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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking a peek at my search thread. Take a look around and see if anything strikes your fancy. :) I look forward to hearing from you!


    I only have some plots so feel free to ask me or share your own.

    What I would like to play.
    I have a plot or the start of an idea.

    Original Pairings

    Human Girl x Merman

    Vampire x Human Girl (I have a plot!!!)

    Greek Muse x Human Male

    Fairy Girl x Human Male

    Human Girl x Most Fantasy Beings

    I have a larger list of pairings and plots if you'd like to see that, too (both fandom and original).

    Fandom Pairings

    Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor x OC Companion (HUGE CRAVING) ✭
    I've only watched the first season and then the first episode of the second season. I'm slowly making my way through the show, though! I have some ideas to add to this and it'll be a romance-based (and more) RP.

    Phantom of the Opera: Christine's Daughter x Vampire Phantom

    Trust me on this! The phantom as a vampire would be so amazing. I have a whole plot in mind for this so let me know! I've been wanting this one for years.

    Labyrinth: Jareth x Older Sarah

    Sarah is now an adult in her early twenties and has grown up to go to school for acting. Her journey to the goblin kingdom seems closer to a dream than a memory due to the years that have gone by and she's all but lost the knowledge that it was real. One night, however, she playfully made another wish and who other than Jareth decides to answer her call? Surprised to learn it really had been true, she's swept away into the magical world again... But this time, things are a little different. She's seeing the Goblin King in an entirely new light and is not so sure she wants to leave this time.

    If you have some ideas of your own, let me know! Just make sure they fit with my guidelines: Fantasy, romance, drama, and happy endings~ I'm really looking for some new, creative ideas so let me know.


    Call me Addie~
    I'm on all day, every day for the most part due to being chronically ill and having a desk job.
    I consider myself literate but lazy. - I'm back in college, though, so I may be busier.
    CST Time Zone
    I prefer to play female.
    PMs only. Possibly Skype.
    I'm a hopeless romantic so I do like the cliches and also like romance happening a bit faster. No sad endings.


    Post frequently/consistently. I'm quite active so I expect something similar from my partner. At least a few posts a day would be nice.
    Communicate with me. If you cannot post or will be gone for an extended length of time, tell me.
    1-3 paragraph posts or more, if we're feeling inspired. Please no one liners. Quality > Quantity for the most part, though.
    MxF Pairings


    Send me a message with what you're interested in doing (but don't post it here. I'll just ask us to move it to the PMs anyways!) and we'll see what we can figure out! Thanks. :)
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  2. I am still very much on a search for a roleplay! Please let me know if you're interested. :D I'd love to plot something with you.
  3. I have updated my search thread to reflect a very specific pairing and idea I have at the moment. I just had a dream that inspired it and it's something I'd really like to do at the moment. Let me know! :D
  4. I am still very much in search of this RP! Please let me know if anyone is interested. (: I'm really only looking for this plot right now, though.
  5. Still very much searching for partners right now. I'm free all weekend but I do start classes and work again on Monday for my usual schedule. I'd really like to get some ample RPing time in before then. It's a great stress relief. ;D Haha!
  6. Still hoping to find a roleplay! I'm really looking for someone who can be on a lot and post back and forth frequently in the evenings and especially weekends, too. Let me know! (:
  7. I am able to be on regularly and post .. I would like to work on an rp with you please message me if you want to create and rp
  8. Still looking for RP partners! If you're interested, please let me know~ (: I'll be a bit busy this week and next with the end of the semester coming up but still available quite frequently!
  9. Still very hopeful for active RPs. Please let me know if you're interested!
  10. I'm still very interested in finding an RP partner. Winter break is just around the corner and I'll need a lot of distraction from the boredom that shall ensue. Haha!
  11. Very interested in doing a pirate captain x princess pairing right now. :D Please let me know if you're interested~
  12. Sorry! I've had far, far too many issues with thread RPs. ): Best of luck~
  13. Really hoping for an RP.... Please let me know if you're interested!
  14. Still searching for some roleplays! Let me know if you're interested~ Break is right around the corner so I'll have a lot of time to dedicate to them!
  15. I am still very much searching for roleplays! Please send me a message if you're interested~ I'd really like to do the Nutcracker idea, though! If anyone wants to do that let me know. :)
  16. I am still looking for partners! I have my finals next week and then I'm free for winter break. Let me know if you're interested. :)
  17. It's getting closer and closer to my break~ I still need a few more partners. Let me know if you're interested in roleplaying with me! Send me a PM. (:
  18. Still searching! :D Send me a PM if you're interested~ Like I said, winter break is still upon us. I'd really like to try the plot I have listed otherwise I'm open to the other pairings. Just let me know!
  19. I am officially on my winter break now~ I'd love to find some more RPs. Please let me know if your'e interested!
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