___? I think you mean ___! Positive renaming

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  1. stretch marks? I think you mean awesome lightning scars!

    Yesterday's eyeliner? I think you mean today's smoky eye!

    Outdated phone? I think you mean fashionably retro!

    Let's positively rename things people try to use to bring us down!
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  2. old roleplay search, I think you mean new opportunities

    people ditching?, I think you mean chance to find someone new.
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  3. Pulled muscle? I think you mean reminder to lift properly and work out!

    Death in the family? I think you mean one less birthday to remember!

    Socialist economic collapse? i think you mean zombie apocalypse!

    Am... am I doing it right? :D
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  4. Nausea? I think you mean a reason to go home early and sleep on friday!
  5. Failure? I think you mean learning experience!

    Not good enough? I think you mean not practiced enough!

    Trump for president? I think you mean... Um... Yeeeah no, that's bad no matter how you look at it.
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  6. Bad work day? I think you mean an excuse to pamper yourself when you get home!
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  7. "No" just means "Next Opportunity."

    "Failure" just means "new thing to learn."
  8. It is a good thing I know you are a good dude who cares about consent or this would've given me a giant "UM."


    "Extra work"? I think you mean "extra pay"!

    "Worn out clothes"? I think you mean "free soft fabric"!
  9. ... Wat.

    "Next Opportunity" means "not this opportunity." As in, if a woman says no, move onto the next woman, or wait for the next appropriate opportunity... :ferret:
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