A Baneful Wasteland

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    Scientists and politicians of the past tried to warn us. Polluting the environment put us in worse danger than anticipated. What did we do? Nothing.. We did absolutely nothing to solve the problems.

    The lack of helping hands has put our planet in a deadly coma. Species have gone extinct; it’s not safe to play outside anymore. The animals who adapted, have mutated. They’re carnivorous and angry, ever hateful of the condition their world is in. All because of humans.

    We had such potential. Sadly, we were much too focused on creating, rather than restoring. Take a look around. The mechanical servants meant to speed up productions are now getting buried in the soil. They’ve done nothing but contribute to the contamination of Earth. Now? Nothing but litter on the ground.

    Civilizations might as well be considered abandoned. Few families are surviving, but everyone’s fate is the same. The toxicity has done more than damage the environment. There are chemicals in the air that make us sick. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it. If the laboratories weren’t ruins, someone could have come up with one by now.

    Surprisingly… There’s still hope.

    There’s a fabled patch of Earth untainted by the pollution. No robotic limbs scattered about, no foul gases, no misshapen predators… We aren’t sure why this exists, assuming it’s more than a rumour. Maybe God has decided to give us one more chance to make things right before we die off forever. If we can cultivate this land, we can start life over again.

    My name is Kenny Fisher. I’ll be traveling with my daughter, Roxanne, to find this sanctuary. Anyone else is welcome to come along. Follow us if you want to live.

    Follow us if you have faith…
  2. Notes;;

    This is a Jump-In RP and the GM is me, Fluffy. :) I made an OOC for discussions, questions, and anything else. You're welcome to paste up a character sheet as well. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy. After all, it is optional.

    Genre is Apocalyptic Science Fiction. In addition to others, such as horror, adventure and potential romance. Well... Definite romance, probably. That is my 'specialty'.

    Before everything started to decompose and die, we did have robots, however most of them weren't perfect to begin with. They had tacky looking models and couldn't be bought for personal use. Not yet. Their main functions were to patrol the streets, clean or serve on the battlefield. Depends on what they were programmed for... Just mentioning this, because I know someone would have asked eventually. XD They're all dead. You can't have a robot. Or a fancy laser... All of that is gone now.

    For equipment/weapons, it's whatever you've been able to find. If you have a firearm, your ammunition should be strictly limited. Realistically speaking, you know? If you have a fancy shmancy laser gun or something, you best have a good reason for it! It would be wise to not have a million of those in game, though. *giggle* Not quite suitable for this game. Lots of survivors probably have gas masks on hand, to protect them from the toxic air. Otherwise, I'm pretty flexible with this. You could kill things with the belt on your pants and a fork for all I care~

    I rate this game as R.

    It is never too late to join. This is a jump in, so of course, you can just jump in any ol' time. >:3 Be creative with it. Meeting up in another decaying city, helping you in a toxic forest, however you wish to meet up with the group, we will make happen!

    Oh. A quick summary for you lazy folk/people who I might have confused:

    ~ Our characters are struggling to survive in an environment that's killing anything and everything. They're going on a quest to find a rumoured patch of Earth that's pure, so they can cultivate it and rebuild civilization. There will be fighting monsters, sickness, personality clashes, all that fun fun fun stuff. ~

    ....and that's it. If I think of anything else, I'll add it here. o__o; I always feel this need to answer questions before they can be asked, but I'm sure there are other things people want to know. *sweatdrop*

  3. Name:
    Kenneth Fisher


    An optimistic, 'no nonsense' sort of man. He can see the light in every shadow, including the foul darkness consuming Earth. Making him angry is unwise. He's the type to take you by the collar of your shirt and yell in your face until you make more sense. Nothing scares him anymore, except for the possibility of losing his daughter, who's all he has left. He is highly protective of Roxy, as well as whomever travels with them. Kenny likes a good joke now and then; he has a laugh and smile that can light up any room. He knows well when it isn't a good time to be serious, though.

