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  1. Gwen

    Seeing that the boy was still asleep Gwen cautiously got up from her seat and moved over to retrieve her paper. She stumbled and managed to catch herself but not without knocking her foot into one of the desk legs. "Son of a fu-" she swore and cautiously reached for her paper without waking him


    "Oh yes Mister Harper, so good to meet you," she shook his hand eagerly and swallowed. It wasn't that she was nervous about meeting a famous person, she was anxious because she knew she would never get to the level of fame he was on. At least not as Blair Whittaker. As Blizzard, perhaps. She did hate the name the media gave to her, but she never would mention it. She wondered how he would react if he knew he had met a superhero. She hid a grin and stared "Ms Whittaker sir. But I figure first name basis is appropriate. My name is Blair." She flashed him a smile
  2. "I'm making a forum game"
  3. "I'm posting at this forum game."

  4. Jason

    Jason looked down at her. "Gwen, what are you doing?"


    Ray smiled and shook her hand. He thought to himself, 'Hmmm, her hands are several degrees lower than the normal body temperature. Curious.' He responded, "Nice to meet you Blair. Please, call me Ray. I'm just a regular guy. So, where are you headed in such a rush this morning?" He took a sip of his hot chocolate.
  5. "Must keep up with the beat of my tunes while conversing with Vay. O_e"
  6. Jason

    Jason raised an eyebrow. "You realize you are probably the worst liar I've ever met, right?"


    Ray ignored the rich comment and smiled at the comment about kindness: "Thank you, I try my best. Did you end up finding your keys?"

  9. "I'm gonna take over the world with my zombie army?" =D

    I suck at this game.
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