A Band/Musician that represents your roleplay character?

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  1. This is just a random thought that came to mind while Gibs was playing some music. o__o Several of the songs from that particular band made me think of a character. XD

    Do you have a band whose music seems to fit a character of yours?

    Tell meh what and who!
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  2. At first I used the title of the song to be the name of my character, but it's starting to look I'm tailoring Amalia after the song.

  3. During an RP with someone, they said this song reminded them of my character and there's. Now it's all I can think of when I hear it.


  4. I haven't brought her into Iwaku yet, but I have a character named Elara.
    One of my old friends pointed out that this song reminded her and look! The title is her name! xD
    1:15 is most accurate.
  5. For whatever strange reason ALL of OneRepublic's songs makes me think of ALL my characters. It could just be because I love them, or because I like happy things? I sometimes make playlists for characters on youtube and OneRepublic is on almost all of them and the only reason they aren't on all of them is because I stopped myself. >>; Trying to tell myself that they can't be my band for absolutely every character...

    Can they?

  6. Hyadain has crazy, Japanese songs, and I like to play crazy, Japanese people :3

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