A Basic Outline of Sins and Horsemen

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  1. ||"Hello there, and welcome. This is a forum post to see who would be interested in my role play idea."||

    Basic Explanation:
    This role play will be about the Seven Sins and The Four Horsemen. Well, in this case, three. One of the Horsemen has gone rouge and disappeared, and whispers of them teaming up with Lucifer have been circulating around. The Sins and The Horsemen team up to go searching for the missing Horseman, on the way they come into contact with different situations that hint that the whispers they had been hearing are more than just rumors. What will this group do to stop literal hell from breaking loose, and will they let personal conflicts with one another get in the way of their goal?

    ||"At the moment it's not much, but I want to see who'd actually be into the idea before I make it anything."||
  2. Hi little Res, my name is Blu.

    I would love to play one of the sins and if you elaborate more on what we can make of this story, I would love to join in and help. Is there a particular reason the sins themselves would not want the kingdom of Hell to thrive and flourish to somethingg bigger than what it is? Seems a little counterproductive for them to stop it.

    And would the seven virtues take their own role later down the road?
  3. Oh, I'm glad to see someone is interested in the idea. Nice to meet you, Blu. I have the whole plot mapped out, for the most part. I just wanted to give a basic outline and see if it sparks any interest. As for why the Sins would not want the kingdom of Hell to thrive, it's because the original Sins are neither good nor evil. They were created to do their job in mankind and not pick sides, but realistically even they realize that there needs to be balance. It's not that they want to destroy evil, but more that they realize that the world cannot exist for long without balance and for their own well being they need balance to exist as long as possible. They do bad things of course, they are Sins. I cannot stress that enough. So, Wrath for instance, would most likely be a very vengeful and angry being, but after existing for so long they have more control of themselves so that their whole individuality does not exist around that one emotion. It's like how the Horsemen are not necessarily evil or good. They are just there until the end of days come, and both parties realize that the end of days coming is not something they want at the moment. Plus, there are prophesies that if the Four Horsemen manage to stay good until the actual end of days, then they will be on the side of God. (This is something that will be explained more later) As for if they will take their road, that will be up to the individuals playing the Sins. I want them to have some originality, so the person playing them will dictate their beliefs/feelings/etc.
  4. I under where you are coming feom with our idea and intenions so far. We can wait for a few more people then, I can play up to a couple characters.

    Let me know when you are ready for character skeletons.
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