very sweet and she would love to get to know him if thats what he wanted.
  8. Ziekonry didn't smile as Kiara looked at him, but he also didn't look angry. He was quiet for most of the conversation, but two things struck him odd: 1, she liked the cat zodiac, or at least felt bad for it.... and 2, he didn't remember another house on this road!
    "Maybe we can meet your friends after school today, or catch up with them before." Yuri said with a soft smile. Ziekonry nodded a little. "Yeah." He said, resting his hands in his pockets. Yuri looked a little surprised that Zie had agreed with him, but said nothing, as Ziekonry wasn't looking at him, but down the road.
  9. She giggled and nodded "yeah, that'd be great" she said happily. She then looked to Zy when he spoke, a bit surprised but she immediately had a big smile and placed her hands on the straps of her bag,"maybe after, we might be a little late" she said with a light bubbly laugh, her vibrant blue eyes catching the light of the sun. She hummed lightly to herself as they walked,"so Ziekonry, how have classes been going for you?" She asked, genuinely interested in anything either of them had to say, even if it sounded stupid. Kiari understood that everyone needed to be heard, she truly thought that no matter who they were they deserved to be listened to with an open mind.
  10. "Ummm..." Ziekonry rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled. "Considering I haven't really been attending, I think they're going well." He said, smirking as he looked over to her.
    Yuri rolled his eyes. "B average? That's good?"
    Ziekonry started to say something, paused, then looked away. "Yes, that's good." He said, trailing off a little again. He looked back at Kiari, his smile gone, though he was still relaxed. "What about you? How's school for you?"
  11. She giggled at the two bickering,"You know, you should really go to class" She said with a whistful sigh. She smiled when he said, yea, thats good. She giggled and smiled,"as long as you try your best whatever you get is good" she said happily as they continued along. "I'm getting A's, but I'm really scared I'll be getting lower soon because of my part-time job, I haven't been able to study all that much." She said with a sad sigh, but she was swiftly happy again. She pumped a fist into the air,"but I'll work hard and do my best!" She said with excitment.

    As they arrived she walked into their class, just barely on time she quickly pulled out her notes and was greeted by her only two friends.
  12. Ziekonry hesitated as they reached the school. There were a lot of people! He strayed away a little, going towards the window and sitting down.
    Yuri continued to smile softly, sighing slightly as several girls squealed when he walked past. He sat down and pulled out his notebook for the class, resting his head in his hands.
    If you looked closely, you would see very many similarities between the two very different cousins.
  13. She sighed happily when her friends came over, one slamming her fist and looking at her with a hard stare,"why weren't you at my house yesterday, your grandpa making you wirk to hard, ya know if he is I'll make em' pay" she growled.

    Kiari giggled and shook her head, raising her hands to her shoulders, no! No! No! Im working to pay tuition, I dont want to be a burden on him" she laughed light heartedly. She refused to make her friends worry, she refused to tell them of her situation and be a burden on them too.
  14. Yuri watched the interaction between Kiari and two other girls. Though he couldn't really make out what they said, he figured by the way they interacted that they were friends. As the teacher walked in, Yuri straightened up and opened his notebook, focusing on the teacher.

    Ziekonry looked up as someone stopped beside his desk, neither of them aware of the teacher's presence in the front of the classroom.
    "That's my seat Mrs. Snow White." the kid said, flicking Ziekonry's head.
    "I sat here first." Zie sat back and crossed his arms, glaring at the kid.
    "Little girlie wants to keep her seat?" The kid grabbed the side of it, but before he could flip it the teacher walked over.
    "Ziekonry, are you causing a problem?"
    "No sir." The cat looked down, then sighed. He knew what was coming next.
    "Then please remove yourself from this young man's seat." The teacher crossed his arms. By now a few of the students around them were watching, curious as to what was going on. Ziekonry stood, grabbed his stuff, then moved to the back. He sat down and the rolled his eyes, grabbing his notebook before resting his head in his hand. A few girls in the classroom had sad faces, like they felt sympathy for Ziekonry. Yuri just shook his head, and others whispered about Zie.
  15. Kiari sighed softly when they went to their seats as the teacher walked in. She opened her notebook and began to take notes on what the teacher was writng on the board. Kiari heard the small commotion and gazed at Zie. She felt bad for him, but she didn't think this was right. "excuse me? Sensei?" She called to the teacher hesitantly,"it wasn't Ziekonry's fault." She said before turning away and staying quiet, her face very red.

    The teacher walked over to her and after she had shut up the teacher walked past, ignoring her. Kiari stayed silent the rest of class, she completely disappeared into the background as soon as it started.
  16. After class, Ziekonry stayed in his seat, most of the kids already leaving.
    Yuri walked over. "Don't go getting yourself in a lot of trouble agai-"
    "Damn Rat, stay out of it. That kid was just arrogant." Zie hissed under his breath as he glared, grabbing his stuff and standing. It was fairly obvious he was in a bad mood now.
    Yuri sighed, adjusted the straps on his backpack, then walked to their next class. Ziekonry tossed his backpack over his shoulder and started out, ignoring the teacher's reprimanding gaze of disapproval.
  17. Kiari took her time to pack up all of her things, spacing out a bit. She finally got upvand went to the next class, kepping her bright smile plastered on her face, a frown unseen. She sighed out her sadness as she opened the door to an empty classroom. She set her things down, waiting for kids to rushin just before class would start
  18. Ziekonry walked into his next class, but upon seeing the empty class, he groaned and sat in the back. This was the class he hated most, as there was no one he knew. He wondered what class Kiari was in. As class started, he begrudgingly took notes.

    Yuri walked into his class and noticed Kiari. "Oh, hello Miss Kiari." He sat down in the desk beside her. "You have this class as well? I don't believe I've noticed you before...I apologize." He smiled softly.
  19. Kiari sat patiently, gazing down at her books. She smiled when he wallked in and chuckled before giggling softly at his statement,"a lot of people don't I guess" she laughed happily. She smiled at him and turned to talk to him if he wanted to.

    She smiled at him,"do you think you will do well on the test today?" She asked happily, knowing they both had a few similar tests.
  20. Yuri nodded. "I do believe so, I have studied a lot lately. What about you, do you think you will do well?" he asked in his usual, polite, quiet tone.
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