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A 18+ Area :D

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zetophi, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. I heard there was one here from a friend but I can't find it.... T.T so ether I was misinformed or something.

    Anyhow... I think with this forums settings you can make an approved members section that only people with birthdays that = 18 Years of Age or more can enter. Assuming you don't have such a section already.
  2. If you're referring to the libertine area where explicit sexual content is allowed, that is the 18+ area.
  3. They likely meant the Adult Libertine sections for forum roleplaying, or the Steambox and Old Farts chat rooms that are more general talking ^^ we also have the Inn and Bordello for chat roleplaying that is 18+ only~ But there is no forum area for general chatting between adults!
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  4. How Explicit and Sexual can we get in the way of photos?
  5. As far as I know we're only limited to non-pornographic images (no nudity for a sexual reaction or non-artistic reason, pictures of sexual acts, hentai comics, etc.) in all forum sections, but I would suggest you wait for a staff member to give a more certain answer as I myself am not so familiar with image guidelines.

    EDIT: These threads may help a bit too~
  6. Alright... I guess that kills basically all my Mature RP's and Chars XD For this time at least.

    What about Groups? IF I make one?
  7. I believe the same rules still apply site-wide (blogs, groups, forums, etc.), but I'm gonna step back now since I don't want to give false information. ^^ It shouldn't take too horribly long to get someone a little more knowledgable to pop in and help more :D
  8. Here is a PSA just about that.
  9. I think Conversations are fine. Maybe.
  10. Not being able to post naughty pictures will not hinder your ability to roleplay. O_O You can still share any pictures that are against public policy through private convos.
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  11. I believe also that if you make a new thread in any other section, and you check the box "Sexual Content", you can LOOK for partners who have no problem with sexual scenes, as long as you don't actually show any sexuality in the thread itself. That's just how I believe it works, anyway.
  12. If you're looking for a Libertine/teen partner you need to put a partner request in the appropriate 18+/17- section. We don't want members accidently mingling age groups in sexual contexts. Of course, if you're just looking for writers who are okay with that sort of content in a non-Liberteen/tine roleplay (which is allowed in spoilers between members in the same age group), then you've got the right idea, Tayou. :3
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  13. And it's also very important to know the difference between sexual themes and sexual content.
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