    Backpack with extra clothes, nonperishable food, two bottles for water, a tent and a journal with a pen. He also carries around a violin in its case. Sometimes he plays the instrument, sometimes he bashes creatures with the case.

    Once an employee at a museum, he knew that the ruins of his ex-job would have some useable weapons left, so he led the citizens and his family to it months after its collapse. He has a javelin that he carries around, along with a shiny dagger with hieroglyphics scribed into the blade.


    Roxanne Fisher


    Roxy is a very compassionate woman who knows the difference between 'need' and 'want'. They aren't equivalent to her. There is a strong, emotional side to her, too. She can be found weeping in privacy or against her father's arm. It's her calm way of letting negative emotion out, else she makes terrifying rants. A lot about the decomposing planet is scary to her, but she takes it on with an admirable amount of courage. All in all, her personality's very similar to her father's. She believes in finding salvation, but isn't near as positive a thinker as he is. There's always a hint of doubt in her mind.

    The same items as Kenny, minus the journal and tent. She does have a pocket knife her father gave her, though. She also carries a pair of towels.

    Kenny has armed her with sickle, another item from the museum, said to have been used by vikings. Roxy has a dagger to match his with the same Egyptian inscriptions and designs. These weapons are rarely used, though, since her father forbids it unless highly necessary.

  4. Name: Rollens J. Michaiel

    Age: 20

    Personality: Shy for the most part... Well, completely and totally shy. He has a hard time trusting people but is about as loyal as they come. He is also very religious.

    Discription: The majority of this nearly 6 foot man's clothes are priest habits of various repair and an overcoat, as well as some other various articles of clothing that are all plain and unassuming. He is of pale complexion and he doesn't look that strong but in reality he is quite strong. Mind over matter perhaps? He seems much older than he actually is though, maybe the smog effects others in different ways.

    Equipment: Rollens travles light, carrying a book with a cross on it, a quiver of arros, a messenger bag with a few changes of clothes and supplies, and a bed roll.

    Weapons: A hunting bow, the kind that you need strength to pull, a bowie knife and harsh language.
  5. Done. This will be fun.

    Actually, I just opened by Bible up to that point and I was surprised how well it fit. God really does show the way.
  6. Sweet. Haven't been able to run Noel and Katie in a long fucking time.

    * * *

    Noel Lowe


    Noel puts up a tough front, largely for his little sister. He likes to give the impression that he can take on anything, and that he believes there's a light at the end of the tunnel humanity has found itself in. Privately he's scared shitless and still in mourning over the loss of his parents, but he knows he has to stay strong for the sake of his little sister.

    He's uncertain of the 'utopia' the Fishers seem to believe in, but his little sister seems to have set her heart on it, which means Noel's prepared to see this venture to the end. Katie is pretty much all he has left of his old life, and so he will defend his younger sibling to the death. He can be over-protective at times, often seeing threats everywhere, but this fear at least comes from genuine compassion towards his sister.

    A reasonably-sized tent, stored in his backpack, a canteen, several bottles of water, recently 'acquired' food, flashlight, gas-mask, a device for measuring the pollution in the air

    An old revolver, loaded, with a small box of ammunition, bowie knife

    Katie Lowe


    Katie's still largely in mourning over the loss of her parents. She seems quiet at times and is nervous around strangers, but this hides a genuinely tough little kid who's ready to take on whatever the world can throw at her. She believes in the utopia that the Fishers also have put their faith in, and it was her who talked her older brother into joining them on this journey.

    However much she may tease and irritate him, she believes her big brother will protect her no matter what happens; this is one of the small reassurances he has in the wasteland the world has turned into. Those who manage to actually win her trust find her to be a very intelligent young girl, and she can often be found shifting through the ruins for old books that she can read.

    A diary with box of pens and pencils, the tent she shares with Noel, a canteen, a flashlight, gas-mask

    Her older brother, a knife if she really has to defend herself, being able to run pretty fast
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