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    A/B/O Dynamics, otherwise known as Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics. Yes, these are werewolf terms, but has nothing to do with the creatures themselves. These dynamics are applied to human beings, and are the three "natures" that one can be. Think of them as categories. Though, thanks to these natures, humans might as well be werewolves, but without the shifting. They have heats, do scenting, and everything that a wolf would do.

    ↑ Just an overall summary of what A/B/O is. Would anyone be interested in a roleplay based on these dynamics? If so, I'd go into more detail, if asked. Also, would anyone be willing to GM such an idea?
  2. Oh my gosh YESSS, not the gming part though, I'd be up for co-gming though.
    ABO dynamics is awesome! I love reading Teen Wolf fics with that theme.
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    I'm already GMing one RP, but it's at a bit of a stand still. And I'm 'bout to co-GM another...

    Ugh, if no one wants to GM, I'll bite since I really want to give this a shot.
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  4. I really want this to happen too, but from past experience being a good gm is not in my genetic make-up. But co-gming is more doable.
  5. I like to think that I'm a little good at GMing, but only when others GM with me. >_>

    What's even better, both of us understand how the dynamics work, so, if we were to GM, it'd run pretty smoothly in regards to the content and everything.
  6. I'm interested but I don't think I can GM this. Since I'm GMing one of my own right now and I'm going to be starting another soon >.>
    But yeah I'm totally down to roleplaying this.
  7. Well I'd be up for co-gming! Did you have a plot in mind?

  8. I didn't have a plot in mind, actually ;u;

    I kind of wanted this to be a slice-of-lie roleplay that's pretty sandbox in regards to the plot. Much like those boarding school / summer vacations / etc. roleplays are. But I know that those can die out quickly since there isn't any sort of guide and everyone is left to their own devices.

    Hmm...decisions, decisions...
  9. Hmm...How about this? (I'm pulling from various Teen Wolf fics that I've read by the way)

    In this world A/B/O dynamics is what keeps everyone in line and keeps everyone safe, however some Alphas tend to abuse their power and bully Omegas and Betas into doing what they want. Some Betas harass Omegas to feel big, and Omegas being the weaker group can only suffer this abuse. A group called the OEA (Omega Equality Act) began to protest the balance of the world and the hierarchy of the dynamics.

    The public school system is divided by Alphas and Betas and Omegas, where Alphas go to a special school to learn leadership skills and while Betas and Omegas go to an integrated school where Betas learn general skills and Omegas learn submissive, home ec based skills. The OEA gets a probational act passed where a school for all dynamics would be created to attempt at remaking the dynamics and destroying the hierarchy. Alphas, Betas and Omegas would take the same classes and learn the exact same thing in order to create better, more accepting individuals. However not everyone forced to attend this school is on board with the idea and wish to sabotage it.
  10. Wow, that's better than I could ever come up with >_>
  11. Okay I’m kind of interested. I haven’t taken on the role of a GM on a group RP in nearly a year nor taken part in any group RPs at the same time but I’m somewhat interested in trying again. I could be the GM if you don’t find anyone else since I have no problem being the ‘aggressive’ type of role player.
    But and this is really important to me, I don’t want to be the only dominant personality here. I’m in love with writing as both the Omega and the Alpha, though my personal favorite have to dominant Omega x Submissive Alpha (with me as the Omega). If I’m joining I could offer three different characters

    • Dominant Omega
    • Alpha Male
    • Alpha Female (Hopefully I can try some girl on girl action here XD)

    I might only be doing one or two if I’ll take the role of the GM. But like I’m said I’m a little iffy with this. And what age will the characters be? how big will the RP be in general, will it be big and time consuming or shorter and faster phased? I'm having enough big ones I'm searching for one that will not take too much effort (don't view me as lazy though, I can go on for hours)
  12. Well, I don't think you'd be the only dominant personality. We could have a rule where it's pretty balanced between the three. As for the age, it's going to be high school age, I'm assuming (13/14-17/18). By the amount of interest, I'm not sure it'll be that big... Being that it isn't that big, then the pace would be pretty quick, I think.
  13. Hum… Okay I’m still somewhat interested. I’ll keep my eyes open and see how this goes, I will tell you if I won’t be joining ;)
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  14. I like A/B/O dynamics
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  15. That's four people interested...

    Oh, by the way, is there anyone against Mundane's plot idea or have another they'd like to pitch? I like Mundane's idea, but, of course, it's not set in stone. This is still just the Interest Check, after all.
  16. we can have that plot, School is a easy setting. But should we have a age limit? like 15+? XD
  17. Yeah! I was thinking that the age should be the regular high school ages. I'm fine with 15+. Anyone else's thoughts?
  18. Yay, more interest!! Also how would the rank be determined for the people? Like are they born as an alpha/beta/omega or do they realize their status at a certain age? Also if the latter, do they display some sort of marking or physical trait specific to their status?

    Okay, so, I'd say that they're all born like Betas, right? And it isn't until they get to the age of 12 (susceptible to change) that they present what their nature is. For Betas, they just stay pretty normal. No obvious change. For Alphas, I like to think that they seem to be hella aggressive that day of their presentation? While Omegas seem to be extremely needy and obedient? (ALL SUSCEPTIBLE TO CHANGE)

    We could throw in markings, too, so it's easy to tell the three apart? Both Omegas and Alphas have different markings while Betas have none? Or we could do something with smells? Just throwing out suggestions.
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  20. I think it will be something that shows later in their life like when they are around 7 or older. Maybe Alpha/Omega couple's first born has a high chance of being an alpha (like 80% though they can also turn into a omega or a beta) etc.
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