___________ In My Pants!

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  1. Yes! This game is so immature that even Bieber fans would agree! But you know what? I don't care D:<

    This is a game my wacky oddball group of friends used to play when we hung out during school and it always brought us the giggles.

    Rules are simple. Fill in the blank with song titles and try to make the whole sentence sound silly.

    Ex: Aliens Exist in my pants!
  2. LOVE BITES... in my pants. >:D
  3. Hotel California in my pants.
  4. Bad Touch in my pants @_@
  5. Momma's got her boobs out, in my pants.
  6. Enter Sandman in my pants
  7. Me plus one in my pants.
  8. Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird in my pants.
  9. Neat Sister in my Pants.
  10. Rather confusing situations.... in my pants.
  11. Free and Dream in my pants
  12. Mont Saint Michel et Sa baie in my pants
  13. Stacy's Mom Has Got It Going On In My Pants!
  14. Strange Disease in my pants :D
  15. Don't Worry Be Happy in my Pants
  16. Boys, boys, boys in my pants
  17. Life's Been Good. In my pants.
  18. Gypsies, tramps and thieves in my pants