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  1. Hello, Tiane here, just came to say that I seek a female Rp partner for these sorts of ideas:

    I was thinking something on the lines of an Evangeilon Rp, but replace the angst with full on smut.

    I also have another idea of a Mating Season, done between a monstergirl and a monsterboy.

    A third one, would be a couple': journey to an enchanted forrest, whose inhabitants are playfully in a naughty sort of way.

    The forth, was of a couple being hired to test on new products which were to enhance sexual life

    The fifth one, would be of a Virtual Reality RP, something like an Porn version of Sword Art Online

    A sixth one, would be of a man(Can be a human or a diety.) who goes around the world to get himself laid to eight different woman, as to prove his worth to his beloved.

    The seventh one, was based off from the 'Lord of the Flies.' book, but with grown-ups doing sexual situations instead.(No young boys will be involved in this RP.)

    I do have an eight one, this one is of a school where sex is not only openly practiced and allowed, but also integrated within the school circularum. This is also can bet set at either a summer camp or a beach camp.

    A night idea that I had would be of Poke-monstergirls, with pokeballs and all.

    I won't be here on Friday till Saturday and Sunday.
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  2. I'd like to know more about the fifth idea ouo
  3. For some reason, I think I want to know more about them all....they sound just up my alley!
  4. Alright then, can both of you PM me e for more details of the RP?
  5. I may be interesting in your Evangelion RP :)
  6. I meant. Pm me, and we'll discuss more of details.
  7. yep!
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  8. Update :

    Added one more plot idea of a space colonization with lots of sexual encounters with not only from the planet, but also from each other as they explore the new planet that they colonize in.

    I will not be here from this Friday to the 4th - 5th of April.
  9. Ok sounds good!
  10. News flash, on this Friday is will be here, but still not on this Saturday till the 4th of April.
  11. Ok. Same here....Saturday I'll be in New York!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'd be interested in the Pokegirl idea. :3
  13. Send me a Pm then.
  14. Added a new plot idea of which two girls, who love the same man, seek out a specialist who fuses them into one girl altogether, allowing both 'girls' to get the same man that they loved.
  15. The twelfth idea, was that of a ryona-ish RP on two duelist who make love to each other while at the same time fight against each other.(Includes clothing damage and all.)
  16. I like four or eight. Would like some more info on what sexual experiments you're referring to.
  17. For the sexual experimentation, I was thinking of more of the lines of special drugs that would enhance sexual performance, with other being lubricant or gell that makes sex much more 'interesting'
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  18. Oh, and just to add a little more, PM me as to further our discussion if so.
  19. Okay. Think I'll PM tomorrow, though.
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